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RXZephyr 03-07-2008 06:43 AM

30 Somethings Chat: TGIF, March 7
Not much time to write all I probably should, but I thought I'd do a quick flyby to say I'm still alive and still reading....though not as much as I should be, I guess. :p

Work and weather has pretty much killed any sort of exercise routine I've been trying to establish. Again. It's frustrating and demotivating - I wanted to be at my goal weight by the time I was going on my next cruise. I set that "goal" when I got back from my last one 2 years ago.... I'm 27 days away from my next one and my weight is higher than it's been in years.

Sorry for the grumbles on my first post in a long time.

Anyhoo....gotta start the day.

pmasci 03-07-2008 08:34 AM

Wow!! Roo!! Haven't seen you in ages!!! YOu know the old saying "just do It"? That's kind of how it is, you just have to do it. It's not always fun, but it feels great when it's over :)

Alicia, I will PM you today. Hope you are feeling okay.

Jasmine, I hope you will be okay too. Hope what you have can be controlled. Good thing you got checked. ((hug))

Hanna...grooming school would be awesome!!! Too bad you don't live close by, I'd let you practice on Daisy, lol. Hope you're not coming down with something!!

Well, I just did a 2mile jog/uphill walk on the treadmill, I'm super sweaty, and I have to get Frankie on the buss in about 25 mins, so I better roll. Hope everyone has a great day...I'll check back later. Cadence got some money for her b-day and a Toys r us gift card, so I promised her we would take a ride over there this AM. She want the Barbie "Mariposa" doll to go with the movie she got. Then to the bank to deposit most of the money she got (my kids hate doing that, lol...we're trying to teach them how to save..they don't wuite get it yet..). Frankie has a half day, so we have to be back by 12:00.

Alrighty all, Have a lovely Friday!!!


Goldm00n 03-07-2008 09:09 AM

Morning ladies! just a quick HI on my way into work!

sheywood4 03-07-2008 10:19 AM

Good morning all! We got 3 inches of snow yesterday :) Me and the kiddos had fun playing in it, something we rarely get to do around here!
Pam, know what you mean about the kids not being thrilled about saving money! Still trying to teach that concept to my own!
I plan on a somewhat lazy day. I was gonna make the kids some cookies and get some cleaning done around the house. Trying to decide if I should attempt the treadmill or if I would be better off giving my legs a rest?? We shall see!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!

Goldm00n 03-07-2008 10:31 AM

Hi Steph! Yuck about the snow! I am so sick of snow i could just puck! but I understand why you would get such a kick out of it!

I so need to get myself back to a schedule of working out... My work has picked up again and I have worked 3 ten hour days in a row which is fine but it throws my whole work out off because normally i would get off with enough time to come home workout then cook dinner but with these long hours,, by the time i get home my son is about ready to eat my arm he is so hungry so I dont even get to sit down or do anything until well after 6pm. I need to start lifting again too,, sheesh does anyone else find that so boring!???

Delta Dawn 03-07-2008 10:51 AM

Good morning! Woke up to below zero temps again - we are ready for spring!

Gold - I usually do my lifting in front of the TV when there is something interesting on that can distract me a bit. Makes it not seem so monotonous.
Pam - great job on the workout! Hope that trip to Toys R Us was successful. DS doesn't know what that store is yet - I am trying to put off going there with him as long as I can!
Stephanie - enjoy the snow!
Hi Rooster!

Have a good day - off to workout if DS will agree to me using the TV!

happy2be 03-07-2008 11:39 AM

good morning!

Roo what a nice surprise to see you! don't give up buddy! sorry the weather has not allowed you to do much. where is the next cruise to? I love cruises!

Gold I forgot what do you do for work? 3 10 hr. days :yikes:

Dawn did you get to spend time w/DH?

HI Pam! gave fun w/the kids! great job getting your exercises in!

