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Default 30 Something Daily Chat: Monday 5/12

Hey all,

Today is going to be a rough day I think. Actually, it is going to be a tough week for me. My boss has been told (2 weeks ago) that her position is being eliminated, and this is her last week. I have been her punching bag since. Actually ever since the company let go one of my employees, but that's neither here nor there. I still don't know who my boss is going to be, but I have heard the rumors ~ but realize they are just that.

Just recieved a call that my Gma is back in the hospital. This is about her 5th trip in a short amount of time. Please pray.

Okay enough of the downer talk, have a great day everyone.

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hang in there lisa...sorry about the boss taking stuff out on your and i'll keep your gma in my thoughts.

Nothing exciting here...just getting ready for work. I have tues and wed off which will be nice.

Hope everyone is well.
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Good morning ladies! How was everyone's weekend? I hope everyone had a nice mother's day! My oldest dd made me breakfast in bed then my fil came over and sat with the girls so hubby and I could take the motorcycle out for a spin! We went on a 5 hour ride up to oklahoma and back. dh took me to a really good catfish restaurant up in Ok. It was way of diet, but it is ok to splurg every once in a while huh? I took the day off of cleaning yesterday since it was mothers day and now... it looks like a tornado went thru my house. It will take me alll day to make up for yesterday!
Lisa, hang in there! Hopefully things will get easier for you next week when your boss is gone.
GG, hope you have a good day at work! What plans do you have for your days off tomorrow and wednesday?
I better get to my chores! Have a great day all!
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Hey all..

Lisa, hope your Grandama is okay. Will add her to my prayers. Can't wait to hear your news!!!

Trish, hope you survived the weekend wthout too much cleaning!! I just went through it a month ago, boy did my rug cleaner get a workout. Let's just say 5 year olds don't have the forsight to get to the bathroom in time, and then they don't have the aim to make it in the bucket, lol!!

Joan, good idea to joinWW if you think it will help. I'm sure it will, and I'm wishing you much success, sweetie!!

Okay, didn't do a whole lot yesterday. Frankie & I have been not getting along terribly well lately...weird, he just is being kind of disrespectful this past week. I'm hoping it had to do with all the attention from his birthday & we will get a handle on it. I'm sure a few sessions of "room time" will get it under control, lol. Gotta get b ack to cleaning and laundry. Cadence seems to have a cold, thought it was allergies, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

HOpe everyone has a great day. Will try to check back!!

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Hello all,
I'm bopping in for the little extra motivation my coffee won't give me
I had a good Mother's Day(I guess) although I wish someone had given me a cleaning lady as a gift. My husband mentioned in passing this morning that he 'hoped' I was going to do laundry today. I said that I 'hoped' so too! lol
This morning I think I'll catch up on Friday night television that I have on the DVR. (Moonlight Dr. Who and Numbers) Then maybe I'll get to the laundry!
Have a good Day!
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Hi, ladies! I've been MIA since Wednesday....there's a reason for that, which I'm sure isn't hard to figure out. Why do most folks quit coming to the boards and posting when they've been doing it religiously?? Because they are off plan! I splurged all right....since Wednesday!!! LOLOL But, today's back on the wagon. I haven't weighed to see the damage...hang on and I will....ZOIKS!! Looks like I may be up 3 lbs!!! But I ate pizza yesterday, so hopefully it's partially sodium. GEEZ I hate it when I fall off!! lol Oh well, what's done is done, right? Just jump back on's not the end of the world!

Hope everyone had a good Mother's day. Mine was pretty good, I guess. Got a new digital camera....I love it! My DS is home sick (croop)...not too sick to fight with DD, though. This is the last week of today's an insight of the insanity I'm in store for for the next 3 months. OH JOY OF JOYS!! I may have no hair by mid-August and what I do have will be GRAY!!

Gonna go....before they kill each other. Take care everyone!
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Hello ladies...

Had a great Mother's day considering I had to work. But all in all it was good. I am dragging this morning. I will be glad when they can figure out why I am not sleeping.

I will start the new meds tonight. Hope they work. I also think getting up at 430 in the morning to work out will help out a little as well.

As far as falling off plan I have been off since March but am slowly getting back on. I am trying to get motivated.

Have a good day.....
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Hello everyone! Been a crazy day here. Trying to get caught up on all the things I let slide while everyone was sick. Ugh. I hate playing catch-up. I would much rather keep things up. I've got a stack of paper that would choke an elephant that has to be gone through. I hate paper!!

Hope everyone is having a great day!!
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Hi all ~ I'm just now getting home from a morning of running. I've been on the look out for new bedding for our bed and finally found something that I like. The linen store was next to Target and we're out of band-aids so I had to go in there. Major catasphrophe to run out of bandaids! Brigid has been asking me on a daily basis to get some new character bandaids. How is it that you go into the store for 1 or 2 small items and come up with a cartfull LOL.

