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Default 30-Something Weekend Chat July 19-20

Hi guys,

It's so close to 12 that I just decided to start the weekend thread. This is the first chance I've had to get here for past couple of days. Things have not been going well here, so I'm going to vent.

First, I have tendonitis in my shoulder. Yipee! I got some pain meds at the doctor yesterday and had the best night of sleep I've had in about 2 years. Why didn't I tell the doctor sooner that my shoulder hurt? (I've been going in for regular checks for over a year now.) Your guess is as good as mine. I don't want to seem like I'm a med seeker so I tend to downplay all pain and figure it will go away. The shoulder was waking me up at night and just aching at times during the day. If it's not better in two weeks I have to go for xrays and stuff. He gave me some stuff that says to wean off slowly and be careful of becoming addicted. I thought he was giving me a more powerful anti-inflammatory. I was hesitant about taking it, but I just took one last night before bed and one first thing this AM. It's to be taken up to four times a day. I'm a worrier, so, of course, I worry about becoming addicted!

Second, the doctor says I'm pre-diabetic. Ugh. Stupid A$$ me. He's been saying the same thing for a year, but I didn't catch it. Really, he said things are OK meaning, I'm not diabetic yet. This time he rephrased it and it finally sank in. I'm supposed to be controlling it with my diet, only I haven't made any changes. WAKE UP DOOFUS WOMAN AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!

Third, DS has been sick all week and is now feeling better. Meaning he is bouncing off the walls and driving us all nuts!

Fourth and scariest of all, my DH lost his job today. He's not horribly worried yet, but, of course, I am. He is getting a fair severance package, so if he finds a job quickly we are OK. He can probably go back to his old employer (he'd only been at this job 10 months) but it will be a pay cut. That's hard to do too, but it's better than a big fat 0 coming in. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I'm sorry for the me, me, me post. I'm just better off saying it here than at home! DH is doing a good job of encouraging me to exercise, so I have to go take my turn on the treadmill! Yes, at after midnight! Thank you ladies (and gents!) for letting me vent here. I appreciate very much all the support that I get here!
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TGIF!!!!!! May we all make wise choices as we survive the weekend!

Tendonitis??? Ouch! That's bad language to a sign language interpreter!! to you!!

Hopefully your diet will help reverse the pre-diabetes diagnosis.

How old is your son? I'm glad to hear he's feeling better.

We're going to look at it as your husband now has a new door of opportunity opening. May he find something that suits his personal needs as well as your entire family. Enjoy the special time you can have with him before he jumps into a new career.

Not a "me, me, me". Sometimes we just have to vent. This is definitely the right place just for that.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Hi Lauren! Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great day!

Trish sorry about your day and sorry about the thing with other mom, I wonder how other parents deal with things and then expect others to respect them, go figure…

Joan sounds like you had a good day even though the girls didn’t want to get wet. That is great!

Holly I am sorry about DH not having a job, this economy is really bad. I wish you all the best, hope he finds something good! Keep your chin up even if things get hairy.

I am glad you will have a dieting partner at work, that may be very motivating!!!

Hi Pearfreak! The weather here in CA is very hot too and it is very humid which is not very commum. Sounds like you had a great day! Good for you!

Hi Pam, how was the pool? How nice your DH can pick up extra hours of work., I can’t believe how bad the economy is, but we are sure feeling it, DH is barely selling any vehicles. People are even putting off taking their cars in to the service department.
So where you able to persuade him...*hehe*??? I hope you had a great time! I am not sure that does would be the words Sheila would’ve picked, like Joan said I miss her too….

Kerry do you watch the psychic challenge? I love to want that show. I am glad you were able to relax today! Never seen Penelope. Do you think Kaitlyn could be comfort eating? Maybe as she get a little older she will want to loose wait, that is kind of heavy for a girl that young though.

