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Smile 30 Something's Weekend Chat: Sat/Sun, 4/4-4/5

Happy Saturday All...
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Very bummed today! We are building a new motel, and we live an hour from any other real town with a Walmart, and 1 hour 45 minutes from a town with Home Depot, and then 3 hrs away from American Warehouse Furniture Warehouse- where we were supposed to go pick out some furniture today. They have all of the roads closed due to a snow storm. We woke up to about 5 inches of snow today. I was looking forward to getting out and about. My kids has been off for Spring Break and my 6 yr old has been sick all week, and finally feeling better. Trying to busy myself with housework. I can't wait until all this white stuff is gone. At least they can continue working on the new motel, because it is all inclosed, and they are working inside. I told hubby that next year we are vacationing over Spring Break, it is a little crazy with both kids home, and too cold to send them outside, and one is sick. I was going to do some clothes shopping for both kids for summer, and I just love to shop, especially, since we have to drive 1 hour and 45 minutes to get to KOHLS- my favorite store. I tried to look at some new recipes on this site to pass the time also. I guess I will survive!
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Hi All!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I've had a really busy day, and a horrible headache that's finally starting to fade.

Frustratedmom, wow, sounds like you're really in the boonies! Hope the snow melts quickly for you!

Sarah, thanks for starting the thread - on the weekends we do one thread for Sat/Sun, since it's usually slower.

Pizza crust in just finishing up in the bread machine!
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Default Is it really the weekend?

Hey all! Joined last month and still reading boards and catching up on things. This is a great forum. The site is nice too - no pressure to perform or anything, I like that. I can't always get online everyday, but I try to keep up!

Can't believe Saturday flew by so fast! It ended up being a big laundry day for me - you know what I mean when you need to wash bedding, towels, clothes and then find out your son has another pile of dirty clothes in the bedroom that he "forgot" to put in the laundry hamper - so I spent the day running up and down the stairs to the basement (Yeah for exercise, boo for laundry).

We had baked haddock with lemon last night. My son likes that which is good because I'm not much of a cook and that's about as simple as you can get!

It's gorgeous and sunny here!

Frustrated - where on earth are you that it is snowing that much! You poor soul! You have my WARMEST thoughts heading your way!

FitSarah - You sound so busy! Wow - reading your posts wears me out.

LBH - Hope the headache is better!

Hope everyone else is doing well and hope to get to know you all real soon!

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Mornin' All!

Got to sleep in until 7:30-ish this AM! The boys actually got up and were fairly quiet as a 4 & 6 y/o can be!

DH is outside emptying my van of all the stuff we brought over from my mom's yesterday, so I better get dressed and go help him. Or at least do something, other than sit here on the computer!

Bojo, I hear ya' on the laundry! I have a laundry shute and the boys still don't put their stuff down it! And the garbage can in the basement to catch everything seems to always be full!

The headache got better last night, but it was back this AM. It's sinus', of course. I actually had a good run of not having any sinus issues, but I've been sneezing a lot the past couple days.

Have a great day all!
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This is a rough weekend for me. I strained both calves in a step class 1-2 weeks ago and am still on the road to recovery. Exercise has started back up now, but at less than half the level I'm used to. It's given me a lot of humility. I also gained 4 lb over the past 1-2 weeks, partly due to swelling, but partly also due to very bad food choices. I have not had time to make lunches, so I went out... buffets were involved. :P

I just figure there's nothing to do but accept the consequences and get back to normal as soon as possible. Not going to beat myself up over this - I know from experience that just makes it worse. I've been eating healthy over the weekend, and as healthy as I could the latter half of last week. And the exercise will have to come back slowly; I know this.

We went out this weekend and did the AHA Heart Walk. Just one mile, and it was more than enough for me right now, but I feel good doing it, and know that I did my part in raising awareness for heart disease (I lost my father to a heart attack when I was in high school, so this is a big one for me!)

Today is a day of reflection and introspection for me. Also a day of chores - I have to get this house organized and really, really, really want to clean the living room floor. And make food for next week. I think we can find a lot of peace through doing work... it's kind of a meditation in itself.

And I've already lost about 3 of the 4 pounds I gained - I think mainly by keeping that positive attitude and responsibility for my actions Onward!

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Hey guys, Im still around, slipping here and there and my ashtma has been acting up so the exercise has been lax....but on a better note I havent gained anything back....obstacles obstacles obstacles!
Hope everyone is well and excited about spring!
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Good afternoon and morning to all!
I got to sleep in until about 8:45am today. I'm working this weekend. I'm the asst manager of an apartment community. Me and the manager switch it up with our assistant so she doesn't have to work every single weekend. I just hate when my weekend comes around. I recently quit smoking and I'm trying to get back in the exercise routine. I used to be the type to go to step every day, run every other day and hit the weights with a steady routine. Now that is over completely. *sigh* I went jogging last night and made sure I didn't overdo it. Boy it's hard to see how far I've came down in my fitness in the past year of just doing nothing. Divorce really had its way with me. I want to get that back. I know it will be tough and lately I just feel old! Sometimes I let stress just lead me around and take my life. Anyway, I am eating pretty healthy. That's a plus at least! I hope everyones (including my own) weekend ends on a positive note! Take care all.
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Hi all-It's been a nice weekend! We went to an indoor waterpark for a few days and my mother-in-law is in town to watch DD while she is on spring break. Food has been fine-with MIL here, we watch what we eat

Bobo-welcome!! Laundry STINKS! I hate doing it-especially when all of it doesn't get downstairs!

Yeah LBH on 7:30!! Sinus stuff is awful. I hope it is gone soon!!

sOnali-Wow, I'll be thinking of you and my thoughts will be with you and hope you recover soon!

Truuredhead-it'll come back! I think if you want it bad enough, it will happen!! Good luck to you on getting back to your routine!

I'm hoping to get on the elliptical tonight for 30 min. and do abs and arms with little weights. Have a great evening!!
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