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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Monday 9-21

Morning all!

Boy it sure is Monday and I seem to have absolutely no patience today. Everything is getting on my nerves. Must be time for AF.

I did fairly well this weekend then last night dipped into the WPA a little more than I wanted to. I have until Friday to see a loss. No exercise this week so it's gonna be hard but doable.

No exercise because I have wires going into my sacrum. The Dr. was doing a test on my bladder. I have been miserable all weekend and haven't been anywhere or done much except play on the computer and watch tv.

DD has a MRI scheduled for Weds. DH is going to take her so I don't have to miss any more work. Then her neuro appt is Oct. 2nd. She is still having headaches. She also has a black eye now. Thanks to my nephew and his friends who were throwing acorns. Her poor eye is swollen shut.

How is everyone else today?
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One day at a time
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Hi Beth. My name is Dan and I am new to the site. I saw your post and figured that I stop by and say hi.
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Default Hello all

Goodness Squeak! Sorry to hear about all the medical issues but I'm so proud of you for persevering and not letting it stop you.

Life got crazy for me and I ended up putting my weight loss efforts on hold. I'm back! Just getting read to head out to the gym now. I decided I'd better post just to keep me committed. The good news is that I only regained 2 pounds during my 3 month hiatus so I at least somewhat maintained. Time to move forward again. Looking forward to 'seeing' everyone DAILY.
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Hi Dan! Glad you stopped by. Don't be shy, just jump right in.

Bindersbee.. Only a 2 lb gain, that is a huge accomplishment. This summer I took a hiatus and regained nearly 10 lbs. Glad to see you back.
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Hi all! I'm new here too! Feeling very encouraged and inspired this morning! Hope to get to know people better soon!

My husband left this morning for a week long business trip, so my Monday has started off a little hectic... 3 kids, 2 dogs, a house to be cleaned, laundry to do...


Have a great day everyone!
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Squeak -My Prayers are with you and yours as always.
Dan- Welcome to the family
Binder- Good job on your goal and welcome back
Motor- welcome as well.

As for me girls and Guys I survived the storms that were coming across Missouri. I have five more pounds to reach my other mini goal. Down Half an inch all over and DB will be heading for his family trip to Italy in about a week. He will be gone two weeks and I'll miss him like crazy,I cannot take off of work that long as I am taking off in March for two weeks to go to California. Well all have a great day. I know it's Tuesday but wanted to catch up .
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