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Pryia 05-05-2002 09:06 AM

~Week of May 5th~Do a Daily nice thing JUST FOR YOU!
Good morning my friends! Hope everyone is doing well. It is early here but what else is new. I am up at the crack of dawn every day. So why sleep on the weekends? Oh I just wish my body would let me.

Since I know we all take care of others in our lives. This week lets do something that is just for us every day. And post it here so we can see what we did. Whether it is sit and read a book, go for a walk, makes a healthy meal. We need to take care of ourselves and then we have more to give to others!

Well I am going to go and get some eggs, I want to make an omelet this morning and I have no eggs or milk for that matter.

Have a wonderful day!!

KarenK 05-05-2002 05:33 PM

Hi guys. I lost four pounds this week!! I weighed tonight instead of in the morning 'cause I am planning chinese food tonight!! :)
We are having a quiet day around here!! Hope ya'll are out having fun. I've been home doing homework and house work all day. It must be a georgous day here because my allergies are awful!! I've been sneezing, blowing my nose and wiping my eyes in between yelling at the computer!!

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!

Pryia 05-05-2002 09:43 PM

Hello out there!
We must all be having wonderful weather! It is so quiet here today.

How was I nice to me today!

I bought a cute pair of shoes I have been lookking for.

I drank all my water and ate well.

I also eared 6 Activity points. I walked 4 miles and I played outside with my DS for 30 mintues,

:^: Karen;)
Way to go on the lost. I guess it is amazing howwell the program works wehn we work the program!!

Sorry to hear about the allergy!! I think my son is also having his start up too.

Everyone have a wonderful Monday!! And if you have not tried the Raspberry Ice Crystal Light. Get some ASAP it is great. And I don't like any of the Crystal Lights. And remember it counts as water!! So DRINK UP LADIES!

elisa822 05-06-2002 08:14 AM

What a week!!
Hi everyone!

Well I have had quite a week so let's see what I can tell you? First, I finally broke through the 150's and as of this morning officially weigh exactly 149 pounds!! Woohoo! I am so happy about this. Given, it's taken me about an extra 3 months to do it but so what? Slow and steady wins the race right? I was thrilled yesterday when I saw it and again today so it must be true. I'm only 5 pounds away from my post-honeymoon weight (not sure exactly what I weighed when I got married but I'm probably 10 pounds away from that. My second exciting news is that we bought the house!! Wow it was crazy for a while and I haven't slept well but it's a done deal. This may also have helped the weight loss but I'll take in anyway I can get it. We close on July 2nd so I guess I better get to packing. Well we actually have the inspection tomorrow so after that we'll know for sure everything is okay and we can go through with the purchase. As I said before it's not the perfect house because it's a bit small but it's all we can afford right now so if we want to get our foot in the door this is it. And we've seen such crap at the same price that it's nice to see a home in great condition. If anyone wants to see details let me know and I can give you a website to look at. Don't be disappointed at the size - Welcome to big city prices!!

Meikka - belated Happy Birthday!! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Bailey - whoopie pies and coke - yum!! Hope things are better these days.

Pryia - another great loss that's so exciting. It's so motivating when you see those losses at the beginning. I hope it keeps up for you.

Lyssa - that was interesting what you shared about the weight plateau but your clothes still fitting better. I'll try to remember that next time I hit a plateau (could be anytime now even though I just got over a big one :) )

Nanci - wow on you and your husband's total weight loss. so impressive. I think for my husband and I, we're at about 26 for me and 35 for him. I lost a little last spring and then we started together in the fall and then we both stalled out a bit since February but have managed to maintain.

Karen - 4 pounds!! Tell us your secret! Congrats.

Have a great day everyone,

lostandfound 05-06-2002 08:38 AM

Hi everyone,
I survived another weekend! Yesterday I stayed home. Well except for the $150 trip to Walmart. I bought some material at $1 per yard to make curtains for my front porch. Always wanted to get some for in there but was not going to pay much for them. I love to sew, so today being my day off i get to sew curtains! Congratulations everyone on your weight losses this week! I am scared to death to even stand on the scale. I am supposed to weigh in today. But I think I am waiting until tomorrow. Today I am going to concentrate on veggies and water. Then I will weigh 1st thing in the morning. That at least will help me mentally I think. For some reason weight loss is a major mental game for me more than anything. :dizzy:
All this week I have to stay really with it and then stay focused all weekend. Our anniversary is Saturday and then of course Sunday is Mothers Day. Saturday there are 14 of us going out for dinner at a very nice restuarant. Unfortunately if I pay $30 for my plate of food iI order what I want not necessarily what I should eat. But all I have to do is plan, plan, plan. And try not to consume too much Wine. :p
That alcohol(any type) is bad stuff when you are trying to limit what you eat. :s:

LBH 05-06-2002 11:30 AM

Elisa- YES, YES, please post the link!! I would love to see it!! Congrats on the purchase!! I'm soo excited for you!! :D :D :D

elisa822 05-06-2002 11:40 AM

Lauren - okay since you asked. I'm a bit emberrased because you never know what houses cost in different areas or cities so I hate to think people think I got some crappy house. The truth is it's really nice, just small but in great condition. And most importantly it's what we can afford. so anyway the website is www.mikeclarke.com On the home page on the left hand side you'll see a link for "red hot listings". Click that and you'll get a page with a few choices on it and a picture of a house underneath that says "check out the new hottest property" and that's my hosue. Click it and you'll get a couple of pictures and general information. If you want to see more pictures you have to go to "inside house tour". To do so you they ask for your name, phone number and email. You can leave the phone number blank and if you put in your email all they do is send you an email back. But I did try putting in a fake email and it worked fine too!! Let me know what you think!?!?!

