30-something Chat-Hump Day February 27

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  • Lauren: What is up with that girlfriend???? hmmm I understand being oh say a little bit on the professional side but hey a bathroom break is a bathroom break. You know I have to tease you a little or you would wonder what the heck happened to me. The parking lot hu? Own a SUV? works!!
  • GG ~ 3 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Fabulous 3 day weekend and managed to lose weight too! Keep it up Girlie!!!

    Alicia ~ the book club went great. We're starting off with six people and they seem like a wonderful group. I couldn't believe how late they stayed that evening as we just kept talking and talking. Should be fun...

    Time to get the kids to bed. Annie's G.S. cookies came in today (!!!!). I must be strong... thin mints are calling out to me.
  • Ahhhhhh, Sheila... it's good to have you back. You'll whip all of our marriages back into shape:-).
  • okay...so this morning was a high (wt loss)...but ended on a low. Work was horrible...i had pissing matches between employees then several rude clients. I was ready to cry before i left work. But was looking forward to my workout with my pt. I was so motivated by my wt loss and bad day to work out hard. Well...we started and 10 min into, while doing high kicks with the pt, i tripped on a gap in the mats (gyms fault) and sprained my ankle. Luckily my pt is finishing her master's in sports therapy, so she got me wrapped up and will recheck in the am and let me know if ishould go to the dr's. But man i'm bummed. I felt stupid...i started to cry while at the gym...and i'm not a cryer...but i think the stress from the day just swelled up...and that's the way i released it. I'm still really bummed but i should be ok. She thinks i'll probably only need a week off. But man what a bummer when i've been doing so darn well. Oh well...just means i really have to watch my food intake. Hope everyone else had a better day than mine.

    danger - you always make me laugh...sorry you are on an rollercoaster...hang in there...wt loss isn't easy
    lauren sorry about the job would have been good
    chicago - ive had a hot stone massage...its great...but i think i'm with you..i usually need deep tissue massages.
    thanks guys for all the support. i hope i am some inspiration for some..i really feel motivated this time...and really want to do it right.
  • Hey Lauren, if you do meet, don't forget about FEEP's. (Keeping in line with Sheila's thoughts) Do you like the place? Hope it works for ya.

    Sheila, Mo hasn't been here in a very long time. I think we lost her to the other site.

    GG, sorry that your workday was so horrible. I know what thats like. I felt like shaking one of my employees. Got reviewed today too. It was okay ~ nothing bad at least.

    Well to everyone else. I need to dismantle my computer and desk tonight. I am getting a new desk tomorrow ~ so everything has to be taken off the current one and it has to be broken down. FUN!