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Default 30 Something Daily Chat: Friday 12/5

Hey all, its good to see some familiar faces still here.

Lauren, sorry about the job. Enjoy the season with your boys ~ they are only little once.

I am almost finished with my shoping, however; I must confess: its easy when you work retail.

I don't know why they are saying that the economy is bad and that people arent spending. We have been hopping busy. I had one lady on Wed. spend over 700$ in my line, and that was after coupons.

I am with the rest of you I have been hybernating, when I am not working .

Still at about the same weight, so going to try and maintain.

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Mornin' All!

Hey Lisa, Good to see you! Glad you're keeping busy! Must be nice to have $700 bucks to spend on clothes!

Have to volunteer at Peter's school this AM for the Holiday Shop - where the kids buy gifts for their families. I forgot to put money in Peter's envelope and put it in his folder, so he's probably going to freak out when/if the teacher has them take out their envelopes. Hopefully he doesn't meltdown. Maybe I'll go earlier.

I need to get back on track desparately. I'm hovering under 250, and it doesn't make me happy.

Have a great day all!
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Morning ladies!

I haven't been around in a little while.

How has everyone been?

I'm still maintaining at the same weight. I've been crazy busy with work and my course and I've been sick with a weird cold for just over a week. It had me sleeping 12+ hours for 5 straight days!

Busy weekend ahead for guest...2 dinners to go to and a LOT of studying to do for my french final!

Wish me luck! Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Hey all! I agree with Lisa... people aren't spending? Ya... right!! $300, $400, $500 sales one after the other at my work. And they're getting nasty. I wanna scream at them... "Where the f*** is your Christmas F***ing Spirit?!?!?!?! And what makes you think I want to help you if all you're gonna do is yell at me!!??"

Merry F***ing Christmas to all and to all... go jump in a lake!! Welcome to retail!!! LOL

Lauren... I loved the secret Santa shop. My kids loved it too... and you're right you better hustle over there to give him his money or he will wig out!! LOL My daughter would have had a nervous breakdown if she didn't have her money. She's in middle school now so we don't have it anymore and I am missing it. Now she needs to go shopping for everyone... sigh...

Anyhoo... hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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OK, I'm back and that was really fast. Much simpler than I thought it would be! Peter didn't wig out, just wandered around looking. Finally I suggested he start by looking for something for Robby...and we did each person one by one. When he had everything, he goes to his teacher, "Look at all the stuff I have!", really excitedly. It was fun.

Now I'm back and I still haven't accomplished anything around the house. Did send out a resume this AM though.
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Snowed in today.....21 inches before it finally moved north of us! Why oh why do I live in snow country??? LOL!

Lisa & Val~ I feel for you, my sympathies always go out to those in retail this time of's supposed to be the happiest time of the year....don't know just what happened there, but people are Miserable most of the time!

Lauren~glad to hear the holiday shop turned out OK, my boys would have been flippin if I forgot the money too....good thing you got there when you did.

I guess I have to get moving and make it look like I was productive on my snow day.
Have a great day!
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Howdy Ladies!

A cleaning the house kinda day here. Laundry, dishes and vacuuming thus far. Next to tackle the bathrooms and mud room. Something about a spotless house... the smell, the accomplishment of it all... ahh, to know I can have a restful weekend w/o cleaning.

LBH--- That Santa Shop at the school sounds like fun. Glad they do that. I am sure your lil guy will be beaming because he is the one able to choose and purchase the gifts.

Nail---- 21 inches!!! Oh Good Gosh! THAT'S A LOT!

Well I need to check on the kiddos, it got real quiet all of a sudden.

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Hello chicks!! I've gotten most of my shopping done over the past three days. We have Hannukkah as well as Christmas so I'm going a little crazy. I still have to get stocking stuff for Cass but I honestly can't think of a thing. I also can't go when Alex is with me. I also have the class party. I got the crafts and goody bag things today. We can't give them candy so it was really difficult. We also have a budget. Thank goodness Michael's has a dollar section! I ended up getting sticky bubbles, play doh and rubiks cube puzzles.

Hope you are all having a great Friday!!
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hey guys...been a busy day. Had the day off and dh and i spent about 6 hr between Home depot and The Expo. Oh man it was neat looking at all the stuff...but man some of prices were insane. Oh well....bummed i have to work tomorrow..since tomorrow is the big SEC champ game. I'll have it on the radio though. Go Gators!
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Hi everybody! Just trying to stay warm. I walked to work today at 7am and it was only 9 degrees. 9. and it's only December. Surely that counts for an extra 100 calories burned from shivering and trudging through the snow. One can hope.
I'm a retail manager and I'll tell you I'm amazed at the amount of spending we've seen, yet the week to date and year to date reports still show dramatic losses from last year (and last year wasn't so hot). It's scary to get all these notices of what companies/ stores will be going out of business in the next year. Hopefully this holiday season will give us all the boost we need to get out of this last quarter and launch us into a great new year.
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I am not done with all of my shopping, but I do know that I am spending less this year. There will not be a little bonus on our Dec checks so we are not spending as much. I'm good with that since none of us really needs anything.
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