Today I am feeling a little better, I am going to an appointment early, and I am going to attempt to go knitting. I will see you guys later


Goldm00n 03-07-2008 11:43 AM

Hanna -

he he...... well...... I work in a hog barn for a meat packer. SO i see all the piggies come in live. I am livestock accounting which means I am the one that pays the farmers and truckers but I am also the one that kills the hogs in the computer and send them to kill (in the computer) To be honest I love my job I work with a great group of guys and its a great place. Just the market is low right now which means we are makin alot of bacon......Mmmmmmmm Bacon........... Sorry Homer moment! Anyway so the 10 hour days are starting back up again,, next week it looks like 2 8 hour days 3 10 hour days and maybe a 8 to 10 hour saturday as well. The price is that low... the only bad thing about that is trying to fit in my work out.

Goldm00n 03-07-2008 11:54 AM

Dawn - Thats a great idea but i only have 5 pound dumbbells to use by the TV the big weight machine is in the basement with NOTHING,, i should think about buying a tv or something for down there

Christina S 03-07-2008 11:58 AM

im ready for work with 5 minutes to spare...miracles do happen once in awhile!

good morning roo!...glad to see you!

pam: you are so good with your exercise...i want to be as good as you...i do my treadmill and go to the gym and work with my personal trainer but i know i could be doing so much more or lets say a better routine...great job girl!

hanna: i hope you feel better soon...i hope you can get some knitting in...how is sean?

delta: your funny...your ds hasnt been to toys r us..thats probably a good thing...we go quite a bit for bday gifts and things...little mario loves it there of course!

gold: those are long working days!...make sure to get your "me" time!

stephanie: have a great lazy day...sometimes those are much needed

ok all..my 5 is up...gotta go to work to pay of dominics debts..just kidding...gotta go..have a great day...i will try to check in during the day...love you all!

sheila1971 03-07-2008 12:07 PM

Rooster: you sound like the way I was feeling. Glad to see you are back with it there buddy.

Hey everyone: I am going to the doc today my allergies are in full swing and kicking my butt!!!!! I have tried benedryl etc I am just flat tired of looking like I am smoking something I shouldn't be. Watery eyes, sniffles, feel like crap.


Everyone enjoy your weekend

dangergirl 03-07-2008 12:25 PM

My neck hurts.
I walked with my husband to our walking trail. It's still covered in snow and ice. But the good news is it's about a mile and a half there and back, up and down hills, so I got a good enough work out.
The buffalo burgers were good, but game meat always makes me gassy, so I am feeling verry fat and bloated today.

Tonight I think we will have boring old chicken, my gut needs a rest.
We are trying to plan a fly in sheep hunt. Now there is a treat- Dall Sheep-Mmmm! Precious meat though, it;s pretty hard to get a sheep. The regulations are very strict.

Time for breakfast! eggs and salsa Mmmmm!

Jasmine, I will be pulling for you.:sorry::cry: I have an auto immune disease myself and it is interresting to me the myriad of disorders we AI sufferers are at risk for. And not only AI diseases, but all the regular ones too. Heart disease, kidney disease, Pulmonary respiratory disease, eye disease. Yeah, scarey. It's like you want to wrap yourself in bubble wrap and hide in the house.

I better go now.

GatorgalstuckinGA 03-07-2008 12:52 PM

well all...i'm back (: did ya miss me? So i didn't get in until 2.30 am atlanta time and needless to say..i'm still exhausted (even though i slept til 10.30). I'm worn out from the trip. I'm so thankful to be home. It gets old being away. I was actually very disappointed in the conference that my company put on. I only went to 2 wetllabs/lecutures that i felt i learned anything with. I felt like all the other things they sent me to were very very basic. And what frustrates me is that they cut down the money they give for going to Continuing education. I went to a great conference this past feburary. The company use to give up $1200 for conference expenses. And trust me..i used up the 1200 fast. The conference cost $500 for registration alone..not including gas, hotel, food etc. So this year, they cut the expenses down to $600 since they send us to this supposively great education symposium. Needless to say, i was highly disappointed in the quality of lecutres. I felt it was a dissapointment. I also was annoyed at the food. We were only reimbursed for food on the days of travel an they provided all other meals. It was crappy hotel food...and multiple times i had GI issues from the food. I also asked for lowfat options..yep those didn't exist. Oh well..i made sure i put all that on the evaluation form. So i'm sorry i'm witching...just very fed up with the situation. I think if DH wasn't in school right now, i'd start looking for a new job. I'm going to give it some time and see how it works out. I'm just glad to be home...but man i'm worn out.

