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Wink Moved Home -weight Gain-advice Needed

Hi all!

I recently lost my job and moved back home with mom. I am able to help her, save money, and make my career change! Things are great in my life I couldn't be happier with my decision about leaving NYC. My only concern is that I have gain 7 pounds in 3 months! I was so used to walking everywhere in NYC and now I'm driving everywhere. I've been hitting the gym but not enough I suppose! Another thing I've noticed is that my mother cooks big family meals which isn't helping this situation since I'm so use to making my own meals! I guess what I'm asking is how can I tell my mother in a supportive non offensive way that I would prefer to make my own meals!??? I know this must seem crazy at 30 years old! I have an Italian mother!! Food is love! LOL!!

I know 5-7 pounds may seem like nothing but for someone who has maintained weight for the past 7 years this is scary!! Thanks so much!!
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You could always offer to split the meal making duties with her, that way 3-4 days a week your getting foods that you prepped and then you can still enjoy your mother's cooking.

I too have been in this situation and there is really no easy way to tell her, my mom thought I was insulting her cooking - at first - but we sat down and had a heart to heart about why I needed to eat healthier and she came around and in the end has lost weight too.

Hang in there! =O)
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I have been here as well. I started keeping a bin in the refrigerator with my healthy snacks so I wouldn't be tempted by all the junk food in the house. At meals I'd load up a nice sized salad or other good for me item as my main dish and then have a tiny portion of the food mom would cook. This did cause some minor tension as my mother worried I would "waste away" (at 190 pounds). But after I explained that breakfast and lunch were my bigger meals and that I just didn't need a big filling dinner she understood. I told her that I needed to get healthy and watch my calories and we even started cooking together and had a lot of fun creating healthier versions of our old favorites. I now make a wicked low cal/fat Beef Stroganoff!!
My Mom maintains a healthy weight. She did struggle a little when she was younger, but she was never as big as me. Portion control and cooking together worked for us, I even caught my Mom using applesauce instead of oil (my old trick) in brownies she was making for other people!
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