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Wow this is odd, 7:17pm and only one page of posting - WEIRD. Well I am feeling way too bad to type out an individual post cuzzzz...........Aunt Flow has officially arrived! Yeah!!!! Yep full throttle, so in about 4-5 days I will finally get to see my true weight. any takers? I bet 225, which is 2 lbs less than what I am now. Can't wait!

Picked up Hailey tonight too, so 2 hours worth of driving sucks as always. Went to the doctor today and she would not give me meridia, said they don't rx it anymore, so she put me on cymbalta - she said it's kind of killing two birds with one stone, helping with appetite and also treating my depression. I felt okay at first, but now nausea is killing me so hopefully it will pan out. Mia is in heat oh joy..... James wonders why I don't take her in to get her fixed, but this is the only time she is affectionate hahaha. Selfish? Yeah I am. I love my cuddle kitters. K going to go, hope everyone has a great Friday! oh ps yes I stayed on plan
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Evenin' all. Busy around here to day getting ready for our ski trip this weekend. I've stayed on plan today with the serious temptation of Wendy's (side salad and baked potato)! I went overboard on gingersnaps but I had the calories available.

The girlie is just now getting to sleep so it's time to load the car!!
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Hey all, I worked the evening shift and so I am trying to unwind. I slept about 12 hours last night and would love to do the same tonight, but not likely. Work was extreamly slow.

I was bad stopped at BK after work for a Whopper Combo w/ cheese. I didn't eat lunch, and that was a huge mistake.

Later all. I am going to try and go to sleep.

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