GG sorry about your day yesterday, you sure need a break! I am glad you are enjoying your walks, how is your ankle? I am sure you are exhausted, you have been working a lot. I am glad the money is good though! We recently bought a digital camera, it is small and it takes great pictures Canon Powershot

Fergi I am sure the party is going to be great, how fun!

Valery hi! I was diagnosed by my previous Dr. fibro last year, I switched Dr.s to my old Dr. and he swears he doesn’t think is Fibro he thinks is a hormone inbalance, I had to have complete hysterectomy last year and he thinks I need more hormones, I am not sure if I believe is just hormones, I am on a much higher dose of them hormones and I still feel all the aches and pains, I am actually having a very difficult time right now, that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been around much, it is difficult for me to sit for a long time specially by the computer, I am just uncomfortable all the time. I am taking Cymbalta too. Are you on any meds? I can’t believe the stuff that parents come up with at the kids events, wouldn’t it be great if they stayed out of it and let the kids enjoy!
I can eat sushi any time, I love it!!!

Hi Toni lucky you it is not to hot there!

Sunshine I am sorry about your mom’s health, I hope she gets out of the hospital soon!

HI Yana how come you didn’t go on the trip :sad:

Lisa where are you? Hopefully not working to hard!

MO and Sheila where are you two??? And ROO????

Karen sorry about all the stuff happening at once, when it rains it poors doens't it? I will keep my DH will find a job soon!

I am not feeling to well this days, lots of pain and I have been trying really hard to relax and do the minimum. Today I went knitting with my Friday group, FIL came over to wait for DS to come home from school, he is so wonderful! He is a great FIL. It was very hot here this afternoon and the kids wanted to get in the water so my neighbor came over and helped me set up the water slide, the had a great time. I just sat and watched. Tomorrow we are planning on having a garage sale, I love garage sales, I have a ton of stuff to get rid of!!! It is amazing how much stuff we can accumulate!
I wish you all a great weekend, I will try to stop by during the weekend! all!

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Morning all..i went to be early and got some much needed sleep. No i'm ready for work today. I got up and walked the dog again.
Hannah to answer your question, my ankle seems to be doing well this am. My fascitis is bothering me...oh well i'm falling apart LOL

Karen-man sorry to hear all the stuff happening. I hope your tendinitis feels better and hope dh finds a job.

Alright to work..yeah i have tomorrow off!!!!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEE!
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Good morning all!! Well... I am down two pounds this week!!!!! YAY!! So it's a total of 7 pounds in 3 weeks. That doesn't seem like a lot but hold something that weighs 7 pounds for a while and soon it seems like a lot!!! Since I've been eating better, I feel better. I guess you are what you eat!!

Gatorgal... ohhhh... I had plantar fascititous (sp?) in my right foot. It was so painful. I hope that it feels better soon. Did the doc show you some of the stretching exercises that help?

Hanna... I'm sure it's fibro for me. I have pain in all of my pressure points like on my back above my hips, on my shoulder blades, etc. I just started the pill about 4 months ago to help regulate my periods so if it was hormonal, I would think I would have maybe noticed a change for either better or worse. I've never heard of hormones causing pain before. I find that very interesting.

Karen... I am sending positive vibes your way. I was telling someone about a book called "The Secret" yesterday. Have you read it? It teaches you how to use the power of positive thinking to bring happiness and satisfaction into your life. I'm sorry to hear about DH. I hope he finds something soon. I don't blame you for being worried but I believe everything happens for a reason and something good will come of it. As far as the diabetes goes, you can still do something about it. My friend was 150 pounds overweight and was in and out of the hospital with complications from her diabetes. One time she was in, she was so sick of it, she vowed to do something about it. This was about 2 years ago. She has now lost over 120 pounds and looks and feels fantastic. She did WW and Turbo Jam (exercise tapes) to lose it. Her diabetes is GONE!! She also won $10,000 dollars in the Turbo Jam Weight Loss Story Contest in February!!!!! Believe me... if she can do it... you can do it. Keep your chin up and remember that all good things are coming to you today!!!