Karen ~ I feel your pain. I took one whole afternoon last week just to catch up on paperwork.

fergi ~ hope that you get the sleep thing figured out.

Diana ~ sorry to hear about DS being sick. Get back on the horse that threw you off Sista! Good luck this week.

food ~ "Hope" that you're getting that laundry done. If only we could all own a magic wand....

Pam ~ must be a boy thing... Liam has been more mouthy lately too. I agree that we need to get a handle on it asap. Thanks for the good wishes regarding WW. Yep, I'm starting tonight or Wednesday; depending on DH's schedule.

Stephanie ~ such fun! What a nice FIL you must have.

GG ~ enjoy the next two days off. Get some pony rides in!

Lisa ~ so sorry to hear about Gma. Keep us posted.

DH just called to tell me that one of his co-workers is having a party Friday night. Part of me wants to go and yet another part of me is hesitant. I'd feel more comfortable if I knew his co-workers better but the only time that I see them is at the annual xmas party. I guess I'll make some phone calls and see if I can get a babysitter. Time to get a few things done around here before picking up the older kids. Talk to everyone later ~ Joan
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hello everyone!

Lisa sorry about g-ma! I will pray!

GG are you over your flu?

Pam sorry about Frankie, it will pass!

Joan I hear you about the party, I know how that feels, I don't feel warm and fuzzy either going to parties or out w/DH's coworkers, it is just odd! I hope you enjoy it thus, get yourself a nice outfit!

Karen sorry about the sicky visiting you too!

Fergi get back on track at your own pace! keep us posted!

Diana I am glad you had a nice md, that sound like a very nice gift, I love gadgets! enjoy it, sorry about the +3 Lbs. you will get them off!

Stephanie that sounds like a wonderful day you had yesterday, I am very afraid of motorcycles!

I had a nice day w/Sean, DH came home and brought me a very nice gift, he got me a gorgeous periodot/diamond ring set on platinum I love it, it is a little big I need to resize it.
Today I am not feeling well at all, I have a massive headache and I am not happy to say I am still not sleeping. DH is picking Sean from school today and taking him to the regular monday psych appointment, I have not even showered yet. All I have really done is water my plants, did I tell you I found the most beautiful plant I think it is it is called song of India, right now it is just a little guy, but it will get really pretty and big eventually, I also got a rubber plant, I have been wanting one for a long time, it reminds me of my grate grandmother, she had them in her house. I got other beautiful plants and they are making the house just feel really homey! I am loving it!

I will see you all later!

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evening was crazy...but i survived. I did finally get over the flu hannah thanks for asking. I'm looking forward to my days off..i'm definately sleeping in tomorrow. I have a dental apt (yuck) on wed. I also want to definately ride the pony. I need to plant my raspberry bushes...and i have to get my passport update for my trip in august (hopefully it won't take more than a few weeks). I'm definately going to do some major r&r the next two days.

hannah-hope you feel better

joan- go to the party...never know, might meet some ppl you like.

fergi-hope the meds work.

alright all..i'm off...night

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It's after 9:30 and no one is going to read this,but I'm here so Ima postin'!

I had a crazy weekend, one by one my family has gone down to worship the white throne. We had some furious wind that uprooted 5 of our trees in the back. We live down in a valley of sorts so we don't get much wind but it came in just the right way and took its toll. I spent 4 hours outside cleaning up today and didn't even make a dent. I don't know what I'm gonna do if I get sick too, I don't have time for it right now. I have to finish cleaning up the yard and then start on the garage so we can have a grad party in there, all in less than 2 weeks. Now we have a plumbing problem so I have to call someone to come fix it and they're gonna have to run all new lines from my kitchen on out. My purse is crying already. WoooHoooo! We're having fun now!

Lisa, I got you in my prayers and I can't wait to hear your news.

Diana, sounds like you have your attitude together, pick yourself up and dust it off. Good for you!

Hanna, nice gift! I still want to see what that plant looks like, I'm gonna have to google it.

Karen, you can only do what you can do, don't sweat it. It's only paper, right?

fergi, I know what you mean, I'll do really good for a long time and then all it takes is me falling off really bad for a few days and then it seems like it takes twice as long for me to get it together again. I know that its all mental. I hope your workouts help get you motivated.

food, when someone in my house says that they hope I get to laundry soon, I give them directions to the basement where the washer and dryer are located.

Everyone else, I'm glad to hear everyone had fun and interesting weekends,
GG, glad you're getting some time off through the week. I gotta run, more kids upchucking .

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It was a completely uneventful day here! I didn't do a thing.

Trish sorry about all the cleaning! Yack!
I would love to take a picture of the plant but I can't find the digital camera and I have not idea how to get the pictures from my phone to my computer, I have to learn thus, I will give it a try and post pictures.

See you guys tomorrow!
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