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Default 30 Something chat tues feb17th

Hey all..hope everyone is well. I'm tired..couldn't sleep well even though was tired...go figured. Today is one week since i gave up soda. I feel good for doing it. Now if only i could get my eating in gear maybe i could lose weight (:

hope everone is doing well!!!!


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Hello Ladies!!!

Not much going on here today... just the gym and a few household chores. An easy day all in all. But much needed. These past few days I've been feeling parched, I guess I'll have to up the water intake a bit more. Other then that, nothing new.

Congrats on the one week with out soda GG.
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Mornin' All!

GG, good for you giving up soda! How are you feeling?

Hi Pear!

After a horrendous day of eating yesterday...the chocolate devil was hanging on me yesterday...I'm looking forward to a good day today.

Have a great day all!
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I hope you all had a great weekend...Happy Tuesday!!!

I have been static for 2 weeks now, and ready to see a change in my weight...I have REALLY been working hard, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise a day, and eating well...I can't seem to lose anything. It doesn't help that I have a crappy scale. Any suggestions on an affordable, good quality scale? I also need some suggestions on how to jumpstart the LBS into falling off again! What have you done that worked for you? HELP!!!
You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there. - Unknown Author

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Last night was a pretty bad night again. We went out to eat. I ate some yummy Mexican food. I should have known, given the fact I had been terribly ill on Saturday, that it might happen again. Sure enough, I woke up at 1:30am in pain. I took some Zantac, and lay back down. Somehow, I was able to go back to sleep, but I woke again at 3:30pm. I said enough is enough. I work in a hospital, so I woke up my spouse and said, “I’m going to work early. You’re dropping the kiddo off at school.”

I drove with the full intention of going to the Emergency Room, but as soon as I pulled up in the parking lot, the pain stopped. I wasn’t going to pay an Emergency Room bill if I wasn’t presenting any symptoms. Now I am kind of stuck on what to do. Is the primary doctor just going to say, “You have heartburn. Take a Zantac.”? I think this is more severe than heartburn, and heartburn medication is not working. Do I wait to have another attack in the middle of the night? I had this same problem 9 years ago that turned out to be an H. Pylori infection in my duodenum. The treatment was very heavy antibiotics. Is this the same illness? My doctor bill is going to be through the roof.

I am so sick and tired. Literally sick, literally tired, and literally tired of being sick. I must have the world’s worst immune system. I don’t know how my employer doesn’t can me. Maybe it’s because I always have a doctor’s note. In the less than three years I have worked for them, I have had several infections including strep throat, tonsillitis, Bell’s palsy, sinus infection, and secondary infection from having my wisdom teeth removed. It’s very frustrating, because it’s not like I am faking these things.

I’ve had very little sleep, but I am here at work. I hope I can make it through the day without falling asleep.

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Sapphire - I know this sounds really silly, but do you take a vitamin in the morning? I take a multivitamin, plus a B-complex, and I swear that is what keeps me healthy, especially with my 3 kids and my 39 students and all of their germs!

I really hope you start feeling better soon! Sounds like you have had a rough road.
You don't drown by falling in the water. You drown by staying there. - Unknown Author

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Sapphire - Could it be your gall bladder? When I had gall bladder problems Mexican food would always trigger it. It was horrible pain in which would make me go to the ER every time. It was worse than labor.

I did some cleaning this morning and I am waiting for the baby to take a nap so I can run on the treadmill. It has been raining for 5 days straight and my poor kids are going crazy. I am going to have to arrange a play date today or we all might go insane.
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Hey y'all! Just touching basis to see how everyone is doing. Sapphire- sorry your feeling sick. I'm keeping on program with my WW and points. Lost 5 lbslbs. the first week, and I am sure it was water weight. Hope everyone makes it a great day!
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Default Omg

Hi! I am new to 3FC and this post. I just made it through my first full week of ww and I lost 1.4 pounds.....totaling 6.4 total down. I feel really bad though because I binged out hardcore last night. I ate 5 100 cal. little debbie brownies and drank skim milk out of the carton. I don't know why I did this the night before my weigh in after being good all week. Not to mention....who chugs skim milk that is just sad. I am I trying to fail?
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Hi everyone. Sapphire, my first thought was gallbladder as well. I've had mine out when I had my hysterectomy because I had a stone...it was just starting to give me some trouble, but nothing I couldn't handle. They just decided to grab it while they were in there to keep from having another surgery possibly very soon after that one. They can check to see if it's your gallbladder...suggest it to your doctor. If you're not having textbook symptoms, he may not be thinking that's what it is and may not even be considering checking it. He won't mind the suggestion....if he does, you should change doctors!