Mo - glad to see you back we missed you and you're wonderful food filled phrases. Glad to hear the V monster is doing well.

hannah- grooming is a tough job...but good luck for you. I would never want to do it. LOO

tanner-sorrry to hear about you blood results...but at least they think they've found the solution. it would explain why you are always so tired. Man that low of platlets is pretty scary.

i think i've missed quite a few..i'm just having trouble catching up. Hope everyone is well..oh and btw..ankle is getting better.
hope everyone has a great day.

fightingtolose 03-07-2008 04:29 PM

Hello everyone,

Just dropping in before I go but daughter down for "rest time" and go get on the treadmill. I have a love hate relationship with that thing. I am so burned out from school. I don't feel like doing anything but vegging out. Only one more week until Spring Break and then I going to go visit my parents in Michigan. I can't wait. I may have to cook because mom has to work but at least it will be a different 4 walls. Mom took a few days off to so maybe we can do something fun. Well I better get DD off to bed.


dangergirl 03-07-2008 04:51 PM

welcome back GG!
Glad to hear about the ankle.
Mmmm Cob salad for lunch. No dressing.
Any way, when I was a kid I wanted to be a vet. I took all the necessary classes in highschool and then... got pregnant. And then, just to punish me, God gave me a girl... with ADD.

well, we survived each other anyway.

LBH 03-07-2008 05:00 PM

Hey All!

Jasmine, :hug: to you. I hope this is nothing to serious that they can fix...or help, or something??

Good News! My mom had an endoscopy today and she is ulcer free!! :woo: And she's been doing pretty good lately being able to eat solid food. She still has the g-tube, and probably will for a bit, just in case, but she's building herself up eating regular food.

Roo, good to see you! :)

I'm still hovering around the same .5-1lb. :rolleyes:

Job is going good. Monday the real fun starts, when I officially (temporarily) have the job. :lol: Make sense? Someone said temping was good...I agree...now. I used to hate it, but I agree for the reasons mentioned. If only the last job (EW) was temp! :lol:

lois lane 03-07-2008 05:44 PM

Afternoon everyone!

Lauren, glad there is good news for mom. Sounds like job isn't to bad either? Do you and dh carpool?

GG, good to see you back.

Fighting, sometimes a change of scenery can do a world of good. Soon it will be spring break. Too bad your mom doesn't live in FL though. :)

Pam, kudoos to you for making dd save her money (LOL) and for having her send out thank you notes. I am sure the other parents will so appreciate that.

Danger, I don't know about game meat but I ate beef and then ribs this week, it just did a number on me. I think it even kept me up at night. I think this upcoming week I'm sticking to chicken. BTW, what's the fly in sheep hunt?

Joan, they're airing P&P (the new one) on either oxygyn or we this sat night. I know dh will be back home but thought I would let you know. Can you believe I missed part 3?

Roo, it's good to see you.

Sheila, Dawn, Hanna, shey, moon, Christina, everyone else hello!

Well my tummy is still quezy today. I wanted to get back in bed, but I didn't. I did my workout and then I went out to run errands. Grabbed a bowl of soup at Panera. Well, thank goodness I stopped in at target. My stomach starting hurting so bad.... My DH keeps asking me how I've kept from getting sick (he's been sick 2 weeks) I told him SHHHH!!!! he's gonna jinx me.

BTW, I just have to get this out there, probably should post on the kids sticky but anyways. My DD is driving me insane!!! I'm turning into Cruella Duville. I yelled at her friend last night. Well, I could go on and on and on. I guess I'll post later on the sticky just to get it out.

