I'm still here!

  • Hi everyone! It's been a couple of weeks since I posted (I think) but I'm still here and still working. I am mostly a Stay-at-home Mom but for the last 2 weeks I've had the chance to work full-time as a sub for my sister's Jr. High class (she's on maternity leave). And yes, Jr. High is wild but I had a lot of fun doing it.

    Through the experience, I have gained a whole new respect for those of you who work full-time and still find the strength and energy to work out most days. I still ate well but found that exercising was out for the most part. The transition to the new 'routine' was so hard- especially since I have 3 kids! This week was easier because we sort of got used to the changes so I suppose if I worked full-time for real (and I did get off each day at 3:00 while teaching so not REALLY full-time), I'd get used to the routine and find a way.

    The 2-3 weeks prior to my teaching gig my weight loss stalled out because I was worried that working would ruin my efforts. It didn't. Even with working out less, I still managed to lose while working. I'm feeling really empowered by that. There was an obstacle to weight loss in my path that would have defeated me in years past but this time, I adjusted.

    It feels so amazing to me to know that I CAN adjust and roll with the punches. I know I could quickly go back to my old habits if I let myself but I'm finally starting to feel changed. It isn't that hard to eat well and make good choices- not like it was in the beginning. I looked forward to that huge salad I ate at lunch each day every bit as much as I used to look forward to something fattening. I'm not saying it's easy, just that it doesn't require as much careful thought as it did. My instinct is toward healthier fare now and its not as hard to tamp down the idea of eating a really naughty meal. It still requires work, it just doesn't feel so much like work.

    Anyhow, I'm excited to be back to the boards regularly now and I'm so much more grateful for the TIME I have in my life to focus on weight loss. I'm sure I'll be going back to work in the next year or two so this really is my chance to focus on me and get the weight OFF and get used to KEEPING it off before I do.
  • Yeah for still losing while working!

    I work in an elementary school (nurse)and have heard several teachers/staff complain about not haivng time to do anything. I don't think these people have ever really worked another job. This is the easiest job I've ever had. I actually took a cut in pay to have better hours. Mostly I am working for the insurance. You can't knock state benefits. I actually find it easier to "diet" when I am working. When I am home I am constantly faced with food. Just knowing it's in the cabinet and I crave it.
    You have a full time job with overtime just having 3 kids! Me I had one and decided it was way to much work and stopped at one! Don't get me wrong I love my baby but I don't think my nerves could handle a whole house full of them. I grew up with 2 brothers and 2 sister and we always caused a ruckous. No wonder my poor momma is crazy! Lol
  • Good to see you back!
  • hi bindersbee,
    good to see you still here. I was away for a while as well.
    i don't want to just disappear, i want to stick this out this time.

    The sad thing, or frustrating thing or the 'thing' is, while i was on vacation, i actually dropped a few pounds. now after being back 2 weeks, and getting back into my old routine, i've put it all back on!

    although it gets me down, i'm trying to look at it as an eye opener that i need a new routine in my life. a new normal.

    going to the gym tonight. i'm working a few hours overtime this evening and plan to hit the weight room at work for an hour or so before hand.

    good to see you!