I don't know how I've been doing. I did good Valentines day, but Sunday I developed a migraine during church....usually it's from my blood sugar dropping...so dh (bless his heart!) just happened to have a fun size m & m's in his pocket that he was more than willing to give me. Then we had grilled chicken/french fries/salad for lunch. A ham/cheese sandwich and FF chips for supper. I believe I bombed that day. Then yesterday I had to work unexpectedly....don't think I totally bombed yesterday, but probably went over. DH promises me he thinks I'm still losing....says he can "tell".....I'm afraid to brave the scales. Haven't worked out in a week....been HECTIC!!! And got bad news this morning about the daughter of a friend who had a ruptured aneurysm last night...on life support with no brain activity. The daughter is in her late 40's. We're pretty devastated....we know the whole family really well. Say prayers, if you don't mind! I'd appreciate it.

Well, my h ouse is a disaster...goin' to clean~!
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Hi All,
Sapphire - sorry to hear that you're not feeling to well. I use to get hit with sinus, double ear and brochitist infection every year . Then I went to my chiropractor, for a back injury, and he told me to buy local made honey and take a tsp everyday and this will help with my infections. At first I thought he was . After a while I was feeling better and I haven't had an infection in over 18 months. Just an .
Jag - . I did the same thing this weekend and I don't know what got into me. I ate and ate . I never denied myself of anything because I did that a while ago and had bad consquence. I never over indulge but something about this weekend I just said it. I did lose 2 lbs but I know that I should have lost more. So now I am in check and I have to and get back on track. You should check out the chicks up for a challenge forum.
Have a great day everyone.
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Good Morning!

I am having a bit of a problem this week. I went in on Saturday to talk to the people at 24 Hr Fitness. I wanted to get pricing & see the new gym. I had no intention on signing up, but they talked me into it. So I went home and found the papers I got from another smaller gym in the same area and they offer $9.99/mo compaired to the $29.99/mo 24 Hr Fitness signed me up for. So I knew about the 3 day cancel. I was told by the manager at 24 Hr Fitness that I could cancel within 3 days and get my $$$ back and there would be no problems. Well, I misplaced his card. So I can't remember his name. I called and ended up speaking with another gentleman and he tried to talk me out of it. I said no, please cancel my account and fax me something in writing letting me know it was done and when I could expect my $ back. I get to work this morning and no fax. So I call again. He doesn't get in until 9:30. So I leave a message and wait for a call. Here it is lunch time and no call. So I call him...again...when he finally answers the phone & realizes that it is me he has an attitude in his voice. So I asked him again, please fax me a confirmation that you have cancelled my account & when I can expect to receive my FULL refund. He claimed that he faxed it to me last night...Uh, NO...so I ask when I can expect that fax...he said he would fax it to me right now. Well, I've been sitting here waiting and nothing has come through. I am NOT a very happy person right now. All I want is the information faxed. Is it really that darn hard? I spent $240 and I have not used their gym at all. I want my full refund and I want to know when I can expect it. I want to join the other gym and get started, but I want to make sure I get my $ back first.

Other than that...I'm having a great day! I am so in love & happy with my love life right now.
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Hey guys!! I'm sorry to have been away so long. My brand new computer that I got right before Christmas is broken and it's still out to be repaired. I have to say that I am unimpressed with Best Buy's Geek Squad and their extended warranty. To top it all off DH's laptop also crashed. He finally got my old one up and limping along. It's iffy tho on whether or not I can get it to come on when I try.

Things here are so-so. I'm not loosing any weight, but I'm not gaining either. With the way I've been eating I will take that as a win!

Hope you are all well. Nice to see the new people! Welcome to 3FC!!

Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.
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Sounds like most everyone is having some struggles today. I am too but nothing I can share. Just generally frustrated by a situation beyond my control that directly affects every aspect of my life. I hate stuff like that!

So, instead of letting it bum me out to where I either DON'T eat OR I overeat, I guess I'll just resolve to take control of the parts I can. I'm going to go sign our family up at the local rec center for a 3 month pass (which includes indoor swimming) and maybe get the kids into swimming lessons.

I'm hoping the husband will join me on the weight loss thing instead of just feeling insecure because I now weigh less than I have in 7 years while he's the biggest he's ever been. I'm not pushing but I'm seriously worried about him keeling over from a heart attack. Okay- back to the 'taking control of the stuff I can' philosophy.

1st goal- ONEDERLAND! Check!
2nd goal- Less than 194 (a number I've been stuck at before) CHECK!
3rd goal- Reach the 180's- haven't been there since 1999. CHECK!
4th goal- 180 which means hitting the 50 lbs. lost mark! Check!
5th goal- Switching to size goals now more than pounds goals. Goal is to make it to size 12, at whatever weight that happens. CHECK!
6th goal- Size 10! (can't even believe this is possible!)
7th goal- Size 8 and MAINTAIN!
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Hi. I am new here. This is only m third time posting. I did well today with diet and exercise. I just received my WATP dvs and I did 2 miles. I got my heart rate upand broke a sweat. I am proud of how I have done today.

Hope everyone had a good day today.
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