BTW... one of the things that the book The Secret teaches you is that to get what you want you must be grateful for what you already have. So hug those babies tight and tell them that you love them and tell yourself how grateful you are to have them and good things will happen. I have a page on my blog for my gratuities... your welcome to read it. I try to post there a few times a week so I don't forget what is truly important.

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Morning Guys,

We got lucky today and the kids slept in! Girlie hardly ever sleeps past 6:30. She woke up at 5 to go to the bathroom and I guess that was early enough that she went right back to sleep. We REALLY enjoyed it!

We did walk on the treadmill last night. I was already so tired (I'd been on the go all day) that I was only able to do 16 minutes. I will definitely have to walk earlier in the day. I have books on my MP3 player and that definitely makes walking easier. I can't pay attention to the TV when I'm on the treadmill.

Lauren: I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I hope you had a lovely day!! BTW, how is the puppy doing?

Sunshine: Alex is 5 and a bundle of energy! Thanks for the good thoughts. We can sure use them. They laid off 12 permanent people yesterday and are letting the contractors go as their contracts are up. There was a huge list of contractors! Luckily, this is a company problem and not a performance problem for DH. Hopefully a new job will come up soon.

GG: Glad that your ankle is feeling better. I hate getting old with everything starting to hurt. It's bad enough having arthritis in my hands. Now I have tendonitis popping up. Ugh! I hope work goes well for you today.

Hanna: Sorry that you have been in so much pain. Have you tried physical therapy (sorry I don't remember if you have mentioned it). Maybe there is something they could do to help. I've been out of the therapy field for so long I don't have a clue to any new treatment for fibro. Hope the garage sale is a success!

Valerie: Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm very grateful for what I have, a nice home, great kid's and a husband who works hard to support us.

OK, I think we are going to MIL's in a few minutes. She doesn't know about DH's job yet and I know he is dreading telling her.

Have a super duper Saturday!
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Hi All!

Karen, sorry to hear DH lost his job. I hope he's able to get something soon...even if it is his old job that pays less. Sorry to hear the other bad news too. Maybe this will be the kick you need? Glad that DH is being supportive and encouraging!

Valerie, Congrats on the loss!!

GG, I have slight fascitis in my left foot. Had it after I had Peter and went to the podiatrist. He took xrays and said to wear better shoes. It was because I was home for most of the summer, not wearing shoes, or wearing crappy shoes with no support. It's been bothering me a little for the last coulple weeks now. Trying to keep it stretched out and keep shoes on, but it's hard this time of year.

Hanna, Thanks! Sorry you're having a lot of pain lately. How's Sean these days?

Hi to everyone! Have a great day!
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Karen, Is Cassie potty training already?! Awesome!! Robby's getting better about going, but he still won't tell anyone he has to go. You have to catch him at the right time. Eli's pretty much the same. He's getting slightly better at listening, but I really need to get a squirt gun or bottle that will shoot water across the room...he doesn't listen if he jumps up to get pizza crust off the dining room table or something. Last night he slept in his crate in the basement, because he's been chewing EVERYTHING in the bedroom at night. Last evening, when DH first took the boys to bed, he chewed a big hole in a pair of Robby's shorts AND a wheel off a big Lightning McQueen! I was furious!
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Hey all...

Karen, ((HUGS)) to you. Hope your DH finds something that suits him very soon. And as for your health, well, maybe this is what you've been needing to get motivated,you know?? Sometimes it takes a certain thing to get us ingear, like Valerie said. We're all here to help & support you, girl! Hope you enjoy the day at MIL's. nice to see you back!!! My kids would KILL for one of those waterslides. Yeah, Frank is working on a job now that needs to get done in the next few months, so they're working a lot of overtime, which is great. We are doing our best to sock it away, we have had to dip into savings lately every month just to pay our bills, so it's nice to have the extra $ as a cushion. We never know when he'll get laid off (very common in construction), so we have to be prepared for it. Hope they get to the bottom of your pain. So nice that your in-laws are always there for you

Joan, you probably won't read this, but hope you enjoy your busy, busy weekend!!! C-ya next week!

