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Default Losing weight by thinking about losing weight

I found this forum about two days ago and there and then decided it was time for me to do something about my overweight. So I browsed through the threads about different kinds of diets, some weight-loss blogs, calorie lists, etc and thought to myself "Jeez, maybe this isn't going to be as hard as I thought it would be". Remember that this is coming from a gal who only just started... Heh heh Silly girl, you might think! I mean that I got a feeling that when I actually started paying attention to what I was eating, I was already losing weight. I can almost feel the pounds falling off me! But of course I know that in these numbers it can be relatively easy to lose the first pounds and then it gets gradually more difficult. We'll see what I think in a week or a month... Luckily I don't have a sweet tooth for anything, drink sodas or fry stuff. My problem is just the plain over-eating. Maybe I should try smaller plates.

Was it like this for you too, when you first started? Did you feel you were way on top of things and it's all easy peas? When did the "reality" hit you, if it did?
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I think because you are so motivated things *might* seem easier. Especially if the scale co-operates and you drops lbs quickly. So seeing the results pushes one further. I am still finding it somewhat easy. I am still motivated to get up at 6 every morning and go for my 3 mile walk. I keep waiting for the ball to drop
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I always feel great and motivated at first. Then reality usually kicks in and I think about, "wow, that's a lot of weight to lose and that will take a long time." This time around, I know this is a life change. I keep motivated by reminding myself that I want to be a healthy, fun mom for my boys. I want to be able to run and play with them.
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Lady, Welcome! I think for me personally, obsessing over it helps. If I'm too lenient, I'm done.
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I was pretty *gung-ho* in the beginning too and definitely got kind of OC about planning my meals. I even went so far as to go through my entire day planner making little notes of where I should be by certain dates. Fortunately, by the time I hit my first frustrating "speed bump" I had learned enough from hanging out at 3FC that it didn't send me off into "I'm a failure" mode - gave me a little giggle actually.

I think if we recognize that there are going to be some stretches that are a snap and others that are going to be frustrating it's good to use that "easy peasy" attitude to get ourselves rolling in the right direction.
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