30 Something's Daily Chat: Tues 05/26

  • Mornin' ladies!

    Where's everyone been hiding?

    I had a very busy weekend...PAINTING and taking the puppy for walks! The painting looks great though...I've been told that I've got a good eye for paint colours!

    How's everyone's week going so far?

    Mine feels like it's going by quite slowly. I've got french class tonight and I still have homework to do for it! ICK!
  • Good Mornin all! I used to post regularly on this group but lost it for almost a yr! I am back and bringin the tude! I am a mum to a 7yo girl and wife. I live in NH and own my own small business selling fine art printing supplies. I used to own a wine shop but sold out almost a yr ago.

    I have been really motivated this past month and have dropped 10 lbs. I am sorta workin the Mediterranean diet. Lots of whole grains, veggies, fruit, with some meat and dairy and chocolate and wine. As I am a wine lover, I can not live without it. And its healthy, right?

    Lauren, I see you're still here! How goes it?

    So, ladies, what are we doing for fitness? Since it's almost summer, I have been alternating between biking, walking and doing wii fit. I LOOOOOVE wii fit and it still makes me sweat. I like the running, boxing and stepping. The strength and yoga are a bit slow for me.

    So, any cool, new tips to share?

    I have been making a lot of wraps for lunch and used to LOVE mayo and cheese on them. I have switched to laughing cow cheese and a hot pepper relish. Way lower in fat and calories and lots of flavor.

    Hope to become a regular here again!
  • back Laurie!
  • Good morning all! Welcome back, Laurie.

    I signed up for the Summer Biggest Loser Challenge over on the exercise board. I'm hoping it will keep me motivated and moving all summer while the kids are home and I'm constantly dealing with whining for for food etc. Having them here 24/7 can also make it a lot harder to exercise consistently so hopefully that challenge will be the motivation I need to keep moving.

    The challenge 'officially' starts June 1 but we had to give start weights as of the weekend so that gives us all a few extra days to ensure a good first week loss.

    I just bought the 'Chalean Extreme' weights DVDs and I'll be doing their 90 day circuit in conjuction with the 90 or so day BL challenge. With a little extra cardio thrown in I hope it will be enough to help me get 18 lbs. off in 90 days- a big goal for me as I am more of the 'slow and steady wins the race' type. My turn to sprint for a bit I guess.
  • Hi All!

    Laurie! Welcome back! Girl, I've been here since 2/99...I don't know that it's a good thing, but I'm not headed anywhere soon. Nice to see you and hear that you're back on track!

    I am officially a college student! Class starts tomorrow. It's Intro to Business and it's a hybrid class - M/W in class, T/Th online. And that's all I know!
  • Hi everyone!

    Laurie - welcome back! I'm actually Lebanese, so I should check out the Mediterranean Diet! Although, truth be told, all my recipes from the family have waaaay too much butter, beef and fat in them!

    Lauren - congrats on starting college!

    bindersbee - Keep it up. I can only imagine what it's like to have kids around all day to feed. Sometimes it's hard enough to stay on track and I'm single!

    As for me... went camping all weekend with the boyfriend and our dogs. I was at a much higher elevation (9200 ft.), so I burned lots and lots of calories.

    Weigh in is tomorrow morning, so I have to be extra good tonight!
  • Good Afternoon!

    I've been on a hiatius I guess. Just fell off the wagon trying to deal with all the low blows life seems to throw at me. I am back on track. Got my gym membership & my eating plans all lined out.
    I am back at 220ish and my goal is still 150ish.

    Honesly...I don't care what the scale says - I just want to fit into a size 10 (comfortably) again. I want to get there and STAY there! I keep losing and going right back to about 220. I've got to do it and stick to it!

    I just have the hardest time seeing myself this heavy. It isn't until I look at pics or see myself trying on swimsuits that I realize what I look like and well...I don't like it.
    Honestly, I'm afraid that I won't look right when I lose the weight. After having 3 kids and stretching my skin, I have those nasty stretchmarks on my tummy, booty & upper thighs. Oh well...as long as I look good with clothes on...right!
  • Thank you for all the welcome backs!

    Lauren: I think its soo awesome you have the dedication to stick to it! When I'm off the wagon, I don't even wanna think diet Congrats on getting back into school. Gotta fill us in on all hot coeds

    Celtic- Bet you would LOVE the medi diet. I'm going for more the change in lifestyle rather than a specific meal plan but find so many great recipes that I love through this plan. Its all about those wonderful flavors feta, tomato, olives..drool

    Hi Sam! I'm in the same boat getting back in the swing. The thing is my husband does graphics for a living and has worked on magazine covers. It doesn't matter if you are stick thin, very few women love their bodies. I think thin or thick the sexiest chics just work what they got are and are comfortable in there own skin. ya know? A few months back I saw this fast forward thing on youtube of what they do to get a magazine cover. These gorgeous 19 yr olds are made up, hair done and then the graphics guys thin out their cheeks, enlarge their eyes, lengthen their necks, remove all blemishes. It's crazy. You should watch it.

    Binder and Wifey, Thanks again on the welcome back! What is this summer challenge all about? What kind of workout are you doing?

    Today I biked a half hour, did wii fit for 45 mins. Eating was good. A egg beater, tofu bacon wrap for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, a few small pieces of dark chocolate, and a tiny bag of Swedish fish (thats ok right?), TONIGHT?: TURKEY TACOS...YUM!
  • Laurie, co-eds? As I was standing in line at the registration, I was listening to this little curly haired cutie talking to his buddy about how he's going to open his own distillery after graduation. (This is community college) I just had to laugh to myself...some of these kids could be MY kid! I felt really old today!
  • Lauren,

    Noooo need to feel old. If Demi Moore can become Mrs. Kutcher, why cant we at least LOOK? I mean, are we dead? Can we not appreciate young hot bods (silly though they may be)? Please don't tell me you didn't even look. I'm crushed! Next time, take pics and give us some i-candy!
  • Well Laurie, of COURSE I looked! But they all seemed soo young, and honestly, none of them were eye candy! All I could think was, "If my boys look like that when they head off to college, I'll strangle them!"