LBH 05-06-2002 02:26 PM

Elisa- Don't worry about what other people may think...it's yours!! :D Is it like a Duplex, or something? Like, is one side your house and the other side someone elses? It looks like some duplexes I've seen around my mom's. It's very cute! Very colorful, don't know that I'd use that much color, but hey, someone liked it, and maybe you do to. The floors look like they're in great shape!! In the pic of the MBR, is that basically the whole room, or does it go off to the sides? It looks like it does, but that might just be the windows. Congrats!! I hope the inspection went well!!

I don't know when the last time you moved is, or if you're sentimental, but if you are, get uncentimental!! :lol: It's a lot less stuff you have to move!!

BaileySG 05-06-2002 05:03 PM

Elisa - I love it!!! Congrats! Looks like it is in great shape - I love the floors and the island in the kitchen. Would love to be able to get into a place like that - ENJOY.

Also, Lauren is right - "Throw it out, throw it out, throw it out" Just chant this while you are packing:D

lyssalou 05-06-2002 05:50 PM

Hi all, I just learned something scarry. I can't tell what now, but for those of you who pray, please pray for me. I will share as soon as I know more info. Hopefully it is nothing, I am sure it is nothing, but will tell you all when I know for sure.

I had a wild weekend on food. My mom and dad took us out to dinner on Friday. I chose the healthiest thing I could, but I still ate more than I should. Saturday we went to a party with nothing healthy!!! All they had was hotdogs and chips. I ate one hot dog with only ketchup and mustard, and three potato chips. Then Sunday, we went to a friends house and had Spaghetti, garlic bread (loaded with butter) and salad. I just ate small portions. But that is the worst food weekend we have had since January 25 when we started this whole diet thing. But I am not worried, because I know that I am on this eating plan for life, not just for now. So I am eating what I should today, as I will do tomorrow.

Elisa - Nice house. I didn't look at the inside(may try that later) but I have recently found out that houses inside any city are outrageous, including Houston. It is the houses in the suburbs that are reasonable, but not in the city. I guess you are paying for the convienience of livivng in the city as well as for the house itself. Dh knows someone who lives in Ontario, and he has told dh how outrageous housing prices are. It must be a great place to live, though. Congrats on the weight loss too.

Meikka - How are the curtains? I used to sew, before I had 4 kids. I am sure I will sew again.

Pryia - WTG on the exercise!!! Just don't over do it, you could get sore muscles :lol: like I didn't already know that. Hmm... what did I do for myself nice today? I exercised this morning, got back on my plan, and I chatted with a friend. I know it may not seem as nice to you as buying new shoes, but it was what I wanted to do.

Hello everyone else!!! Hope you all are having a nice day.

Juldiet 05-06-2002 06:36 PM

Lys: I said a prayer. I know what you mean about bad food weekends. We had a show this last weekend so I never eat very well, I'm trying to do better.

I did take the boys to the zoo saturday so we did tons of walking. We're off to Oklahoma for a show on Thurs. We'll come back mon.

Ginger had her operation to lose her womanhood this morning. She is sleepy and embarrassed right now.

Its hot. My knee hurts. I may not walk tonight.

Still hovering around 171.

Elisa: I liked it!! I think I would enjoy living in a city for a short while...but I've got to have my yard and trees and country life.
I thought the colors were cool.

Got to make a few calls, jul

elisa822 05-06-2002 07:11 PM

Thanks everyone for all your kind words and good wishes about the house. It is small, it is right in the city and it's not a duplex, it's a semi-detached. Don't know about there but here a duplex is slightly different. We love most of the colours (they're better in person) but will repaint some. And the room with the bed is actually one of the other bedrooms. A single woman lives there and the room with the desk is actually the master bedroom. Anyway, we like a will be about a 10 minute walk to the beach which is cool. (even though you don't usually swim in the lake, it's got a great boardwalk with the best people watching).

Lyssa - I'm thinking about you and don't stress about the food weekend, we all do it once in a while. Just start fresh today. Good Luck.


LBH 05-06-2002 09:35 PM

Lyss- I'm praying for you.

Elisa- That's cool that you're in the city and near a beach!! Now, I'm trying to picture a beach in Canada!! :lol: Forgive me for being soo completely ignorant, but growing up in New Jersey, spending my summers at the Jersey shore, I cannot for the life of me imagine what the beach looks like!! LOL, I relate Canada to snow, not beaches!! :lol: I know that is soo totally ridiculous of me... I love the lime green color...was actually thinking of that and purple for a nursery, or another small room, but not a large room. I couldn't think of what to call it, except duplex. Around here, I think duplexes are more like side by side two family houses.

Jul- Poor Ginger... :o Hope she's feeling better tomorrow. Did they keep her overnight, or send her home? When I worked at the animal hospital, we kept the girls overnight, but the boys went home same day.

Backfor 2002 05-06-2002 09:44 PM

Hi all!

Pryia, How fun with the new shoes. I have been having a bit of an issue with those lately.

Karen, Congrats on the awesome loss!

Elisa, Way to go on the 149. The house is very nice. I love the floors, we have hardwood floors and they could use a buffing. Looking at your floors has got me thinking. That is nice that you are so close to the beach.

Meikka, How did the curtains turn out? I bet you had fun.

Lyssalou, You are in my thoughts. It sounds like you have a fun weekend coming up. Make your plan and you will be fine.

Jul, Have fun in Oklahoma!

Things are fine here. I am feeling a bit under the weather so I am taking it easy tonight. DH went out with a friend so I have the house to myself.

BigPhatBooty 05-07-2002 03:52 AM

Quick! Help! Have lost will to post :p and lose weight :cry: tho' haven't yet managed to lose the will to shop :s:

RR - congratulations much :love:

Lys - I will say a prayer for you

To everyone else, I still luv ya - hopefully will get back will to post soon :s:

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