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Okay I had a long post and in the middle of typing we had a power surge or something ~ probably weather related. We are supposed to get 3 -5 inches of freezing sleet. yucky weather ~ soo ready for spring with the rest of y'all.

Okay Mo, first of all ~ you did ask for it . Secondly Brooks and Dunn BABY! Have you heard the new Reba Duet CD? Ronnie Dunn does a wonderfull duet with her, almost as great as my favorite artist, Kenny Chesney.

Sheila, hay ~ do you have any extra cowboys up there? Could ya maybe spare one for me? By the way . . . what did poison control tell you to help counteract the "sports cream" I am dying to know.

Danger, it is good that you have high self esteem, and that you love and like yourself no matter what anyone says. I think it takes a lot of trials or some really hard knocks to get that way.

Work was good, and no, no old ladies tried to run me over. I did work an extra half hour today, along with calling in someone early. But I cant complain . . . too much.

Lauren, are ya there? I think you are avoiding Sheila's question.


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hello everone

SHEILA hello and thank you for the laugh i soo needed that and i don't think i will ever look at pb the same again.

things around here are all the same sick kids wow i don't think this flue is really ever going too go away. first they had just a cold with fevers. thought we were getting over it then my 4 year old wakes up with the stomach flu now and the fever that was staying at 100 went up too 103. the dr said that how this string of flue is the shots are not helping and it goes right from just flue to the stomach flue. just sounds crazy too me. but i think we should be about done with it now....well i hope so.

well since i have been home alot i tried doing a yoga workout the other day and wow i really enjoyed it. is there anyone else out there who is doing yoga. i dont think i burned alot of calories doing it but, but it sure did relax me alot.

hope everyone has a great night
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