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Default 30 something Thursday Feb 28

Hey ladies

Been busy already this morning have book work coming out my ears. Worked out last night and I don't have to do the shakes, but the getting on the scales everday really bothers me.

Well I will catch up to you later when I get done with this book work.

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Hi everyone! Up early with the little guy - he is teething again, so not feeling too hot this week.

Sheila - have fun with the paperwork....
GG - sorry to hear about the ankle. Did your PT mention if you could still work out your arms or something? Hope it heals quickly.

Not sure what we will do today. We already did some shopping this week. I can't wait for spring so that we can be outside.

More later - have a good day!
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Good morning everyone! Well, the roofer came, said he couldn't find a problem, so this morning the carpenter is coming to cut a hole in the ceiling where it's leaking. (glad it's not my house) Then I have to take dd to a lunch playdate. Going to get my workout in this afternoon when we get home.

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning!!

Hope all is well in chick land!

Things are good here. Its another long day at school, but thankfully this is the last day. The best part is I have tommorow off. YEA!! Of course I scheduled an eye appointment at 8 a.m.

Have a great one!!

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Hello ladies,

How are we all today. I still am trying to stay on track. I am learning to work my evening snacking into my eating plan. It seems to work at times. I just make sure extra calories for later in the day. I worked out for 45 minutes over the last few days and wil hopefully will get to do the same today. I have school work to catch up on today and a nomination letter to write for one of my sailors in Iraq.

I so want to go shopping. I have a flyer for JCPenny sale and I just want to shop for some reason. This feeling doesn't hit me very often. Maybe it is because we just paid off the credit cards with the tax refund or I am hoping spring will come soon and if I buy DD some new clothes it will make it come quicker.

Well I better get going. Talk to you all soon.
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good morning..i have such a busy day and one other girl i started training are rearranging and organizing so she has a work space that is suitable..the poor thing is cramped right now...then i have to go to child support and work out orders so i can pay for the program dominic is in..its been worth ever cent but its gonna cost alot...the thing that completely sucks is that if he needed an IEP then the whole program is free and paid for with county funds...oh i said its been completely worth it even if i have to pay until i retire!

gg: i hope you get better soon..maybe some abs, arms and ball work?

sheila: no babies here...i work at a birthing center!..we do prenatal care, delivery, baby care and postpartum care....good to see you back

dawn: im sorry your little guy is cream!...always makes my little mario feel better...look...ill attach a pic...yesterday he was eating a fudge bar and it enjoyed it so much i had to take a pic..its probably huge but i dont know how to make it smaller

heather: enjoy the play date!...sounds like fun...sorry about the roof...glad its not your house!

jasmine: have a great day at school...have fun tomorrow and enjoy your long weekend!

ok..gotta go get ready for work!

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Good morning everyone. I made a nice long post yesterday and my battery died while it was posting. I came back today hoping against hope that it went ahead and posted, but it didn't. Shucks. I was telling you guys about a fish kabob recipe from ediets. It sounded kinda weird, but it was GOOD!! It was made with Tuna. I will post the recipe later.

I have to go get a new driver's license today and my hair looks like poo. No matter what I try to do to it, it just sticks out. I'm going to have an ugly picture for the next four years!!

I'll be back later!!
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Hey all...

taking a break from steam cleaning the carpets..two rooms down, one to go. Will probably be very busy over the next few days...If I don't get on again before sunday, I want to wish you all a great weekend. Wish me luck that the party goes smoothly and that the snow that's forecasted for Friday night (of course!!!) is very light!!!

Thanks so much you all!!

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This is not how I wanted to start my last day of work! I rolled over, opened one eye and saw it was 9:24. Holy Cow, I was suppose to be at work 24 mins ago. I jumped up out of bed and began running around the house getting my stuff together. I'm thinking okay, I can wash my hair, gel and blow dry it and go for the messy look. I'll put my foundation on, and take everything else with me and finish my make up at work. I'll grab something for breakfast once I run my morning reports and print checks. I go downstairs to get my clothes out of the I'm coming thru the living room I notice that it's 7:30.

I don't know if I re-set the time when I re-set the alarm or what. Needless to say I had plently of time to get ready!
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Pam: Bring me some of that carpet cleaning. I have been doing power cleaning too but that part I hate.

Christina: If you need help or any info on IEP stuff let me know I have several people around the state of wyo that i help out, just because of my experience with my DD.

Everyone else Have a wonderful day!

wonder what Lauren is up too?
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Sheila ~ how's the daycare business going?

Dawn ~ I hear ya' about spring!!! I am anxious to get out with DD. Parks and zoo here we come!

sapphire ~ bummer about the roof. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Jasmine ~ 8:00 appointment on your day off? What were you thinking LOL? Just think of all that you'll be able to accomplish when starting out so early!

fighting ~ I feel the same way. I'm not a big shopper either but I'm suddenly wanting to buy some spring clothes in pretty colors. For me though, not the kids:-). They have too many already!

