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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thurs 05/21

Howdy ladies!

How's everybody today?!?

Well, we've surpassed "hump day" and are moving THAT much closer to T.G.I.F! I can't WAIT for the weekend!

I'm getting some highlights and a haircut tomorrow night...going out with DH for a date night and then we start painting some accent walls in the house this weekend...I'm so excited!

Had a FAB time at softball last night...I really hustled between the bases and I think I might have strained a muscle behind my doesn't hurt but I feel a bit of soreness. I guess that just means I'll have to have another hot, relaxing bath tonight after my french class and dog walking!

Have a fantastic day ladies...I've gotta go grab some water, do some work and study for my french test!
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Wifey I am jealous that you are playing softball. I have no idea to play. I was the kid in school that her mom wouldn't let her play, plus I had horrible knees/pain and couldn't play anyway, Dr's wouldn't sign my forms.

Well.. where do I begin. First I didn't lose any this week, I was a little disappointed but was told that I was doing great. My body fat has gone down 10.5 lbs since March 17th. When I started the program I had lost a little and was down to 213, now I am 203.5.

After my monthly check up was class. Normally it's one staff member giving a power point informational lecture which I really like. Last night there was a new guy that wouldn't shut up. Normally we dont' speak much but he yammered the whole time. I could tell she was getting frustrated trying to motivate him and trying to get done so we could leave. She had finished her lecture and he kept yammering on and I got up and left. She looked at me a winked, HAH, she must of been thinking what I was thinking (Wish this dude would shut up so I can leave, I got a LONG drive back home)

And lastly I came home to watch American Idol. I was very disappointed last night and wished I hadn't even watched it. They had great singers and the show was great but I really didn't want Kris to win. Ugh.. Guess we can't all get what we want, eh?
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I've done well this week, but I need a kick up the a$$. I haven't written anything down this week. I just can't be motivated to do it- any of it. It seems so tough sometimes to force myself to look at the calories that I'm eating, or figure out calories I'm eating. I won't/don't want to go my whole weight-loss life eating only calories that I can physically see on the box/bag/whatever. I want to be able to enjoy that slice of mudcake from the bakery down the street once (or twice) a month.

My only motivation to keep losing the weight is how many people are telling me I look good. The high of losing a pant size is gone though. *sigh*

Compounding that, I haven't been to the gym at all this month- I'm usually a regular 5-dayer. Working earlier hours, getting home later with the same amount of after-hours work to do, I just don't have the time, and I'm really feeling it.

I may also start a new job in mid-July, so that'll take more time away.

I know I've got to keep doing this, but what I need is another high of some kind to tell me that what I'm doing is working.

Sorry to drag you all down, but here's something funny I saw today online:
Automatic doors make me feel like a Jedi.
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TGIF!!! I am so glad this week is almost over!!

On the positive front, I did get back into the grove of eating healthy again and don't crave junk at all. I still enjoy my new job.

On the negative front, I'm so exhausted that I need a kick in the pants to exercise! The guy that is training me at work, well he has a habit of telling me things AFTER I make the mistake! I find that frustrating because those are mistakes that are preventable. A friend of mine canceled the party she was having tomorrow because people can't make it. I was so looking forward to seeing her too. We used to work together and she has limited spare time (both she and her husband work and they have a 6 year old boy). And last of all...I'm tired of feeling that I have to be perfect and the every move I make is scrutenized.

Ah well, it's a long holiday weekend, so things will be better!
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