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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat: Friday, 12/19

Mornin' All!

Well, school is closed today, in anticipation of the storm of the year. Yesterday I heard it was going to start by dawn, but the phone rang at 6:30 this AM with the automated message saying schools were closed. Nothing is happening yet. This AM I'm hearing it'll start between 8-10. Watch we get nothing! I decided to keep Robby home today, so I don't have to go out later and pick him up, if it gets bad. One less kid for daycare to worry about too.

Joan, no, I didn't get a job. This was a transition workshop provided by a company that my old company hired to "help" us out. There were only 2 of us in the class, which was 2 full days. He taught us how to network, interviewing and helped us clean up our resumes. I need to shorten mine to 2 pages, from the 3 it currently is. I did start it, but have to finish it. He was really impressed with the progress I had made, said I was the poster child for listening to recommendations and making changes. Made me feel good though.

Speaking of networking, do any of you or your family members work for a corporation that has offices in NJ/NY? If so, would you be able to PM me the info and maybe a contact person I might be able to call/email? Thanks!

Have a great day all!
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Hey gals!

Did my weekly weigh-in and I'm down two more pounds! Just one pound away from my Christmas goal weight. Going to work really hard this week to see if I can exceed the goal.

Sorry about the ice storms for those having them. I feel sort of spoiled here in Florida where I've been wearing t-shirts and shorts lately. I do not miss the cold at all.
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Our schools are closed too but the snow has definately hit! Woke up at 7:30 and it was not really bad but at 11 it's a full blown blizzard! I don't mind it though, I'm really glad it's going to be a white Christmas.

I stepped on the scale again today because I was upset with yesterdays weigh in. I had been so good and really thought I'd lost more than a pound. You know how sometimes you can just feel you've lost some? Plus, I realized with some intestinal changes that it might be different. I can now say I've hit my 40lb mini goal and that is the weight I want to maintain over the holidays. I will be SO proud of myself is can actually LOSE by next week but it's not expected.

Enjoy the snow or the warmth where ever you may live!! Have a good day!
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Hi guys!! Well, it is snowing here. I left the house about 10:15 and there were just a few flakes flying. I ran a couple of errands and was on my way home by 11:00. The roads were covered and getting slippery! School was cancelled so Alex is having his first "snow day." He was upset because he really wanted to go to school!

Lauren: Sorry, I don't have any contacts for you. DH works from home now and their administrative person works from home in North Carolina!

Disgruntled: Dodged the snow bullet, huh. Glad you didn't have to drive in it.

Ranger: Yay on the loss! Awesome job.

kiki: Congratulations on reaching your goal!

OK, the kids are watch Charlie Brown Christmas so I guess I will go join them! Have a wonderful Friday!
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OK, so, a good 5-6" later, and now we're getting sleet. The boys had a great time playing in the snow in their snowpants and coats and gloves. Unfortunately they don't have snow boots....everytime I think about getting them, I remember that we're lucky to get one storm a year that they can play in, and figure it's not worth it. I have to stop being soo cheap. I will be buying snow boots for them next time I get to WM!

I shoveled the walkway and a path down the driveway for the mail, then shoveled around the cars so that the snow from that half is on the other half. When DH gets around to it, he can use the snow thrower to do the rest. He really needs to show my how to use that thing! At least I got a little exercise in, a 1/2 hr. or so of shoveling hadda burn some cals, right?!
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Hey all, when I woke up at 3:30 the streets were dry and clear, but by the time I left ~ well lets just say, I left 45 min before my start time and I was praying that I made it there on time and in one piece. We had ice, snow, freezing rain and the gamut of everything. Took me 35 min, when it usually takes me 15 (if I hit all the lights).

Needless to say, the store was dead until about noon. ~ wonder why ~ but I got a lot accomplished and cleaned up at least.

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Good Evening Ladies!

It's a snowing here too. Lots of it... piles upon piles.
My day was pretty simple... went to the grocery store and gassed up the Beast. Came home and snuggled on my babies. DH left work an hour or so early too, so we are all safe and sound in our warm home sweet home .
Oh, I almost forgot.... I am down another pound
RangerChic-- Yay for the loss!!! You are 2lbs closer to that goal.

Karen -- You left at 10:15 and was on your way home by 11:00. I am so jealous . Anytime I do errands it is hours... but I have my two sidekicks tagging along.

Hello to everyone else... well it might as well be Good Evening or Good Night by now. I hope everyone has a safe weekend.

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