30 Something 4/30 Daily Chat

  • Hello again! I am actually ready as I type this. Have to be to work earlier today ~ man am I glad tomorrow is my day off. (Don't look for me to start the thread )

    Yesterday I wasn't as busy at work, but I felt the pain from Monday ~ actually I still am a little sore in my shoulders. Gotta exersize tonight - no matter what. I didn't last night again.

    Well off to peruse some before going into work.

  • Hey all..

    off to get gas before taking Cady to preschool...Wishing everyone a great day, will check back later!!

  • Have the same ol' here... Need to do schoolwork with DS, have to work on some cleaning. Church tonight. It's a pretty day, though it's chilly. Considering that last Friday, the weather predictions were for rain through today, we've lucked out pretty well.

  • Hello everyone!
    Coco is doing great, like nothing ever happend to her, she is too funny. I am going to go out just for a little bit, DH wants to go out for coffee. I love that!

  • Hi Chickies!

    I just wanted to pop in and say HOWDY! I had a great birthday ~ many, many thanks for all of the kind words. I definitely do not want to leave you guys but wasn't sure if I should stay. You are the bestest chicksters in the world...

    So, here's the deal... I have been eating bad birthday sweets/treats and I can't seem to stop. I started out yesterday morning with a plan but that all went down the tube. Same today. I need a good kick in the patootie!!! So, bring it on girlies.

    P.S. Hanna ~ I love your new "do"... very cute!
  • Hello guys. Alex had to go the dentist yesterday for fillings. We thought two but when they got in there, there were three. I do not do well with dental things so I was almost as upset as he was. They gave him laughing gas so it wasn't as bad as it could have been. When we got home we snuggled on the couch for hours until his mouth was better. I hope that's the last time we have to do that!

    OK, girlie is in need!! Hope to catch up later.
  • Afternoon everyone!

    Joan, It's hard to stop once you start. I don't want to encourage you but I picked up a snickers and pepsi from Target as I left. So, for myself too! I'm with everyone else....please don't leave us. Age is just a number and we're all frineds!

    Karen, for you and DS. We just went to the dentist last week, we're very lucky, none of us have had cavaties...so my kids don't mind going there. They got sealants put on their adult teeth which I think is suppose keep cavaties away, I'm not sure though.

    Hanna, glad Coco is doing well. Dh has been home alot lately, I know you've enjoyed it!

    Trish, it always seems Dr.s away when were waiting on Tests and such, hopefully soon.

    Hello to eveyone else I missed!

    I went to Target today and got the stuff to dye my hair. I thought about it and I need clothes much more than paying to get my hair done. I'm going to do it in the morning, wish me luck my hair doesn't turn orange.

    Spencer brought home a birthday invitation. It was handwritten by the little boy himself on notebook paper. I find it sweet, but wonder why the mother didn't write it out. It's missing vital info....there is no phone number to confirm. It said it's for Friday at Applebees.

    Hope all are having a Great day!

  • Hi everyone!

    Alicia, I hope the kid at least put the time for Applebees if there's no phone #!

    Trish, I don't know what your tests are for since I'm new here, but I will send positive thoughts your way. That's the kind of thing that makes me want to put a hurtin' on the fridge.

    Karen, I'm totally with you about the dentist. YUCK. DD had a couple fillings last summer and it was traumatic, esp for me.

    Joan, we'll all be there before we know it. I'm just glad I found this site before I hit the big day so I can get to know all you lovely ladies. I bet the 40somethings aren't near as nice! (JK, I'm sure they're great too!)
  • OOPS, I actually hit enter before I was finished posting! I wanted to announce that I got my new puppy last night! I wasn't necessarily planning to go home with one, but I found one that stole my heart from first glance. He's a little perfectly chocolate brown darling, sleeping on my lap as I type. Luckily Gypsy is upstairs with DD so she won't get jealous.

    This little guy is tiny, only 10 weeks old, and he's gone potty outside in our potty spot every time except one little poopy accident. I'm so happy and excited!

    I have to work tonight, so DH and DD will get all the snuggles tonight!

    Well, wanted to share my happy news. Have a WONDERFUL rest of the day everyone!!
  • hello everyone!

    Alicia how cute for a little one to write his invite, you may get a call from the mom later... Good luck w/the hair coloring!

    Shannon I love my dogs, I they are "the dudes" and/or the little furry 4 legged people, enjoy the new puppy!

    Joan sweets???? its for your birthday, enjoy! thanks for the compliment on the hair!

    Karen poor little guy, sorry!

    After all the drama here in the neighborhood I am hurting really bad, my fibromyalgia gets really bad under stress. I am going to go back to lay down!
    I don't have plans for today w/Sean, which is great!!!

    See you later

  • Hanna, so glad to hear Coco is well...the best thing you can do for your pet, IMO!!! HOpe your fibromyalgia doesn't get you too bad this time. Luckily, we don't have all that neighborhood crap here, I don't know how you put up with it!!

    Joan...I ate a ton of choc. cake on my birthday, and another piece the next day...don't beat yourself up, just try to get back on the wagon...I agree with Alicia, it is like a snowball effect, isn't it?? Just try to catch it before it gets too big, lol!!! (easier said than done!!)

    Karen, we just had Cadence get 4 cavities filled in the winter...I couldn't believe she even had ONE, much less 4!!! she loves raisins...needless to say she doesn't eat them anymore. Hope Alex is better!!! Sometimes cuddles are just what they need!!

    Alicia, weird about the invite...does the kid's mom even know he wrote it I wonder?? Is there a school directory that has everyone's phone number & maybe you could call?? Good luck with the hair, I'm sure it will turn out great

    Shannon, congrats on the baby!!! Does he have a name yet? Puppies are so cute, aren't they??!!! Have fun with him!!!
  • ooops, posted before I finished!!!

    So, just did errands today. Last night the electrical element in my oven caught fire. DH went to Depot to check out ovens...600.00!!! Well, he got their parts number, and he was able to order a new element for 60.00, including overnight shipping. He just put it in & it's working great...thank goodness, cause I have two communion cakes to do tomorrow!!! anyway, tonight we are watching the Flyers (LET'S GO FLYERS!!!) and just hang with the kiddos...

    Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!!!

  • Hey everyone. Been a busy day...just now have time to post...more of the same tomorrow. I'll be missin' everyone for the next day or two.

    Karen, I wish I could send my kids' pediatric dentist to you. He so ROCKS!!! Neither of my kids are nervous in the least about dentist trips...and my son has had dental surgery plus a good bit of other dental work done!!!

    Joan, with all of us being in the same boat (you and I are very close in weight...within 10 lbs of each other) I feel like I can say this to you without it coming across as condescending or harsh...I hope so anyway. Think about what that chocolate cake (and other treats) are doing to your arteries, cholesterol, triglycerides....think of your family and the devastating effects it would have on them to lose you as a result of stroke/heartattack. Use that as incentive to put it all down!

    Now, with that said...I need to listen to what I preach because I have a serious hankering to go visit my favorite local all you can eat buffet tonight!!! UGH!! This has been my first day to really struggle with just wanting to say, "Oh Well! I Give UP!!" Joan, now I feel like a hippocrite! Don't be hard on yourself....start fresh tomorrow...each day that you continue in your new rut is one day further away from your goal!

    Okay, it's ya'lls turn to encourage me!!!!! I'm cooking hamburgers and fries for supper.....they're healthy, though....but it sure is hard!!! Ryan's Buffet is sure calling loudly tonight!!!