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One step at a time...
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Default What unhealthy things have you NOT done in a while?

I haven't eaten an entire meal of fast food on my way home for work and then cooked and eaten another whole meal to eat with my husband.

I haven't purchased a pint of B&J at the gas station, taken a plastic spoon from the soup counter, and stopped at a random parking lot to eat the entire thing before driving the rest of the way home.

I haven't lied to myself by intentionally under estimating serving sizes.

I haven't had to clean out my car of empty candy wrappers, Krispy Kream bags, and fast food refuse.

For these accomplishments I am very happy
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I haven't eaten a whole jar of peanut butter at one time.

Stopped at fast food joints, gas station etc., load up on junk food and eat it before I get home.

I haven't bought junk food and hidden it so no one else can have any, and then end up eating it all in one day.

I also haven't not been a couch potato. I rarely watch tv anymore!
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I discovered the large tubs of Phillidelphia Cheesecake filling next to the the cream cheese at the grocery about 2 days after I commited to stop binging in April. I'm not going to lie, I wished I had discovered it 2 days sooner. But I have not and will not buy that sh**

I also have not comsumed an entire pizza by myself in one sitting for a month or so now. That used to be a weekly event

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I haven't had soda or french fries in awhile. I haven't had dessert in a restaurant in quite awhile.
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as im sitting here now,im drinking a glass of pop
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I haven't had a fast food meal in a year...with the exclusion of a subway turkey on wheat, no cheese, no condiment sauces and all the veggies
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I gave up all sweets except cheesecake for new years, and have stuck with it pretty faithfully.
that being said, i have not binged on whole bags of fun size, or m&ms or anything since jan1.
(the downside is i too discovered the philedelphia cheesecake filling tubs at the grocery! grrrrr!)
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wow you are all so good! I always have little binges and sabotage myself!
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I have a ticker for my fast food accomplishment.

Ooo that pizza one is good, I haven't done that for a long while either.

I haven't had fried anything for at least 21 days.

I haven't melted chocolate bars in the microwave to lick while watching TV

I haven't made frosting for graham crackers for a really long time.

I do have a little exception... Coke, I haven't had any pop for a really long time except for the one rum/coke I had on vacation last week.
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I haven't cooked and eaten an entire frozen pizza by myself in years...
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Less than 15 now!!
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I haven't cleaned the plates of my 2yo and 7yo. Used to be if they hadn't bitten off of a piece of sandwich or there was dessert left on the plate I would clean it up for them.
Not now!
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I liked the Pizza one and I can say the same thing - It has been quite some time since I considered a whole frozen pizza a single serving. Likewise, I do not eat more than a fair share of commercial pizza and we never order more "for leftovers".

It has been a while since we bought potato chips - large bags being single servings while devouring a good book. Same can be said for the "willow-pack" chocolate macaroons. Or even cheese and crackers.

I have not spent more than 2 weekends in a row without getting out of the city and away from my refrigerator. Camping, Hiking - all healthy alternatives.

We'll see how long I can keep it up. :|
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One more for the road:

I haven't made my own Reese's by sticking Hershey Bar pieces into a jar of peanut butter and eating that until I was deliriously satisfied!!
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I haven't had fast food in almost a year, I haven't had soda for two months now and I haven't had anything sweet, fried, salty.
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Great idea, Rebound!

Oh, I haven't had pizza in at least 6 weeks or more. I know I have it written down somewhere. wow.

Cheese with Garlic Triscuits used to be one of my biggest snacks and I've swapped that for something healthier like a Fiber Bar, fruit or veggies w/dip.

I was never a big fast food eater, so it's been ages since I've had any.

I used to drink diet soda every day, sometimes 2-3 cans and I've pretty much given that up. Every once in awhile on the weekends I'll have one as a treat.

My biggest one: I have not given up.
Through all my slips and falls.
Through the ups & downs (and back ups) of my weight.
Through the the pain of pushing muscles harder than I have in a looonngg time.
Through that burning in my lungs when I'm really working it.
Through the stresses that I'm dealing w/that I wouldn't wish on anyone.
Through all of that: I HAVE NOT & WILL NOT GIVE UP.
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