Just want to say you are all great. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

IrishJoan 03-07-2008 05:51 PM

Danger ~ Damn Girl but you eat some seriously good food! Every day I read your notes and get hungry. I don't eat a lot of red meat and yet it always sounds sooooo good when reading your notes. All of that fresh fish would be sweet too...

Jasmine ~ scary stuff. Thank God for modern medicine and that they were able to figure out what is going on so fast. I remember your mentioning how tired you are always feeling. Now you know the cause and hopefully you'll be able to find good treatment asap. Keep us posted and good luck sweetie.

GG ~ good to have you back!!! We missed you. Bummer about work... Are there some other good job possibilities around your area? What about that other vet that you work with.... isn't she pregnant? Will she be returning to work f/t after baby? I hope so for your sake.

Lauren ~ What is this about your not wanting to take the time to go home and meet DH at lunchtime??? Sheila needs to convince you otherwise;-). Also, excellent news about your mom. How long ago was it that she had her weight loss surgery?

Delta ~ My youngest has never been in ToysRus and she's 5. My 7 year old asked me around Christmas if we could go there because she'd never been before?! I never had really thought of it before but I rarely take the kids to the store. I go when they're at school or go in the evening when Mike is home to watch them. So, I took her so that she could buy the other two a xmas present. She didn't seem too thrilled with it (thank God!).

Roo ~ it's good to see you. Where is the cruise?

Gold ~ I LOVE bacon too. Just not sure that I would though if I worked around pigs all day... eeeekkk. I grew up around hog farms and would not eat pork for years.

Alicia ~ I'd forgotten all about your having Lupus... Do you wear sunscreen during the winter months? Book Club is off to a very good start. I am thrilled with several of the gals that are in it. Super neat ladies.

I went to see a performance last night called, "Rain" (Beatle impersonators). A girlfriend called to ask me if I wanted to go so I got a sitter and I am so glad that I was able to go. The whole audience got involved and at the end I felt like I'd gotten a workout in! Such fun. My honey is coming home tomorrow! Yeah!! Happy Friday all ~ Joan

IrishJoan 03-07-2008 05:59 PM

Hi Alicia ~ we were posting at the same time. You, Cruella Deville??? No way. DD has turned a corner, eh? Didn't she just turn 13? When you get frustrated, think back on what good buddies the two of you were just a year or so ago. You'll be that way again... in about 10 years. LOL.

Pam ~ forgot to say HI! Every time that I read about how important the PA primary is going to be I think of you:-). Have a good weekend with Frank and Co.

Sheila ~ fingers crossed that you get some serious relief soon. Have you ever tried a Neti pot? I've mentioned it before on here and I swear that baby has helped me so much. I've gotten so used to using it every morning and I've never taken less sinus/allergy medicine. Mike even took his with him this week when we went out of town. It's so simple and yet so effective.

Moobunny 03-07-2008 06:13 PM

I started my new job today! I have to have my Hep B shots......I hate shots! Other then that I think I'm going to like it!

Delta Dawn 03-07-2008 06:32 PM

Have a good night everyone! "See you" tomorrow... am off to make dinner and hang out with DS.

pflughzy 03-07-2008 07:23 PM

Hi everyone! Had a cold/snowy day today, and another 6-9" is headed our way...guess I need to dust off the sled and get out there w/ my little one! It's kinda neat to just read everyone's posts and know that we all have our issues--like you're not in this alone.

Moo-Congrats on the new job! Don't worry, the shot will only hurt for a minute...trust me, I'm a nurse! hehe

gold-a hog farm huh? My sister worked as a livestock accountant for a dairy farm!

sheila-hope you get your allergies under control.

hanna-I just finished a great book with knitting as a backdrop..."The Friday Night Knitting Club". It's an excellent book if you like to read.

danger-you eat some wild (no pun intended) stuff! My husband is jealous, and nearly started slobbering when I told him about your sheep hunt!

jasmine-I hope things go well for you, and that there are treatment options available. I used to work for a Hem/Onc doctor, but I've been doing radiation for awhile, so I'm rusty w/ the autoimmune stuff. Maybe I can dig up some info for you.

