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Default 30 Something Daily Chat Tues, May 13th!!


I never got on yesterday because we lost our cable and internet at about 1pm, it didn't come back on until 9pm!!! It was so frustrating!!! I couldn't check the weather, watch the news, NOTHING!!! I missed the first half of DWTS!!!

Okay, I'm alright now. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great day yesterday. I woke up at 4:15 this am, couldn't go bakc to sleep, so I got up at 5 and started doing some stuff on here...uploading pics from my camera, etc.

Think I'll go grocery shopping today, as tomorrow (my usual day) I am going to the city with the 3rd grade field trip. We are going to the Phila. Academy of Natural Sciences...I think because the kids just did a big unit on insects. Anyway, thought I'd get most of my errands done today.

Well, I'm off to have another cup of coffee, then downstaris with Tony Horton. I haven't run in the last week and a half, me knees have been bothering me a bit, so I think I'm gonna stick with his DVD's for awhile.

will check in the afternoon...have a great day all!!

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Good morning!

I hope that this finds everyone well. Sorry I haven't been around for awhile - I think that the morning sickness has finally subsided for awhile! That will probably help with the eating as I think all of the eating seemed to help me feel better! Anyway, we have been trying to do stroller walks here, etc. to keep in shape.

We are off to a moms club thing this morning...have a great day!
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wooohooo...does my lil happy dance :dance r:. I've been stuck at 165 for weeks...well today, i weighed myself and i'm 163. hopefully it will stay...i need to keep at it. I have a weeding in 6 wk and i want to be a size 8 by then. I tried to sleep in this am but was wide awake but 7.30...go figure LOL. I definately will enjoy today...its a bit cool out right now but i'll get moving soon and go to gym then the barn and all the other stuff today lol

trish sorry to hear about your house of vomit...hang in there.

dawn-glad to see you back.

pam-do you have cable internet or dsl???? i swear our cable internet goues out a lot...i hate comcast sometimes LOL

hope everyone is well..i'm off to enjoy my day
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Good Morning Chicks!!

Another busy day in the Gladish house. I've got errands to run in town and one kid has to go to the orthodontist. Then its back to cleaning up the yard, which I honestly don't mind as long as the sun is shining. DH has baseball practice tonight and I told him I thought he should leave Gabe at home since he's still feeling puny and of course that didn't go over well. I'll win in the end though.

GG, just goes to show that your hard work wasn't for nothing, makes it worth it all the more.

Pam, 3rd grade trip... you're a braver woman than I

Delta, glad you're feeling better, the walking will definitely be good for you too.

Hope everyone has a good day, I'll check in later, Trish
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Hey all, my thighs are killing me. The only thing that I did differently yesterday is to walk down the stairs, once. I think I am going to commit to try for twice. At least it is something different. Oh I also had to lower rounders (fixtures that are round), that took a bit of different exersize (cant do that every day though).

Hope all is well with everyone, will check back after work tonight.

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Hi everyone....well, I caved somewhat yesterday...after all my good talk too! Just goes to show that sometimes it's...well, all talk! Today's a better day. When DH doesn't do go, then I sabbotage myself and cave in, too. He didn't do well yesterday AT ALL so I piggied last night at did he. BAD US!! It's a new day......

Sounds like everyone's doing well......hoping it'll rub off on me! I have a sickly one at home from school....has the croop, fever, stuffy head....and on the last week of school, too. Bummer for him......

Well, I have tons (literally!!) to do today. I'm off.....wish me luck for the day. I'm gonna need it!

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Hey everyone!

Gg, congrats on the loss, you are doing great! I'm sure you will get to the 8 soon!

Dawn, glad to hear the sickness has passed! Nice to see you.

We went this past weekend to spend it with family. When I called my Grandparents Friday to let them know we were on our way, my Papa said he was taking my grandmother to the ER!. I spent the whole weekend at the hospital. We are not really sure yet what is wrong. She went in weak and shaky. By Sat night she didn't know where she was, couldn't use the bathroom or feed herself. The DR finally came last night and said it may be from a UTI. Apparently this is common in elderly, to get confused or disoriented from a Uti. My Aunt is there with her now and said she is very combative with the nurses. My GF hasn't gotten any sleep, he's been at the hospital with her since Sat.

We got home last night around midnight. I would have stayed, but I start my new job tomorrow. I am trying to get things done around here. I start tomorrow and I will be at work for 3 days straight. So, I have to make sure the laundry is done and there are grocerys and all.

I am not exercising or eating well at all. I ate Fast Food all weekend.

Hope all are doing well. Talk later!
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Good morning!

GG congratulations on the loss!!!

Diana I hope they feel better soon!

Pam I hate not to have a computer, it feels like am missing a limb lol! enjoy the field trip

Delta glad you are back!

HI Trish!

Lisa how are things going at work w/your boss? I hope better!

I am very slow this morning. I took something I have not tried before to help me sleep and I got a great night sleep, much much needed! right this moment I feel like I have a hang over, and I am literally moving very slow. DH has the day off, he left early to go fishing and when he gets back we are going to look for new carpet.

See you guys later!
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Hi guys,

It's the return of the computer monster at my house. My laptop is 4 years old and at the end of it's life. I just got a memory problem fixed and now my power port is fried. Ugh. I'm on DH's computer, but I can't use it while the kids are around (nap time here!!). His is huge and heavy and a tad on the fragile side. We are going to take mine to Circuit City tonight to see if they can fix it. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!!

Alicia: I am an ex Occupational Therapist and I can tell you for sure that a UTI in an elderly person DEFINITELY causes mental changes. I worked in an acute rehab and as soon as we saw any cognitive changes we let the dr know ASAP. In most cases, they had a UTI. A little antibiotic and she should be good to go. Now, I'm not a doctor, just lettin ya know my experience!!

OK, I hear the pitter patter of little feet upstairs so I gotta put this up before she hits the stairs! I hope you are all having a great day!!
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evening a bit done today. Went to the gym, then the barn, and did relax some, finished planting the raspberries. Had an hr or two of down time in the afternoon. This evening dh asked me to help rip out a bunch of boards on our patio, therefor i've spent the last 1.5 hrs hammering and pulling up what a workout. Now its down time LOL...anyways, stayed pretty on course i feel good about that....tomorrow is another day off. Hopefully i'll get some more down time but i have a dentist apt and a chiro apt. ugghhh i hate the dentits LOL.

hope everyone is well
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