Wanted to introduce myself and say "hey".

  • Hello, all. I have been coming to this site for a while on and off, but finally decided to join and introduce myself.

    I definately need to do something. I am tired of being tired and feeling like crap all the time. I have some medical problems which makes it difficult, but I am so sick of being 40-50 pounds overweight. It gets a little old when people keep asking you when you are due. I have 6 children and have been asked this almost between all of them. My youngest is 15 months old and since New Years have been asked this about 4 or 5 times since then.

    I am hoping that with the support of others in the same situation and having to take my puppy for walks and trying to get the motivation to eat well that I can have some success. Now, if I can just get my butt of this computer once in a while.....
  • Hey L/K- WELCOME!! Come on over to the "Week of..." thread and tell us some more about yourself and get to know us!!
  • Welcome LexiKate!