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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat Tuesday 8/4

Dear lord I hope I edited that title properly!

Today has been great so far! I set TWO alarm clocks this morning and apparently my subconscious can only ignore ONE, so I did get up when I wanted to. I did level 2 30 Day Shred and I think that I have changed my mind. Maybe I was just cranky last time -- or more likely the two visiting dogs who kept getting underfoot when I was upright and licking my face when I was trying to do something down low were irritating last time. Anyway, I enjoyed the level much more this time. I've figured out how to do the plank stuff better. I used a modified plank for a few of the exercises (modified plank keeps you lower with your forearms flat against the floor and your weight kind of on your elbows if that makes any sense) and got much more into all the exercises. I think I might start doing my yoga DVD in the evenings, though. I'm not ready to stop the 30DS, but I also want to do some different things.

After I Shredded I took the dogs for a nice 2.25 mile walk which they enjoyed very much. It's supposed to be warm today and I wore a long-sleeved shirt so I think I'll do my 30 minute lunchtime walk inside the buildings again. And this afternoon I'm going to have a lesson! My horse has been lame but now he's sound, and then my trainer was out of town but now she's back...so I'm finally going to get to have an actual lesson! Yippie!

I had a TON of sauerkraut last night and am retaining approximately 1.5 pounds of water. And THAT is why I don't eat salty foods on Thursdays! I'm having the leftovers at lunch today so I may have to wait another day to see any progress from this week. My food has been very good these past few days and today should be fine, so I'll be super excited to step on the scale Friday morning. I'm hoping for ONEderland. I'm so close right now!!!

I hope everyone has a positively radiant day!
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Good Luck hitting One-derland, Rebound! I bet u make it!

Sounds like you do as much exercising as I do. I am doing a 6 mile walk every day with the dog and kiddo. We walk 3 miles to the park, play a bit, and walk 3 miles back. I have been doing some jogging, weights and some ab exercises thrown in here and there also. I feel like I am getting so many muscles and really am enjoying my workouts!

My eating is OK. I sometimes slip up and pay for it on the scale that week but for the most part am staying on plan! I hate messing up and I hate re-losing weight I already lost but it is a must. One can not be perfect all the time, ya know?

Well, hope all you ladies have a terrific day!!!
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Hello ladies!! Well, things are going awesome today!! The kiddos(10 and 9) and I just got back from a twenty mile bike ride, so proud of them...and me!!! I got in seven miles yesterday, 5 of those I jogged. Next week they go back to school so I have to start hanging out with workout buddies dwon the road. I think I have been having better luck with the kids but maybe they will be renewed or I will just havew to do it on my own!!!
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I have not been counting calories for the past week and I have gained two pounds. I have not been eating poorly, but I just wanted to see what it was like to not have to monitor every little thing that goes in my mouth. I am trying to stop the obsessive counting and trying to just eat to live...it's not so easy.

Today is a gym day. I am running on the treadmill. I still haven't signed up to meet a trainer and figure out a lifting plan which was a summer goal. I guess I am a little shy and intimadated by the weights. I have been really consistent about going to yoga once a week though. The gym is 45 a month which is only worth it if I go to the yoga classes.
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Mornin' ladies!


I'm also in desperate need of more tea this morning!!!

I didn't get more than 5 hrs of sleep per night since Thursday! I'm feeling quite this morning...I can't focus on work at all!

NYC was A-Freakin'-MAZING! My girlfriends and I had SO much fun!!

I'll be posting my pics on photobucket sometime this week. I'll be sure to post the link so you can check them out!

I would HIGHLY recommend visiting NYC...if you like crazy crowds, people and going non-stop...you'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

One confession: I gave in and ended up buying a piece of devil's food cake with cream cheese icing from the Magnolia Bakery - the one they used in Sex and the City...I didn't eat all of it by myself...I brought some home for DH but GAWD it was the BEST cream cheese icing I've EVER tasted!

How's everyone doing today???

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Hi All!

Wifey, you can have NYC! I've lived less than an hour from it my whole life and get jittery everytime I think about going! I had to go there for orientation for a new job last year and just about had a breakdown! It started with missing my train in the AM and I sat at the train station and cried! I know, I'm a freak! Anyway, give me the country anyday! Or at least the suburbs!
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Wifey NYC sounds great to visit, don't know if I could live there. I like the country life too much.

Ok.. so I've not been too good lately. My DH is a sabatoger! I swear he is.. he has told me over and over he loves me the way I am. That's sweet and all, but... come on.. I am overweight and unhealthy. I HATE the way I am, why can't they accept that. So he keeps saying we are going to stop eating out so much, but YET everyday he wants to go out. Then tells me I am a spoil sport and I won't do anything with him. When we go out if I order something that's healthy say a salad, grilled chicken, veggies or a potato, he ordered something fried and it usually has cheese on it. THEN he wants to go to MARBLE SLAB creamery, ice cream is my weakness and he knows it. I think he wants me fat, but oh no.. not anymore.
Finally he went back to work and I started the 30 DS today.
Rebound.. I am proud of ya for doing level 2 because level 1 kicked my butt. Here I thought I was in pretty good shape.. Nope.. I was crying by the end of the darn thing. No, there is nothing too hard in it, don't know why it got me but I was diffintely feeling it by the end of the session.

School starts back next week which means I go back to work and I can establish a routine once again. This is the year that I am going to win this war of the flab!!!

Other than getting my butt kicked by 30 DS I went to a conference for school nurses this morning. Tomorrow I have a Dr. appt for a rash on my face and Thursday I have to work a half day as it's registration for the kids to go back to school.

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