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Less than 15 now!!
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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat: Friday 7/17

Good morning all!

Okay really I feel like -

Think I will take the kids on a bike ride this morning as part of our physical education training. We are done with all but History for the week - hooray for being ahead!! We do still have to get our hours in, so I think bike safety education and a nice ride will be great. It's about 60 degrees here and sunshiney. Perfect!

Lunch is leftover Enchiladas from last night and dinner is Pasta Florentine (the recipe is on this site under vegetarian and is called Linguine Florentine) I've been making that dinner dish for years - I like to use different pastas and double the spinach. Everyone but our 2 year old likes it. She says "I no yike dis." She will normally eat anything, but not that!

Have a great day!!
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Mornin' ladies!

LIVE was AWESOME last night...I had SO much fun seeing them!

But I SOOOOOOO needed this morning as well! DH was sleeping in and still in bed when I left for work this morning...I had to call him from the bus stop to make sure he was getting up! I was only about 15 mins late for work this morning...he was probably about 45 mins late!

So the doctor's appt went okay...I had gained 4lbs back since she last saw me near the beginning of March...not too bad....but of course NOT great either.
I'll be seeing her the beginning of September and I'd REALLY like to hit ONEderland by then...that would make me SO happy and so that's what I'll be FIGHTING for!

Well...I hope you're all having a GREAT friday and here's hoping for a fantastic weekend!
DH and I will be on the GO GO GO all weekend...there's no rest for the "wicked"
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I am waiting for my husband to get back from morning fishing so I can go on a morning run. He is going to be late for work, but it's all ok because he works at a state facility where all of the employees have to take a furlough. He's not on the state's payroll so he has to go to work but he says there is nothing to because the rest of the crew is all on state payroll. The system is soooo ineffecient.

Yesterday I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill and then went to a yoga class. Usually the Thursday night yoga instructor is an older man who does a lot of stretching poses and relaxation so I thought it would feel awesome after running. Well, he was on vaction and so there was a new yoga teacher who was really into strenght training. My body hurts all over!! And it was screaming during the class. Man, were my legs tired.

I also ate so much yesterday, but I think I am really hungry. I am exercising a lot and I am beginning to think that I really do need to eat more. I am going to up my calories and see if it makes me feel better.
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To Maintenance-AND BEYOND
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Riley--I always up my calories when I up my exercise. Usually just by 50 to 100 calories. Well, until I hit a plateau or something!

Good morning all!

My wonderful husband let me sleep in today, and I am sooooo grateful. Of course now I'll have to deal with there being other people in the workout room and the pool, but I SHALL exercise!

Tomorrow I get to go get glasses, am doing a get together for Raleigh Spark people, and then have a cookout to go to. Plus, hubby and I might see Transformers after. Busy social day for Eumie!

Today I only have to work 4 hours, so it's really just a light day all around for me!

Have a great day!
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mortonpixie, mmmmm -- enchiladas! I've got some Salsa Chicken going in the crock pot for tonight. I was feeling like mexican food today, too!

Wifey, I'm proud of you for going. I am due for my appointment by I keep putting it off so that I'm not so fat when I go. She was so happy when I lost the weight the first time and got to 150. I felt like crap every time I would see her and weigh 20 more pounds, then 20 more, then 20 more... But I'm running out of BC soon so I have to go. I'm hoping to at least be under 200 by the time I go.

rileyozzie, I have to take a furlough since I'm also a state employee (at the state university). Some of our days are set and some are floating. I work in a graduate student lab, and the students don't have to take the furlough. However, on the set days, power to the entire university is being shut down, so they can't work anyway. We keep getting told that we aren't allowed to do ANYTHING work-related on furlough days. Not make phone calls, not send text messages... Which is so stupid -- I know pretty much everyone is just unofficially expected to work at home. "That's why god gave us laptops."

So I had a great WI this morning. I was down 2.8 to 205.8, but I really think that it should be averaged with last week's WI which was about a pound and a half. I think I lost some of this weight last week but it just didn't show up until this week.

I did my first day of the 30DS. I posted about it in the 30DS thread in the fitness videos forum if anyone wants all the gory details. I'm consciously trying to increase my NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis) by parking farther away from everything, avoiding elevators like the plague, and trying to me LESS efficient around the house. No more piling stuff at the foot of the stair for a later trip. If it goes upstairs, it goes upstairs NOW. And if something has to go upstairs in five minutes, well that's a separate trip.

Today I'm trying to eat my way through a lot of fruit we have leftover. I'm not complaining about that! And I'm trying something new for dinner. I'm cooking onions and chicken breasts with a jar of salsa in the crockpot. Tonight I'm going to cut up the chicken into smaller pieces, stir some FF sour cream into the mixture, and serve it over a baked potato. (We only eat sweet potatoes but the MIL bought us white potatoes so I figured this was a good way to try and use them up.) I'll let you know how it turns out.

Have a wonderful day, ladies!
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Mornin' everyone! It sounds like everyone is doing pretty good this week.

I am sick. Strep throat. I'm starting to get past it but haven't exercised at all this week as a result. The up side is that my appetite has been low. I've had to MAKE myself eat so it's been easier to eat healthy because NOTHING sounds good so I may as well eat what I should. LOL!

The result is that even with the new scale that weighs me higher, I'm down to 187 this morning! Freaking finally! I've been trying to be solidly in the 180's for 6 weeks and have gotten down then yo yo'd up. I'm sure I'll go up again a little when the sickness thing wears off and my appetite returns but hey, I am enjoying, for now, this lower weight.

Perhaps if I eat lean protein heavy while upping my calories post-sick it will help keep me from bouncing back up the scale. Anyone know? Also, I think I've been working out too hard in my regular work outs so I think when I start again I'll go longer and slower.
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TGIF everyone! Looks like we all had another great week. May you all have a wonderful weekend!
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Hi All!

It's my birthday today, and DH & I are headed out to dinner tonight! The boys are having a sleepover at my mom's too! (DH's birthday is Sunday!)

Have a great evening.
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Happy Romantic Child-Free Birthday to both of you!!!
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