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nail-lady 12-09-2008 06:03 AM

30 Somethings Daily Chat, Tuesday 12/9
Good Morning!
I need to check in here today for some inspiration....I am putting off workout this morning and need to stop that now! I don't know why I avoid it, I Know that I will feel more energized if I exercise, but it is the getting started that is so hard some days.
Ok, enough whining, gotta get to it! Have a great day!

GatorgalstuckinGA 12-09-2008 07:43 AM

morning all...nothing really exciting to report...just tired and working hard. Hope everyone is well.

poppyseeds 12-09-2008 08:58 AM

Good morning... :coffee:

What a night we had!! In the middle of the night we hear this huge crash from somewhere in the house. I fugured it was one of the three cats knocked something oer so I stayed in bed. DH got up and checked the house and found our 15 year old son's shelving fell down. It just like... disintigrated. His TV and speakers were on the ground and the shelves were all over th place. DH was on the floor sifting thru the rubble and where is my son? In bed sleeping... sitting up on the edge of the bed!!! LOL

I went into his room and told DH to go to bed. Then I told DS to lay down. He did... LOL

This happened around 4:30... we were all laughing about it this morning... :rofl:

Hope everyone has a good day!!! :sunny:

PS.. Nail Lady... here is some :dust: for you to get you thru the day so you can have this ----------->>>>> :goodscale

PearFreak 12-09-2008 10:51 AM

Hello All! :comp:

I think I need some of that Will Power dust too. I have no motivation. I think it is these easy days I have been having... I am so lacking on the go-go-go routine I am used to doing. I wish I could lounge around all day and do nothing. Nothing at all. I have yet to get dressed or go to the gym yet :stress: . I want to... but getting ready for it is the pits. Once I am there, it is all good, but getting there is... well the pits. :sumo:

Poppy --- I'll make sure to make a bunch of "Test" batches and send ya some too. Gotta make sure I make it "Right" ~ Huh. :hun:
Goodness, your ds' shelving fell and he didn't even wake up? What a way to wake up in the early hours of the day--- better then mine... my ds was not content at all last night and wasn't letting me, him or dh sleep. I feel bad for dh, who is at work... very tired too.

IrishJoan--- Hee-hee-hee... the name, I dunno? I use it on another board I am on, my oldest was huge into pears... as a baby as a toddler and now... when it came to making a name, I saw her chomping on them, and Wha-La.. my name. I can say she got the pear passion form me though. ;)

Well tata for now gals... :clause:

RangerChic 12-09-2008 12:17 PM

Hello all!

Got up this morning, ate some Kashi Go-Lean waffles and some low-fat syrup (found some without high frutose corn syrup!) and then walked for an hour with my mom. Applied for a couple more jobs online and now I'm going to do some cleaning before my mom and I head out this afternoon to find some new water bottles since she has the day off.

Hope you all are doing well. And, I know everyone can get their motivation going, you can do it! :)

pmasci 12-09-2008 07:38 PM

Hey ladies!!!

Really busy the past few days.

Yes, Joan..you did tell me you were heading up Hospitality..how funny is it that we both head up the food committee for our schools!!! LOL It did surprise me how time consuming it is. I'm hoping that if I get a job next year I can keep doing it. It's really rewarding cause everyone is so appreciative of being fed :)

Patricia, thanks for the compliment on the pic. yep, I was doing pretty well, then gained 5 lbs between Thanksgiving & my trip. I remember you gained when you went to Italy, and you know what? You have to eat &drink on that kind of vaca. Who knows when we will get the chance to go again, right??

Ranger, glad to see you have landed safely in FL. You're doing so great, hope to take some inspiration from you!!
Val, I was in BBB yesterday & theday before looking foy you..but Iw as there after 6pm last night...guess you were gone by then. If I ever get in there when you're there, I'll be sure to introduce myself. Are you usually on register?

Alicia, hey girl!!! Haven't seen you on MS...I've been on Facebook a lot lately. Found lots of OLD friends there. Sounds like you are enjoying being home...good for you.

Lauren, Karen, Pear ...hey girls!!! Missed you!!

All the ones I don't know..HI!! Welcome to a great group of people.

So the Seret Shop is over now, (whew) tomorrow I have to decorat 12 dozen cookies. haveing my annual cookie exchange on Fri. and have an order for 3 dozen snowflakes (cha-ching...there's money for DH's new running shoes he wants!!), so I'll be busy again tromorrow. I am going to endeavour to get on here at least every other day. I've really been missing you girls.

PearFreak 12-09-2008 09:36 PM

Well I did much of nothing :o. I did go to the gym... later then usual. But I did go. Got a good sweat going on. :)
As for the rest of the day, I spent it hanging out with the kiddies... we played a few games, I cuddles with my youngest (he reeeeeeeeally :tired: needed a nap) and made dinner... oh wait, did a load of wash too. So... much of nothing being accomplished. Hoping tomorrow is better... I HAVE things to do... but sitting on the couch all day watching Christmasy movies/shows sounds soo good right now. :rudolph: :santa: :coolsnow:

RangerChic--- Those waffles and syrup sound delish!
Wishing you loads of luck in your job search ventures. :goodluck:

pmasci--- HI! :wave:

RangerChic 12-09-2008 10:43 PM

Awwww, thank you pmasci! It's not an easy journey in the slightest and I know later on I'll hit some more hard times. That said, you can do it! Just keep your head in the right place and you'll amaze yourself. Right now, I'm concentrating on finding a paycheck. Thanks to everyone keeping me in their good thoughts on that, it's really tough out there!

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