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Default 30 Something's Daily Chat: Thursday, 1/29

Mornin' All!

OK, honestly, I tanked at the end of the day yesterday. But there's no more birthday cake in the house, so the temptation is gone. I was starving all day yesterday. I think I ate enough, and I know I drank more than enough. I think my body just needs to get used to eating less. I'm going to plan better today.

Have a great day all!
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Default Bad Day Yesterday, but Better Day today.

Hello everyone! I had a difficult night last night. I did so well all day. I even passed up the bear claws that one of our vendors brought in. Hooray! *doing a bad cabbage patch*

I got home, and I donít know what came over me. I at dinner, and then later got hungry again, where I proceeded to eat standing up in front of the open fridge.

I woke up this morning with a literal hang over. I had a headache, stomach ache, and was very groggy. Iím not going to beat myself up about it. I am just going to get back on track today. Itís a new day.

I started blogging yesterday. I would love to read your blogs as well.
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Didn't end up going this morning since I woke up and felt really sick to my stomach (bizarre since I ate well yesterday). Feel okay now, so maybe it was nerves or lack of sleep or something. But man, it really sucked.

Anyway, I think I'm going to head to the gym today and then meet my mom for lunch this afternoon.

Hope everyone is doing okay and keeping warm if you are living in those cold places!
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Hey there!

I'm off today!!!!! YEEEEHAAAAA!!!! Don't know what's on the agenda yet...

Riley... that totally stinks about the daycare. I hope it doesn't happen.

RC... hope you feel better!!

Sapphire... Hope you feel better too!! (We've got a bunch of sickies!!)

Lauren... We had chocolate ice cream in the house after DD's bday last week. It's gone now.... (guess who ate it)... but no more temptation, right?? LOL

Have a great day ladies!
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I had a great week last week, but this week has been really rocky...Yesterday I was having a good day and then for whatever reason the Lucky Charms called my name and I gave in...ughhh...I did manage to get up and work out this morning, so that's a plus, but then I went to lunch with my friend and while I was waiting for her to show up I ate the kettle chips that came with my sandwich and I never eat them...For Pete's sake...I need to get a handle on this...I think my biggest problem is that I am so flipping tired, it doesn't matter how much sleep I get at night I just feel like I am dragging during the day and when you have an office job that's not good because it's way to easy to snack!!!
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madys momma... I hear ya about the being tired. I was suffering from that for weeks and then went to the MD last thursday. Turned out I had a sinus/inner ear infection. He gave me antibiotics and I feel so much better now.

I also hear ya about the chips. I find myself craving things I don't normally eat when I'm not being careful. Weird... LOL
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Howdy All!!!

Back on track today . Got out of the house and did my errands and running around ... everything that I've been putting off. Felt so good to be out and about . My food intake has been pretty good too. I went to the grocery store today and loaded up on tons of fruits and veggies. No junk food went in that basket. I've been craving clementines and got another big bag full. My third week of chowing down on them. They are addicting.

Madys Momma--- I hear ya on the tiredness. If it lasts too much longer, make sure you go and see your doctor. I had my levels checked and had some thyroid probs, now am on meds and am 100%. Just wanted to toss that at ya.
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Hey ladies!

I had ups and downs today. I had a lunch meeting for a foundation advisory board I volunteer with. I ate only 1/2 a sandwich (big, beautiful homemade bread slices that are double thickness so I ate one piece instead of 2). I didn't take a soda or a cookie but did eat some of the full-fat salad dressing on my salad, I can't be THAT good. I even fixed myself a different dinner than my family ate tonight so I wouldn't go over on my calories. I ate a little treat this afternoon though.

My day was totally hijacked helping a friend who had Lasic surgery today- had to schlepp her back and forth then back again when she was having a little issue. I'm glad to have helped but it sure derailed everything else I needed to get done for myself today- including exercise.

I'll be happy to send the kids off to school tomorrow so I can get the stuff done I need to get done around here before the weekend hits. I weigh in tomorrow morning too so I'm hoping I was good enough today to have a decent loss tomorrow. Aunt Flo is visiting so that usually messes up my numbers.
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I love it when I can manage a trip to the grocery store with no junk food. I have to go shopping when I am full so I don't feel like buying anything.

The daycare situation may not be that bad. The parents are meeting with the big boss Monday to propose a plan that he can't refuse. We hope.

I am going to work really hard at getting up tomorrow morning to do a run. I haven't been doing it since I got sick and I think it's time to kick it in gear.
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Default new

hi all. i am just now getting back on track with my diet.

i am 209lbs 9 down from 240lbs ) and heading to the 150 goal.

but i keep telling myself SMALL goals will get me there.

my next BIG goal is 199lbs....then i get to treat myself to OLIVE GARDEN for dinner w/ my hubby

i started my diet monday but with the kids home from school ( we have 12" of snow here ) it seems harder to maintain with them home for some reason.

i had my shake for breakfast today , now i am getting ready to fix my lunch far so good today .

yesterday i has shake for breakfast, cheese sandwhich & doritos for lunch small bow rice for dinner then during american idol i wanted a snack.

instead of a filling shake i made myself 3 peices of toast smothered in butter and blackberry preserves..

so bad !

all i drink is flavored water or the occasional diet soda

so on track so far today........well, till dinner ( i am making ham,beans with cornbread ) on a cold day who can resist that ? i figure as long as i do good the rest of the day i can have a small bowl at dinner
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