Valerie, congrats on the weightloss!!! 7 pounds is a lot!!! I would love to lose that much in three weeks!!! YOu go girl!!

Kerry, I don't know what to say aobut you DSD, except maybe you all need to talk about it, including the fathers. I don't know what kind of realtionship you all have, but that is really scary that she is so young and that weight. I think it's really important to address it now. I'm sure you'll figure out how to handle it. maybe talk to you DH first & see what he thinks you guys should do?? Let us know how it goes.

We went to dinner & saw "the Dark Knight" last night. Pretty good movie, Heath Ledger was AMAZING, IMO. DH didn't care for it too much, which is a shame, cause he was the one who wanted to see it. I was Pushing for "mamma mia", which I knew would never happen, haha. He would NEVER go see a movie like that!!! He went to work, I slept until 9:30!!! I never sleep that late!!! I need to get myself back in the routine of getting up early to work out. It's been a lazy summer for me as far as exercise goes, anyone else feeling that waY??

Okay, gotta run to TArget, then off to MIL's to swim & spend the day there. Frank will meet us there & have dinner. Will check in tomorrow.

Later chicas!!

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Good morning Lauren, we were posting at the same time. How you been on your new med/dosage??

BTW Karen, forot to ask about Cassie's she walking normally again??
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Good morning all. I had a wonderful time last night with some friends. We went to dinner and saw Mamma Mia. Just a girls night out. It was fun. I have not done that in years.

Kerry~I kindof understand what you are going through with DSD. Mine is 11 and she is going to have the problem of being overweight and she will have to deal with it her whole life. Her dad (my husband) is a big guy always has been a big guy. Her mom is a big woman and always has been. So Jackie will deal with this forever. I have just been trying to teach my girls how to eat right (which is hard when it comes to the DH). And before the summer started I told them "You are not going to sit around the house and eat all day". I have a ton of workout videos and a treadmill and weights at the house. They get up in the morning and they do either a 30 min workout or 30 min on the treadmill. I not only worry about the health problems for my children I worry about the harsh critism they will recieve from other children. That is the worse. I would suggest that you and your husband sit down with her mom and come up with a plan that will help her. Maybe you and your DSD can work together. Maybe if she sees how hard you are working she will want to try to. I only difference with us is that the DSD lives with us. So it is easier for me to help her. It won't be that easy but I think that you could give her the tools to help her. Get her a journal and tell her to log all activity and the foods she eats. Then on the weekends that she is over there yall can go over it together and find some replacements to some of the bad foods she is eating. But I do hope everything works out for you.

Karen sorry to hear about the things that are arising in your life today. I hope everything turns out okay for you. I am sending .

Hope everyone has a good day.
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Okay, Fiance' went to the tattoo parlour without me, because he doesn't want me to get a tattoo. He didn't get his updated, either, he only wanted "2008" added to his Redwings tattoo, and they wanted to charge him $60. So, no go! Maybe I'll get one for just me when he goes off to work again on wed. I don't know where my bee will go, I think that's one of the reasons he won't take me. I guess I'd better be sure of what I want, first!

Fergi, good for you for getting your kids off the couch this summer!

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Good afternoon ladies!

Karen--- Yikes about the shoulder, hoping the meds help and you are off them in no time. BUT glad to hear you had a great nites sleep... Ah sleep, isn't it heavenly.
Hoping your dh finds a great job soon too. This job economy sucks. Plain and simple.

Poppyseeds--- 2 Pounds!!!! Yay!!!!!

'Afternoon everyone else! Hope all are doing well.

