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Lauren, congrats on the job and 18k more...for a job you really like sounds great. I think the storms passed here before VA. Those toradoes hit right between my mom and my grandma, scary.

Diane, so you want to lose 18lbs by June 28??? BTW, what are the fluid pills you were talking about the other day?
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Diana, keep it up, girl!!! You can do it!!!

Lauren..YAY!!!! So happy for you about the job!!

Alicia, Cady will be done the week before Memorial Day. They actually run a mini-camp for two weeks after that, and she wants to do it cause most of the other kids are, so I'm gonna put her in. So she'll really be done by the 2 week of June.

Off to my last class of this session in a bit. Will start up again in June.

Have a great night all!!

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Alicia, actually, I've lost 5 already.....I want to lose 13 more in two months....8 1/2 weeks. I know, it may be a tall order.....I'm determined. Ya see, I had a hysterectomy end of July 07 and lost down to 216...the lightest I've been in probably 11 or 12 years....I'd gained back up to 232 as of saturday a week ago. I want to get back down to that by my husband's grandpa's 90th birthday party, when all the family will be in from everywhere. It'll be the lightest I've been since some of them have known me!

As for the fluid's hydrochlorothiazide (hctz, for short). I take it for my blood pressure....have for 10+ years. They actually increased it to a different, stronger medication when I got up to 260 lbs and the fluid pill just wasn't doin' the trick. That's one of my ultimate get completely off the bp meds.

Pam, thanks for the encouragement! It'll be tough, but I'm determined! I'd really like to wear shorts, but I won't...not yet. Sure is gonna be HOT!!!
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Hi Everyone!

I feel like I've been out of the loop forever and its only been a couple of days. I bought a car tonight for big DS, I got a pretty good deal I think. Now all I have to do is figure out what I'm gonna do to get college paid for. Money does grow on trees, right????

Alicia, I got a call from the dr.'s office and all the nurse would tell me was that she couldn't tell me anything other than I will have to come in because they need to check some stuff out and that the Dr was out and when she got back would call me on Wed. to give me more info. Whew! I don't have any idea what any of that means except I think I might need to ask for prayer that nothing is serious. Have gone to the Chiro for your back?????

burhenns, you might check into animal rescues, they usually live with families until they are adopted and so you can get a better idea of what the poochie is like than just going into a shelter. I got my Staff. Bull Terrier from a rescue and that is probably what I'll do again when I'm ready for another one.

Dawn, FANTASTIC!!! Babies are always good news, I just a call from my brother and they just had their baby a few minutes ago, little boy named Graham. Congrats and hopefully the yuckies will be gone soon.

Joan, 40 and fabulous huh??? Happy Late Birthday! I must agree with the other chicks, you don't need to go anywhere.

Lauren, WooHoo! So glad to hear the job thing worked out. Puppies are a test of your patience, just like teenagers. You love them so much, that makes the thought of killing them so much harder.

Diana, I think its a great goal to set, they say 2 lbs a week is realistic. So 2 lbs a week for 8 1/2 weeks is 17 lbs. Go For It!

I don't have any idea what my scale looks like. I've stayed off purposely, I've been working my tail to the bone, between workouts, housework, running kids to the ends of the earth and back and I don't feel any different so if I step on that scale and it hasn't budged I'm bound to go off on an eating binge. No news is good news right now. Gotta go, have a great night.

Why do I post at this hour, no one will even read this , right?????????

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hi everyone!

Lisa I hear you , I am not a morning person at all!!!

Lauren congratulations on being official, I am so glad you found something you like!!!

Gg that is great you are having better times at work!

Alicia I know, isn't it amazing how the dudes get over things so fast!
it is great I think!

Dawn how exciting! keep us posted, I hope the sickness feeling doesn't last too long.

Diana I had to laugh at the posting on a different day, I have typed long messages and they just disappear. Anyway! I think your goal is very reasonable, I am sure you can do it! go for it

Trish what kind of car did you buy? I am glad you got a good deal, DH here sells cars for a living. how old is you DS?

Well today was a stressful day, had to take the lil' princess to the vet early to get her checked in. They are so wonderful they called me like 6 time during the day, it was great! (before they put her "under", after, right after surgery, right when she woke up....) I love my vet! DH and I spent the day together, it was very nice, he had the day off. Had a great morning w/him. When Sean came back from school this afternoon DH was getting ready to take him fishing and the little boy next door wanted to go, DH was great, he took them both, but as they were getting ready to leave one of my very nasty neighbors came over to yell at both of us (me and DH) over who knows what, some gossip that is going around here, I am telling you this block is worst than Wisteria Ln. she was all upset I think cause her daughter is the one I didn't invite to the birthday party and oh boy! she can be very mean to everyone else, but G-d forbids she feels left out. I was left all shaken up, I don't' like confrontation and I try to be always very fair and partial to all the kids, but this one really has gotten on my nerves, she doesn't like to share, and all sorts of troubles, I really had it! I have not gotten yelled at in a long time. Then I went to get Coco, she is doing great!!! I am very glad for that, the other dudes are being very kind to her, smelling her and being very gently, they are all great! DH didn't come home till 8:30 PM I was not exactly thrilled as Sean's bed time is 7 no later than 7:30 oh well, they did catch 8 trouts, mmmm....

Have a great night everyone!

I will be back tomorrow

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