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Talking 30 Somethings Chat ~ Tuesday Dec. 30th

Morning all! Just a quick fly this morning since I have to get out the door to work. Hope you all have a great day!

OOPS... almost forgot... Don't be upset about not being able to do yoga right away. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia and aside from having a hard time just getting out of bed... it takes me a while to be able to do things that normal people can just do without a second thought. Just be thankful that you're healthy enough to do it in the first place!!

Have a good one!! Stay motivated!!!

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Default I've promised myself...

I've promised myself that I would post here daily to keep the healthy eating and living in the forefront of things so here goes. I've been reading some of your previous posts about excersis (haven't started any yet) and I am going to start some sort of program be it in home excersise or maybe even use the gym membership I have been paying for the last year. HEE HEE. We have loads of snow and ice on the ground right now and our neighborhood doesn't plow so walking or running outside is impossible, anyone got showshoes!
I did follow my calorie intake and reduced sugar plan yesterday really well.
Feeling postive about the whole thing. Today I am off to get daughter and I haircuts and a few other errands, going back to work next week is going to brutal after two weeks off.
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Hi guys. Well, kidlet number 2 is sick now. Has been since last night. Not a good nights sleep here. She's hanging out on the couch watching TV now. She wouldn't eat breakfast and will only drink her juice if I hold it for her. Poor baby.

Not doing much today. I was planning on taking down the Christmas decorations, now I'm not sure what will get done. Baby girl is on the velcro side when she's sick so I probably won't get much done.

Hope y'all are having a super great Tuesday.
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Hey all I'm new to this forum. I just want to pop in and say hello to you fine people!

I'm excited about this website/forum. I will soon be joining a fitness center and I'm always looking for great and healthy meals to cook.

Have a great Tuesday!!!
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i'm working on a grocery list today so i can start the year off on the right foot.
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disgruntal-yoga may look easy but it is very hard...don't be hard on yourself...just take it alterations to the workout if you can't do it straight leg do the move with bent legs...evenetually you'll get there

angie'smom-yep i love just nw of atlanta...chatanooga is about 2 hrs away..have been wanting to go up there..heard the riverfront area is very nice.

kare-sorry to hear about the kids


mj-defiantely check out a lot here..there's great advice, widsome and motivation.

me4life- i got motivated the other day and spent about 4 hrs shopping/cooking/prepping food...i made 3 healthy meals that will probably last dh and i about 2 wks (froze some food of course). So i think we are all getting motivated

as for me..i didn't sleep in this am (on my day off), i actually signed up to be a greeter (volunteer) at the georgia aquarium this the shift started at 7.30. Man is was very busy...lots of people on there were a lot of lsu/georgia tech fans in town for the game tomorrow that decided to go to the aquarium. The 4 hrs flew by since there were so many people with lots of questions..but it was fun. Now i'm at home with DH doing some house work. Will take dog for a walk later and hopefully hit a yoga class tonight (ill think about your disgruntal (: ). hope everyone is well

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Hi am new! Is the 30-something for people who are 30 something year old or for people who need to lose 30 something lbs? either way I qualify LOL!! My name is Laura and I am 34 and will be 35 in February. I just signed up for MRC and I have 33 lbs to lose. My goal is to have it all off by my wedding which is on May 16th.
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welcome laura..its for 30 age group but don't worry..we don't check id's...although i've been requesting a hot looking bouncer guy to monitor the doors...but so luck
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Hi everyone, I'm doing okay. My jaw is pretty uncomfortable right now, so I haven't actually eaten anything solid since yesterday morning. All I've had since getting home yesterday afternoon is some strawberry applesauce, an acai smoothie (big one though, and boy was it good) and today, some instant breakfast. I am just now starting to want to eat something, but the soreness/pain might keep me from doing so. Might try some toast later, see if I can eat that. Never thought I'd be this out of eating/working out after the tooth was pulled. Heh. Well, at least my weight is low right now (scale said I was 172 this morning, I figure its due to not really eating anything), obviously it will be different by Friday morning. Hoping I can get to the gym tomorrow afternoon, but if I still feel like this, I'm going to stay home.
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Hi All!

Laura, Welcome! Age, not weight, but who's counting! (I've been around here waaaay too long!)

Guess I was busy today...thought I checked in earlier... Have a good night all, I'm beat and fighting a possible sinus infection.
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Hi all!
Today was a great food day and I am feeling a lot better. I think running again helps. I feel so much better when I am exercising. Funny that I hate exercise though.

The sun was out today so we spent a couple of hours at the park. It was packed, but the kids had a blast. I tried to buy our 5 year old snow boots, but it didn't go over very well. We live only 1 hour from great snow and our last trip was a bust since we didn't have the proper clothing. Now I have to talk her into going again and trying it out. I love the snow, but I am pretty glad to not have to shovel it all of the time.
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Hi Laura, Welcome to the board, I am pretty new to this one too.

Gatorgal, I would love to do yoga but I think I will wait till I lose some weight first. I have heard the Atlanta aquarium is nice. The river front here has really changed in the past 2 years and it is really nice. You should come up for a day or so. There is a lot to do downtown now. There is an exhibit in Atlanta I plan to come down for in the next few months at the Premier Exhibition Center at Atlantic Station.

Today was a good food day for me as well, but I had a terrible headache most of the day. I still have not compiled and exercise plan for myself. I think I will do that tonight.
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well..i didn't stay op as well as i wanted. I went about 200 calories over plan..but i burned over 600 calories. DH and i took the dog for a hike up the mountain...28 hard minutes up and 26 not so hard down...then i did an hr of yoga. I feel good...and exhausted.

angie-the ga aquarium is very nice. What exhibit you coming down to see? There are so many right now...i want to check out the king tut exhibit and the chinese emperoir exhibit. I also wanted to see the"dialogue in the addition cique de sol has a event this month "kooza" but i think the tickets are a bit out of dh and mine price range for right much to see and do not enough time when i've got so much work to do.
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