It is going to be even hotter here today, upper 90's and the three HHH's again. UCK! The heat index is going to be close to 103. Double Uck. After nap time I am planning on taking the kiddos outside to clean their little pool and let them play in the shaded areas in their sandbox, and perhaps take a dip in the pool. Other then that we are lounging around as this heat is getting to be a bother. I don't mind hot, but not when it is so thick outside it is unbearable to breathe. We have a bunch of jello, popsicles and watermelon in the fridge and have all been downing water, so we are hydrated. The heat just s-l-o-w-s us down. Well off to check on the kiddies, because it is getting loud down the hall... I thought nap time was supposed to be quiet time?!?! Huh.
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Morning ALL.
Karen - i am sorry. When it rains it pours. Bad things never come alone. It sure will get better now on. I hope you DH find a job soon and your shoulder will get better.
Hanna - My DH is from Alaska and his family still lives there so, he goes there every year. He misses that place very much. He is a woods person, not a city guy. I couldn't go as I don't have enough vacation time due to new job.

OK, i have to continue cleaning the house. It takes me 2 days to do a deep cleaning. Oh, I so don't want to move..
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Afternoon All,
Not much going on here. Just trying to stay cool. We are suppose to go to the fair this evening to watch my nephews in the demolation derby. But I am having second thoughts on going. If it is still hot out when dh and kids want to leave I might just stay home. I can't stay the hot weather and then getting pressed up against people in the grandstands, no thanks for me. I did get my workout in this morning. I did a Walk and Kick DVD. So I feel good about getting that in for the day.
Fergi, I think that is great that you are doing that for your daughters. I try to get my sdd to workout. But she just doesn't want to anymore. She use to workout with me all the time at our old house. I told her dad last night that if she was really working out, you would see the changes in her body. Her arms, stomach and legs would be toning up. The only change I see is that they seem to be getting bigger. Which is a sad thing. I don't like seeing her this way. I am afaird that she is going to have a hard time in Junior High because those kids can mean at that age. I even suggested going online and chatting with teens like her about losing weight and that didn't even appeal to her. So I think I am really going to have to have a chat with her dad and see what he has to say. Enjoy your dinner tonight.
Pam sounds like you had a nice evening last night. That is great about sleeping in. I think our bodies need it every once in awhile. Enjoy your day swimming.
Karen, sorry to hear about your health problems. Hope you get them under control soon. I bet your dh won't be out of a job for long. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will have a new and better job soon. How is girlie's foot? Is she walking better yet?
Lauren, how is the new meds working? Are you painting yet? Sorry to hear that Eli wasn't a good puppy last night. Hope you are having a good day!
GG, glad you got some much needed rest. Hope work goes well for you today. Enjoy your day off tomorrow.
Valerie, congrats on your 2 pound loss! Keep it up there girlfriend! 7 pounds in 3 weeks is great.
Hanna, glad to see you again. Sorry to hear that you are still not feeling great. Sending hugs your way. I did watch a lot of the Psych challenge. I just love that show. I think you could be right about Kailtyn. Her mom and stepdad eat supper late at night around 8 or 9 at times. Which I know can't be good. Plus both of them sit around a lot and watch tv or movies. So she really doesn't have any motivation or guidance when she is at their house to get up and move around alot. I am thinking that next Friday when I get my paycheck I might buy her a WATP dvd and send it home with her. So how is Sean doing these days?
Sunshine that is great that your mom is going to be coming home soon. You are one special daughter to her. I know what you mean about being the baby in the family and taking care of your parents. My dh does that with his mom. His one sister does it too. But everyone else in the family just looks out for themselves or wants her to do things for them.
Yana, have fun cleaning the house.
Pear hope your kids quieted down and took a nap for you. I know what you mean about the heat. It is ungodly here. I can't wait for it to be fall. I love those days in the 60-70's. Enjoy your afternoon!
Kofarq, that is a little much for just 2008, isn't? So why doesn't he want you to get a tattoo? So how is the new car?
Hi to everyone else. I think I am going to go take me a nap. Watch as soon as I close my eyes that is when my dh and boys will be home. Chat with you all later.
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