Hello to everybody else! Have a great weekend.

See everyone later


dangergirl 03-07-2008 07:59 PM

Sorry to gloat about the meat. I don't mean to. It's just that when it's all here for the taking... (thanks to my mountain man -thank you Joan)Why buy beef?

Alicia- a fly in Sheep hunt is when you hire a bush pilot to fly you into a mountain range where there is a good population of sheep. It saves days of walking. The rules are that you may not hunt on the day you land. Most areas require that only male sheep are taken, and that their horns have a full curl (the tips end where the base begins) when looking at the animal from the side, or 8 full growth rings. Since the sheep donot stand still while you walk up and count their growth rings, the curl method is the next easiest.

Most areas donot allow access by motorized vehicle except aircraft. So that is why flying in saves days, not to mention, there are really not that many roads up here. Check out a road atlas of alaska some time. It's pretty interesting.

Lauren, glad to hear about your mom.

Have a great weekend everyone

KarenK 03-07-2008 10:29 PM

Hi guys. I'm having computer/DSL issues here. Oh, and velcro baby who doesn't want mommy on the computer. We are ging away for the weekend, but after that, hopefully, we can get my connection issues taken care of!! Hope to see you all soon!

mjoste 03-08-2008 04:56 AM

Hi ALL! Sorry I've been MIA the past 2 days. Work has been insanely busy, still filling out applications left and right...and now I have something going on w/my mouth. The whole inside of my right cheek is swollen and red and raw-as is the gum waaaaaay up high where it meets the cheek???? I'm in so much pain 'cause I'm gargling/swishing with Listerine like 5 times a day and alternating with hydrogen peroxide to cleanse whatever is going wrong over there. But....it's killing me. Finally last night I had to break down and buy some oral anelgesic crap and swab that all around. Now I'm drooling like I've had all my teeth removed or something. Lovely. I'm convinced when they cleaned my teeth 3 weeks ago they must have done something gross! :p I'm sure not....but if this is a set of canker sores, they are straight from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!

Needless to say.....I felt sorry for myself and went to McD's for a fishy sandwich and bought some pushups too. 8-( I know, bad since I've actually been doing good the 3 days prior....but I just really wanted something, so I caved. BUT, I didn't eat like crap the whole day. I had Subway for lunch and unfortunately didn't do breakfast.

GGers: Too funny. The VMonster? I LOVE IT! I can't wait to tell her tomorrow what her Auntie P said! LOL I'd tell her now, but she's been crashing early the past wk vs. running on her huge chinchilla wheel!

Sheila: Hey baby! I hope you get on something good fast! I forget, are you on something full time, or during certain seasons? Benadryl knocks me out...I can't take that or I'm literally in a coma like sleep for days. I have to take Allegra & Flonase 2x per day EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR or I get like you! I also am down to just the rescue inhaler which I've still been having to use almost every morning.

Roo: Good to see you back oh hottie hottie boom balottie!

Lauren: Great news about moms! ;-)

Well, I do need to get back to bed lovelieeees, I have Hobby Lobby and Walgreen's on the agenda for the job search today. OH! Guess what? My insurance agent called me and she's switching my company....going to save me $40 PER MONTH on my car insurance for the same coverage I have now! What a Godsend! It won't take effect until June, but I'm super jazzed! AND, with the money I'm getting from the Gov't (that check we get mailed to us in May or June this year just 'cause) will pay off the rest of my income tax payments and that will save me an extra $65 per month!!! Yippee! An extra $100 per month to pay down c/cards and to actually go out w/friends once or twice per month too! :o I won't know what to do with a social life again. LOL

Sorry I didn't respond to everyone individually. I know, I'm a tool. I'll work on it this weekend after I clean this house (which looks like a tornado hit it) and get some apps in. Something has to break soon.

Hugs, MO

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