Christina ~ little Mario is beautiful! Love those gorgeous dark eyes of his. Such a sweet smile too:-). I love those little baby teeth... my 5 year old hasn't lost any of her teeth yet and I just love her smile filled with all of those cute little teeth...

Karen ~ do post that recipe please. I'm trying to eat more fish these days and I love tuna. Does it feel good to be home again?

Pam ~ I *know* the party will be a great success! You've worked so hard. What a fantastic mom you are!!!!!!! Is DD going to the other HM party on Friday night still? It's hard to plan stuff doing the winter months. We've shifted plans for stuff all winter long.

Hanna ~ how was last night?

Lauren ~ are you back at the new job again today? I hope so!

Lisa ~ BTW, I've been meaning to ask you about your airhead employee... LOL at your description of her. She's engaged but already married???

Kerry ~ where are you girl?!

GG ~ so sorry to hear about your bad day yesterday and your ankle ~ big hug...

danger ~ whatcha' baking these days? Still having good weather?

Alicia ~ piercings and tannings, eh? I'm shuddering on this end just thinking about how it'll be with my girls...

I'm a busy bee already this morning too. I'm working on my third load of laundry, making homemade soup, cleaning and changing sheets. And I've exercised too! I need to run out now to the grocery store and pick up DH's shirts at the cleaners. He's out of town all next week and I'm looking forward to it. We'll miss him but I always get so much stuff accomplished. Hope that everyone has a great day ~ Joan
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Morining everyone!

GG, sorry about the ankle, hoping it wasn't so bad when you woke up this am.

Christina, Dominic still liking the job? Did he change depts?

Sheila, maybe Lauren took your advice. ;-p LOL.

Fighting are/were you military?

Jasmine, is the eye appt for your little guy?

Pam, fingers crossed for little to no snow. Hope the party turns out wonderfully!

Joan, soup sounds good. Maybe I'll make some too. I know what you mean, DH works from home sometimes and I get absolutely nothing done. Ever sense DD hit puberty she's come up with all this crazy stuff. I've turned her down but she's not giving up. I'm afraid she's gonna wear me down soon. I have to be strong.

Dawn, Moobunny, danger, Lisa, Karen, Heather everyone else, hello!!!

I have to go out today and find the soccer fields. I have no clue where they are and DS will have his first practice tonight. They put dd and ds on the same team, she is refusing to play...

Also have to go out and get a few groceries. Joan has now talked me into veggie soup for dinner. With grilled cheese sandwiches, sounds so good! LOL

Oh and I did the yoga again this am and I was breaking a sweat. I will alternate it with my boot camp video.

Hope you all have a great day!!!

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Alicia: Hey you know about the DD thing. Be as strong as you possiably can. My son has figured out now being a military school life at home was easy and he probably shouldn't have been so naughty. It is amazing how forgiving we are as parents cause that stuff doesn't really bother me I just miss him.

GG: Sorry about your ankle girl. I know how you feel when you really get in the groove of liking something and you get hurt or sick. I was in the groove of spin class and ended up with phemonia.

Joan: Daycare business is going stronger than ever but I have to be honest with you, I have a group of boys that kick my butt every day and drive me nuts. You always can tell when alot of boys or girls were born cause that is what you are dealt with. I am looking at being just a stay at home mom after summer. My husband did take this new job and the pay is suppose to start the first of april and it makes up for what I make which is a good chunk so I am ready my kids are ready to have our home back.
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GG you are going to have to learn how to work out on your hands.

Karen, don't feel too bad about that picture. In Arizona, the Driver's Liscence is good for 25 years.

Joan, I baked another batch of oatmeal cookies. I put blue berries and cranberries in them....MMMM...
I also made a wonderful concoction with bay scallops last night. Made my husband say "yummo!" and then he dragged me upstairs...

To fold Laundry. Sheila- I know what you were thinking.

Walked only 1.25 miles last night. My shins still hurt, wanted to take it easy.
but I sweated a little and it was better than nothing.

Still in Stuckagain. But, The weekend is coming. I seem to do better on the weekends. We are going to a gun show as my husband does not feel he has the right amount of guns yet. I am, of course, going with him to make sure he doesn't buy anything he might regret.
I am hoping to get in a little work on that quilt. I have two more to make and one to finish for the doc who gave me the Treadmill.

I have a new picture of my grandson. I have to wait til I get home to post it as I cannot put pics on my work computer. I hope I get to see him soon.

Well, I couldn't possibly get any more boring.

The Iditarod is starting soon. We don't follow it too closely, but it is fun to see the start of the race. Those dogs are CRAZY!

I better go do some work.
Hang in everone, we're all in this together- and nobody gets out alive.

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Hey all,

Joan, yes you read that right. She is married, and engaged to her husband. The lovely little fruitcake. She drove me absolutly batty yesterday.

I am taking a break from setting up my computer desk. My lower back was starting to cramp badly.

For all of you getting the shopping bug ~ go and buy. Wish you lived close to me, you could shop my store and get the merchandise out of my areas.

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