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Alicia, if there are people complaining about your DS's hair, say its the style. At least you can do that until it gets cut.

I took a nap this afternoon and it was really short. I wish I could have slept longer ~ if I did though I probably wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

Later dudes and dudettes.

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Hey,everybody! Just popping in to say hi! Hope you all had good days!
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Hi ladies! Well James is still sick of course, I'll hafta give Airbourne a try but he's got it full on so I don't know if it's too late or not. Stopped by Kroger's Siggie to get him some organic juices and soups, he was most thankful Stayed on plan yah yah yah. corey lost his pc for LAN night tomorrow night cause he didn't get his chores done. Sucks for him. another long day of course for me. got home a few ago. Oh and aunt Flow is being evasive... I'm not having anything going on here but still cramping. I don't think it's a m/c, so just playing the waiting game. Hallo to everyone and hope your nights are awesome! Take care!
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dawn: congrats on the capris...that is wonderful...what a great feeling...

alicia: i hope to be here everyday!...i have been so consumed with so many things since thanksgiving i havent been doing anything for myself...i need to make the time everyday to relax and just be by myself...if just for 10 minutes...so with that said i plan on coming here daily...by the way....love the new pic.. you look beautiful!

pam: that would be wonderful if we got any kind of rebate...did they happen to mention when it might happen?....extra money right about now would be so helpful for me...hopefully it will even happen

well....its late...most of you all are probably asleep as it seems the majority of our group is in a different time zone than me...i did good on my eating..no "official" exercise today, however, it seems like i was on my feet walking the majority of the day...so i got a little exercise in i would say...im back on my gym schedule since yesterday...so tomorrow im there again with my trainer...other than that i am doing all i can...

have a great night everyone...or great morning by the time this is read!
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holli: i hope you are feeling better soon..and i hope james recovers quickly!

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