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Hanna, I think its a great thing for you to do something rewarding and enjoyable for you! And the fact that the school is so close, is a bonus!!
Lynn, I have no idea why we are getting the weather we are... a couple weeks from spring and we are finally getting a bit of winter weather.. go figure! I would love nothing more than to get a weekend full of snow. My kids don't know what "real" snow is like and flip out when we get a dusting of snow/ice on rooftops!
Dangergirl, I never thought that massage and chiropractic care could relieve such things either til I started seeing my chiropractor back in december.
Goldmoon, i know what you mean about feeling yuck after an "off" day... I did good working out yesterday and with meals until dinner time... I made tacos for dinner last night, ate 3! Then treated myself to a bowl of ice cream for dessert... I woke up feeling soo sluggish. I decided to skip working out this morn. because my legs are sore from the work out a couple days ago, plus I had errands I needed to get run (my twins are only in school 1/2 day kinder which is 3 hrs in the morn). I am thinking I am going to do a work out this afternoon to make me feel better!
Lynn, I agree... I am new here too and am glad to have joined in on the chat's. Such friendly group of women!
Off to get some more "chores" done!
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Hi All!

Checking in at lunch. I have a loner desk today.

Sheila, I was not ignoring you... Hmm, if I wasn't soo lazy, I guess DH & I could meet at home for a quickie at lunch! But no, I'd rather be here surfing the internet over lunch!

Sorry about the snow you all have been getting. It's been really nice here for 3 dyas running now! It rained a bit yesterday, but by later in the afternoon, the sun was out, so the long walk to the car was thankfully a dry one!

Things are going OK here. I don't have any feeling either way if this might go perm. Need to ask for some feedback, I guess.

See ya'!
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Shey I agree! When I was young I remember building tunnels in the snow with my brothers and forts but now it seems like we never get enough snow for the kids to do that! They said a few inches this weekend but that means 2-3 inches.

Hanna - Dog groomer school sounds like fun! If it's something that interests you, then do it! You'll only regret it later if you don't.

Well, I'm trying to get caught up on all my work but not happening! I get one thing done and get about 3 more things to do!

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Hello ladies,

Just stopping in to see what has been going on. I have been staying busy with kids and school. I have been able to get my work out in most days except yesterday. I got about 50 minutes in today. I have seem to hit a plateu already and i am getting frustrated. Hopefully I can find a way to get the scale back on the downward path again. Talk to you all soon.
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Hi Fighting- Welcome to Stuckagain. You are here with Alicia and I. BTW Stuckagain is a real place in Alaska. We are in the virtual Stuckagain.

I had Elk meat mixed with cumin, garlic, onion, and chili powder and stuffed into a whole grain wrap with a little cheese. yummo
Tonight is buffalo burgers and cauliflower with a bit of cajun zing.

have a great rest of your day chickies. Talk at ya tomorrow.
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hello all

just stopping in to say hi and then back too bed for me. this flue has finally got me. i am so glad the kids learned how to share. hope everyone takes care
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Good evening...hope that everyone had good days. Pretty quiet here - I have read 1 1/2 books in the last 2 days. I need to get to the library again!

Miller - sorry to hear about the flu...
Danger - I haven't had elk or buffalo since we left MT - enjoy!
Lauren - hope the temp thing is going ok - I have temped a lot in the past and it is a good way to get to know the company to make a decision.
Hanna - hope that you are feeling better. Dog grooming school sounds like fun...
Danger - good job on the no bread today! And the treadmill. I am in Stuckagain too...
Pam - hope that you had a good and the stage made it out of the basment safely.

Hi Sheila, Joan, Alicia, Gold and Shey! Hi to anyone else I may have missed. I need to go spend time with DH as he has a lot of night stuff coming up and we won't see him much.
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Good evening everybody. Just got done reading today's posts...

Sheila-I have a son that is 20...he quit school at 17 and moved out. It has been living **** since he was about 12. We've done the counseling, psychiatrist, etc. But he decided to do his own thing. I think he's finally regretting it, but I hope he learns from all this nonsense!

Hannah-Way to go!

Lynn-Welcome, I'm very close to Pittsburgh...about 35min, so I can relate to the crummy weather.

goldm00n-I know what you mean. I try to remember that feeling when I get the hankerin' for something I know isn't good for me!

Took advantage of the moment of decent weather this evening and went for a walk w/ my little dog while little man was riding his bike. We went about 1.5 miles.

Have a great night!!!

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Lets see if I can get this out.

Yesterday morning I went in to the doctor because my mom was worried I have diabetes. She went ahead and drew blood and said she would call me once the test results were in. Well I headed back to school. I was out of my room for maybe thirty minutes. When I get back the office lady is calling me saying HR wants me. I call HR and they say my doctor wants me to call her back immediately. I then look at my cell phone and I have two messages. One from my doctor and another from a different doctor I did not recognize. I call my doctor back and she says my platelets are extrmemely low. The low end of average is 150,000 I have 15,000. She says she has already called over to a hemotolgist. I call the hemoltoligist and they say they can get me in at 4 p.m. My DH does not do well with this stuff. So my mom goes with me. Once we get there they inform me I am going to have a bone and bone marrow biopsy. On of the most painful things I have experienced and I do have a child. Needless to say not good. They think most likely I have ITP which is short for Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura. It is auto-immune disease where you do not produce enough platelets and there is no obvious reason for it. I will know for sure on Monday when we go back for the results. I am on strong seriods which have wonderful side effects. The least of them being weight gain. The biggest worry right now is that if I get cut or in an accident my blood will not clot. It is a lot to take in. On top of that my Dr. called back and she wants to set up an appointment because my blood work came back and apprently my cholestrol is off also. The saying "when it rains it pours" come to mind. Funny thing is it looks like I don't have diabetes.

So sorry to vent!
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Jasmine, crazy how things work out. I went in last year for a recurrent "rash" and found out I have Lupus, also an autoimmune disease. I haven't heart of ITP. Sounds like a very rough day. Sending big hugs your way. I hope you've taken so time off from work?

Welcome lambrn and sheywood!

Pam, you can pm me about the pb, when you get a chance.

Joan, how is the book club coming along?

Hanna, I can see it now, you could be dog groomer to the starts, lol. I think it's a great idea!

Hey there everyone else! I cleaned today, now the house is a complete mess, lol. I need to put everything back so I can go to bed. My tummy is hurting tonight, I hope I'm not coming down with anything.

Big hugs to everyone, hope all have a wonderful evening!
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hi everyone!

Jasmine I am glad your mom pushed you to go to the doctor. I am so sorry about the diagnosis, I will keep you in my thoughts and preyer's, did you talk to DH? how is he handling it?
I send you a hug gigantic hug

Nikki I am glad you were able to have a nice walk, it is so nice to be able to do things outside when the weather turns nice!

Dawn enjoy a nice time w/DH

Lynn I hope your work load gets lesser (sounds funny, lesser) LOL

Lauren it would be great if it goes perm, do you like the place and the people?

GG are you OK? did you come down w/something while traveling, how was Portland?

Danger your Elk sounds mmm.... I love cumin! sounds a little Indianish! oh my G-d I can eat lots of Indian food!

Fighting good to see you!

Shey just running after your twins would be consider a work out!

Alicia I hope you are not coming down w/nasty flu.

I had a quiet a day, I am so tired I can't shake it off. I don't think I am going to be able to see DH tonight, he is still at work and I am so tired I am going to crawl in bed, I could fall asleep standing up, LOL

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