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Exclamation 30 somethings daily chat - Monday 1/26

Morning losers!

Just a quick flyby this morning. Have to be in work by 9AM and I didn't do my hair yet. Since I don't want to scare anyone... I better move it!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!
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Wow where is everyone, sleeping or running late this cold Monday morning!
I am seriously confused b/c my DD is in the middle of exams so she is confusing my day, not sure what I should be doing. She is a smart girl but has some really dumb study habits and other habits also. I am hoping for the bestand sending her good vibes.
I am making a plan for myself b/c I am getting side tracked so easy. Example, my iPod is missing(sorta) and I can't workout without it. So there goes my workout which I desperately need to lose weight. So planning is important to me and I planning on planning my life.
Anyway off to plan my life and its changes so my body will change with it. TTFN
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Gooooooood mornin', everyone! Hope everyone's stayin' warm...tough to do in JANUARY!!

Didn't have a GREAT weekend....which is bad because I have a doctor's appointment in the morning (Tuesday) and I'm sure I'm NOT going to show a loss at all on his scales, which consistently read HEAVIER than mine. My doctor uses the same gym that I'm a member fact, I'm a member there because he suggested it to me. He knows I'm a member and I'm dreading the question, "So, have you been going to the gym?" I dread it because I have NOT.

Speaking of going to the gym, I went clothes shopping yesterday. Tried on a shirt and the arms were kinda tight...shirt fit everywhere else (1X). My arms are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO flabby. I really wanna work on them....and so here I sit in front of my computer typing instead of being at the gym working on my arm muscles. How goofy is that? I have other stuff I need to do today, but I think I'm gonna go work out....I'm even already dressed for it.

Anyway, that's a report on me. What's up with everyone else??
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It’s a snowy day today. I’ve been doing well, but the scale has stopped moving I was losing pretty steadily, but now it’s stopped. I know that I need to add some exercise in. The problem I am facing is financial. There is no way I can afford a gym.
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Not much going on here either--cold and snowy!!! I have been keeping track of my fiber intake the last few days and shooting for over 25 since I was under before. 3 days in a row I have sonsistently hit over 30 so that is awesome and I am still staying within my ww points. I am hoping for a 2 lb loss by next week with this change as long as I keep it up. Well gonna split for know and get some paperwork done since I am working from home today.
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Good morning chicks!

Woke up about 9am and had some breakfast. Now, I'm watching some CSI (borrowed some DVDs from the library) before I go out. I'm thinking I'm going to do some writing at the library this afternoon and take a good walk on that trail I've been meaning to check out since the weather seems nice now.
A week from today I start my new job, and honestly, I can't wait. Funny that I can't wait to work. My dad and I are going to go to Disney's Animal Kingdom tomorrow since I've got this pass thing that's only good for another couple of months. Looking forward to having a good time there and getting in some good walking at the park.
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Mornin' All!

Not much going on today. Have a good one all!
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I got the flu this weekend and it knocked me out. I didn't make it to work today, but I did make it out of bed. This weekend was a wash.
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