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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat, Wed, Nov. 12

Good morning girls. I hope that it is ok that I start the thread (me being fairly new and all).

Anyway - I hope that you all are doing well. Today is Wed. 1/2 way through the work week. 1 week from Thanksgiving and 42 days until Christmas.

Used treadmill this morning. Only about 10 minutes instead of 15. For some reason my shoulder was hurting quite a bit. I need to reposition the treatmill or something.

While I was digging into my winter clothes box - I found a book. Walk away the Pounds. I paged through it and don't think that I ever finished reading it. I am hoping that will help me during my ..ahem.body modification plan.

What are your favorite things to eat?

Right now, I am loving the honey crisp apples - sweet and crispy.

Also 100 cal English Muffins from Thomas. I am not an English muffin fan but they do not take like traditional english muffins.

Have a healthy day everyone.
Currently on the Body Modification Plan. I don't use the "D" word.

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I'm off today so I am going to steam my hallway carpet. I got a new Hoover Steamer on sunday and have been dying to play with it. Got some laundry to do too. bleah.

BUT... just wanted to pop in and say Ola!!
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Hey there ladies!!! HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!

Staying home for most of the day today. Other then one errand. But it is a quick errand, and I am hoping my littlest will fall asleep on the car trip home.

I have no get up and go to clean, and am him-ing and haa-ing what to do. I just want to veg... but also don't want dh coming home to a not so clean home either. Maybe some laundry (yet again) and load the dishwasher, and see if my plan to re-arrange the living room is feesable. That is enough- right?

I am beginning to think that I am not on a plateau but a steady plank. I can not for the life of me loose any more weight. I hate the # I am at now, I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT!!! I need the miracle diet. The one where you take a pill and wake up the next morning 10 lbs thinner. THEN, I'd be happy. I eat healthy, I exercise loads, I am active all day, ... I don't over indulge... What gives??? Seriously?!!!

Loretta --- My fave thing to eat at the moment is apples dipping them into a little peanut butter. Them or... a green salad with waterchestnuts, snowpeas, strawberries and orange slices. A splash of italian dressing ... mix it all together- YUMMY! IN MY TUMMY!!!

Well off to see if I have everything for my above mentioned salad.
* * DAWN * *
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Hello ladies

hey there poppyseeds... I'm glad I'm not the only one that get's excited about new toys...have fun with your new steam cleaner!!

Loretta - my favorite food - well there's lots!! LOL!! so...here are a few of my favourite things... sliced apples w. peanut butter & sprinkled w. cinnamon & sugar, hummus w. green & red pepper strips, baby spinach salad w. strawberries, red onion & mandarin poppyseed vinagrette ... oh, there's so much more ... gotta go now & get the cinnamon buns into the oven!

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Hello chickadees. I've been spending my spare time cleaning up leaves this week. Ugh. I got the front yard done with the mower on Monday and was going to do the same thing in the back on Tuesday. Well, the stupid mower quit. We could not keep it running no matter what we tried. DH ran it to the shop and it won't be done until next week. That meant I had to do the back with the blower and vacuum. It took me ALL day. I am a little sore today from all that stooping. I finished up the last bit this AM. I know there will be more, but at least I got a good chunk of it done.

Here are my results from the first week on the diet pill. I lost 2.4 pounds without a lot of changes. I am trying to have all things in moderation. I need to throw exercise in there too, but I so stink at that part. The pill does NOT keep me from getting hungry, but it does seem to make it easier for me to ignore those hunger pangs. I'm better at ignoring the daytime ones than the late evening ones. I was doing pretty well limiting the snack to a couple of pretzel rods or a small amount of trail mix. Then we started making stove top popcorn. That is much harder to have in moderation!

OK, off to start dinner. I'm starving at the moment, so resisting overeating at dinner is going to be tough! Have a great evening!

Posts by members, moderators and admins are not considered medical advice and no guarantee is made against accuracy. Please see your physician before taking advice found on the internet.
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Default Audition Update

Hi All!!!

Guess the board wasn't very busy today...

GOOD NEWS -- I was going to post an update this morning with my good news. The singing audition went very well and they asked me to come back again next week. (one of the band members was away last night). They said that they usually record the auditions because it's too hard to play and listen to the singing at the same time but they had yet to be able to finish a song with anyone.

I ended up singing about 4-5 songs as lead and 2-3 songs as backup! Also, they said they had never asked anyone to come back before! And the band manager (who is the son of the guitarist) emailed me on myspace and said he heard good things about me and that I would probably be one of the 3 lead singers as of next week! I'm VERY excited! It's a dream come true for me! (PLUS...extra motivation to lose weight so I look good on stage )

BAD NEWS -- So I was very happy this morning and was helping hubby pack and get ready for his business trip. On my last trip out to his car my left leg moved funny and I heard & felt a 'pop' behind my left knee. Since then I can't extend my leg all the way and walking is very painful. So I basically sat on my couch moping & caring for the baby until my oldest daughter got home so she could give me a hand with the baby.

I did slip up on the diet tonight just because I couldn't stand long enough to cook anything. So I ended up having a portuguese bread roll (white bread) with butter and cheese. And my daughter micro'd some frozen veggies for me so I could have SOMETHING healthy.

Well that's been my day. I'm sorry no personals today, I'm going to turn in now that the baby has gone to sleep and hope that extra rest will make my knee feel better in the morning.

Hope everyone is well! Talk to you all tomorrow!
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Today was a great day. I forgot my purse at home and so I had no money to buy the unhealthy foods at the snack bar. And then after work we stopped and picked out the pug puppy that we are going to buy. We get to take her home Friday. I have wanted a pug for so long and I finally talked hubby into getting one. I am thinking of naming her Kiwi, but I think we will have to spend a little more time with her to make a final decision.

Loretta - Right now I am really into yogurt and crackers. I love the salty and the sweet together.

fmb101 - I hope your knee feels better. My husband has had two knee surgeries and sitting on the couch gets old really fast. Good luck!
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Hi everyone, just a quick little pop-in. I'm home sick until Friday, since I've got some sort of virus in my chest. No fun.

Anyway, I have you all in my thoughts! Take care.

"Unless you faint, puke, or die keep walking!" --Jillian Michaels

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