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Smile 30 Something Chat Thurs Sept 4th

Morning all...

Lois... I've been so tired too. I feel like I could fall aleep the head of a pin!

Still no word about going full time at work so I've been sending out lots of resumes and heard nothing... that's why I'm not too quick to quit my job.

I hope you all have a great day. Work today then I have to take DS for school supplies tonight. Can you say $$$$$$$??? DD's were over $80!!!!

Check in later!

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Mornin' Girlies!!

I am probably going to miss the gym today because I have to bring my gram to a bunch of apts. then visit my dh at lunch then a bunch of errands afterwards. Um, can we say BUSY. Not to mention trying to get a bunch of phone calls in the mix as well. Oh yeah, what is for dinner? Anyone want to come on over and cook for us tonight?

Well I 'll try and do more personals later... I gotta get the kiddies ready and pick up my gram.
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Morning turn to be up with my SD. Not happy about's my day off. Oh well. Im going back to bed after she leaves for school. I hope someday we can trust her enough to not have to get up to "watch" her in the AM. Also, trust enough to leave her at home alone so we can get out of the house.

I didn't have time to read the posts for details. Good luck to all of you with children and back to school.

Have a lovely day

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hi everyone!
just a busy day around here, but I wanted to stop by and say hello!
I will be back later!

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Hi All!

First day of Kindy here!! Peter did great! Pics coming later! Went to the dentist too, no cavities! And whiter teeth! Although I will be using the white strips too.

Have a great day all!
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poppyseeds, i hear ya about being tired. i took dd to school and came home and went back to sleep!

my hips are killing me after my day 1 of the couch to 5k run/walk yesterday. i have a list of good stretches to do, so i guess i need to follow them!

we're going out to dinner with my mom tonight (they're leaving for vacation tomorrow). she said she's not sure where we're going, but it'll be somewhere that we can get salads/lo-cal selections. i'll just have to make sure i've got some willpower and not order something high in fat & cals. my weigh in is tomorrow, so i think i'll be able to control myself. lol!
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Hi guys! I finally got my computer back. It was only $42 to fix this time, so I don't have to worry about getting a new one yet! Yippee!!

We had the first day of school yesterday, I will be posting picks just as soon as I get done here. Alex is such a social butterfly. He went up to each kid and said "Hi, I'm Alex. What's your name? How old are you? I'm five." I have no idea where he gets it from. I'm almost painfully shy! It just amazes me to watch him. His teacher seemed to be nice (we only got to see her for two mins, no interaction) but her choice of clothing was a bit surprising. A lowish cut, short skirt dress. When she bent over you could almost see her coochie. Wow. I was a bit shocked! And wished I had her figure to pull it off! LOL.

We got Wii fit and I tried it out this morning. It took me an hour and a half (due to girlie peeing all over the place THREE times, but she has a UTI so I have to understand) to get in just over 30 mins of Wii time. The exercises were killer for someone as out of shape as me! The aerobics didn't do much, but they were on the beginner setting. I will set them higher tomorrow. It's a lot of fun and it gets me off of my hiney!!

OK, off to post pictures!!

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Evening Ladies. Another Tired Lady here too . I wish that I could sleep in, but know my kidlets would destroy the house... in 10 seconds flat . I am hoping tomorrow is a slower day, so that I can try and catch a short cat nap... awww, yes already planning on a nap for the next day- Hehehe. Or some good Starbucks to help keep me awake.

How much did the school supplies set you back tonight? Hopefully those supplies will last a long time, and not just a few short months.

LBH---- Ahhh nice white teeth! Gotta love them pearly whites- No cavities is a good thing too. Reminds me I need to make my dentist apts. I am in the search of a new closer dentist. I loved my old one, but he is retiring and his son is taking over... that and it is a good 40 minutes away. Better look for a new one now, right?!?!

Well Hello and Goodnight all jumbled in one to all of you ... Talk to ya's tomorrow...
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