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Well, It has been crazy around here, what else is new. I seem to be loosing a little more weight than I have been the past few months. The scales were down to 155 this morning. My clothes are getting bigger and bigger all the time. I told dh that before long, I will not have any clothes to wear that fit me. I am still wearing a pair of 16's, but they are so big on me. My wedding rings are starting to slip a little, too. I never thought I would actually lose weight before January, this really feels so good. I am splurging a little more than I did once in a while, but I am trying to do it wisely. I know that I am still staying under the maximum I should eat each day, but I am trying not to stay as low as I was before.

I think I have figured out that if I eat no/low fat most of the time, and if I keep my splurges sensible, then I will be fine, and I will be able to afford those "splurges".

OK, enough of my rambling about things you guys already know.

Tech - I hope that what ever the case, that you are able to continue to lose weight.

RR - Becareful hiding your condition. I have read that you can cause problems trying to make yourself fit into tight fitting clothes. Don't worry about what your size looks like, if someone is stupid enough to make a rude comment about your weight, just smile and know that it is all "baby fat" And in about 6 1/2 months it will all go away, and you will have a wonderful package to show for it all!!!

LBH - I think the chocolate may add a little more calories than you want!!! I buy ginger root from the produce section, and I do keep it in the freezer, it sort of tastes like a peppery chicken broth. As a matter of a fact I have used the "tea" in place of chicken broth before in a soup, and everyone liked it!!!

Liz & GG- I just found a chocolate protein powder at the $1 store. It is Metabolift, and it looks like all of the ingrediets are pretty good. I will find out how good the taste is tomorrow.

Well, DH wants me to cut his hair since the hair cutters did a bad job. So, I will post more soon
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