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Violin Jenn 06-27-2009 11:14 AM

30 Somethings Daily Chat 6/27-6/28
Morning Ladies!:coffee:

It's the weekend!!!:carrot::carrot:

Anyone have any plans?

I'm bummed.:cry: I made plans with a friend for tomorrow and just got an email that she can go because she needs to spend time with her family. I understand that she has a husband and young son that need her, but this is a pattern. She plans alot of get together's at her house and cancells at the last minute. They only thing she says is " I'm cancelling. Thanks for understanding".

Another friend is always saying " I need to check my schedule" Her schedule is boyfriend, boyfriend and 13 year old son, who is so mature he could pass for 16. She doesn't seem to want to spend time with anyone but them. I deserve a friendship that's more than just emails from someone who lives 5 minutes from me.:mad:

Being single when all of your friends are either married or in serious relationships, I'm finding is difficult. I've been looking at Meetup.com and there are a few groups that look interesting and I may look into them more deeply. I need real friends.

So that means I'll have time to make a favorite dish of mine tomorrow. Vegetarian Gumbo! Yumm!:chef::chef: Maybe I'll go hang out at the book store later this afternoon, start practicing my violin again and of course workout.

mortonpixie 06-27-2009 11:57 AM

Jenn - bless your heart. Admittedly, I don't know how it feels from that end. But with 4 kids, a daycare and a homeschool - I feel left out on the other end. My friends all have a couple kids that are in school all day and can go "lunch" together and get their nails done. They are all complaining about it being summer and the kids being home with them for the next 8 weeks, (((eyeroll))). Oh well, I guess God's got me right where I need to be :)

Yesterday I did a little running with my walking - first running in 9 months! Boy was I wiped out last night! Our 7 year old had an overnight and those girls didn't go to bed until 2am!! Of course last night was the first night that the baby slept all night (until 5:30am), didn't get to enjoy that much...maybe he'll do it again tonight.

So, I may have to take the nap option instead of working out when the little kids nap today. We'll see how the day progresses...my goal is for DAILY movement, whether a walk or a video tape. It's only supposed to be in the 80's today, so maybe a walk with the kids at least. They finished the bike trail near our house, so I need to check it out!

Going to pick up our monthly grocery haul today. We pay for it in advance, so it's like Christmas when it comes!! Full freezer - hooray! Anybody wanting to save money on groceries - check it out - it's a national thing. Check it out at angelfoodministries.org

Have a great Saturday!

rileyozzy 06-27-2009 12:39 PM

Jenn - I hear you about friends. It is hard to make close friends who you can just call up and hang out with. My best friend lives far away and I miss having a hang out friend!!!

I joined a program on the internet that keeps my food/activity journal for me and I am hoping it gives me the motivation I need to eat healthier. I did run this morning though.

Last night was a little rough because we switched our youngest from the crib to a bed. She was not impressed and wouldn't stay in her new bed. The crib was getting dangerous though so it had to be done. I was scared she would hurt herself trying to escape.

mortonpixie 06-27-2009 05:15 PM

Rileyozzy - hope you have a better night tonight with your LO's bedtime. We just switched out 2 yr old to a toddler bed because we have a baby that needed to get OUT of our bedroom and into the crib. We started out with a mattress on the floor and daddy slept with her the first night, patted her til she fell asleep the second night, and just put her down the third night, etc. She's been the easiest by far - some kids do it for ya and some don't. I was really sweating it, because getting up with the baby was enough.

Good job getting your run in this morning. I took a delicious nap and tried to catch up on my "missing sleep" from last night. Why do I do that? It doesn't work!

rileyozzy 06-28-2009 11:44 AM

mortonpixie - Thanks for the response! Sometimes it feels like you are in this alone and no one else's kids have the same problems. I know it's not true, but when you are in it, it's harder to have a bigger perspective.

The second night of sleeping in the big girl bed was just as bad. She was up three times last night. I finally just stayed in there with her, but she thrashes around so much that I can't sleep. I thought the sleepless nights were over. ha ha... Anyway, I couldn't get upto run this morning and it's blazing hot so I am going to have to utilize the gym this afternoon. I hate running on the tread mill and I have to force myself for every minute I am on it, but I like running outside. Does anyone else feel this way?

I think I am going to call up some friends who have a pool this afternoon. My husband works weekends and it is over 100 today and so I need the kids to burn some energy!!!

mortonpixie 06-28-2009 05:02 PM

I'm so sorry you're having such a time with your little one, rileyozzzy. I am NOT a fan of running on the treadmill either - yuck! But - since it's my only option most days, I take my laptop and pop in a DVD to watch. DH built a shelf above it to set my laptop on. When I have to work out at the Y, it's harder because other folks are occupying the TV's, so it might not be something I really care to watch. I load up my MP3 player with a good mix and just try to giterdun. :)

Well, I just got done with 45 minutes on our treadmill. First 45 minutes I've done in a year - yeah!! Tomorrow is weigh in day - I feel positive, hope I lost!

CaliMomma7 06-29-2009 01:06 AM

Hi ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend. My boyfriend got my kids and I tickets to a local water park so we went yesterday. It was perfect weather and loads of fun. I ate pretty bad and didnt go to the gym but it was ALL HUGE hills so I hope I worked some of it off! LOL Today was a nice day... Helped my sister with her resume and went to my boyfriends aunt and uncles 30th wedding anniversary. I ate all veggies and fruit and refused cake! I'm so proud of myself! LOL

Anyway, I totally know what you mean about the friend thing. It's hard to make GOOD friends. I have some but only talk to them through email and stuff. Never even on the phone.

As for the treadmill I prefer to speed walk. Its a lot easier on the body and burns more calories (so I have been told) so I stick to that. It's 9 pm here and I'm gonna go to the gym pretty soon... getting myself pumped up LOL Hope you all have a great night!!

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