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Default 30 Somethings Daily Chat: Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Okay....weigh in day. I didn't loose...I didn't even maintain. I'm actually up almost 4 lbs over this time last week. It's so frustrating and depressing....

Not much else to report. Hope everyone else is having a good day.

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I have a pretty busy day volunteering at my youngest son's school. I'm still doing great with my WW points and always pack my lunch when I won't be home. I look forward to a GREAT day and I hope you all have one as well!
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Strong to the finish!
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Rooster - Haven't you been sick? I ALWAYS gain when I get sick, even if I stay completely 100% faithful to my plan. I have a cough this morning and have been feeling kind of icky for a while now, and surely enough, my weight's creeping up (I weigh daily) but I am honestly on plan... so I am trying not to stress about it. Last year, I lost a net total of almost 70 pounds, and I had quite a few weeks of gain. I just tried to keep my eyes on the prize and it worked... so best wishes and I hope that 4 pounds goes bye-bye by next weigh day for you!

crbowles - Good job staying on plan! I have had issues with my flex points this week but I haven't gone off-plan. I just used a few more than I would have liked. I usually get ravenous when I don't feel well... so I have to be very careful! I'm eating a lot of oatmeal! It keeps me full and it's only two points, so right now I'm kinda doing the oatmeal/fruit and veggie/water diet.

Holli- I am praying for you. I understand your pain. I have two angel babies and while we all deal differently with our losses, I know it is not easy. Mandisa's music is a blessing! I would encourage you to listen to that song and just cry it out if you can. Sometimes that's what we need. I cried for ages when I lost my babies, but it seems like God just gently nudged me when it was time to pick things back up and try to keep moving... I still have moments, but for the most part I am able to have peace because my beliefs bring me to the knowledge that I will be with my children again someday. May you find hope in your sorrow, my friend. (((hugs)))

Dawn - Great news about DS! My right kidney is not 'normal size' but functions properly and has never given me any significant problems... I'm so glad DS is not going to have to have any more surgeries! What a wonderful reason to dance around and burn some calories in celebration!

Have a great day, everyone! I'll try to check back in later!
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Good morning everyone!

DS is actually sleeping a bit later today...yipeee. He has been so cranky otherwise. I am hoping to get a work out in a bit later with FitTV...don't want to make too much noise to wake him up.

Hi Rooster, CRBowles and Eksta!

Welcome Liligurl!

More later...
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good morning!!!!!!

Rooster dont let it get you down you can do it !!!!!

crbowles good job keep it up

dawn wow i know how that is sometimes i creep around the house cause i know id i wake up DD sometimes it could be bad for mommy

Eksta good morning

hope everyone else has a great day!!!!
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Good morning!!!

Things are good around here. Just another day of teaching young minds. I hope everyone has a great day!!

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Morning Everyone,
Well due to the weather last night of freezing rain, we didn't have our TOPS meeting. So I guess I have to wait another week to find out how well I am doing. Didn't do much last night tried to watch The Biggest Loser and end up falling asleep. So I guess I needed the sleep.
Roo, don't be discouraged by your gain. It could be because you were sick. Or are you still doing the treadmill? Could it be muscle gain. Hope you have good day. Don't be discouraged!
Holli hope your day is a better one for you today! Sending you lots of hugs!
Dawn that is great news about your ds. I am sure that you are relieved. Hope you can get your workout in for the day.
Hi to everyone else. I hope you are having a great day. I will post more later and get personal with everyone when I have more time.
Have a great hump day!
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Hi ladies.
Holli, I have two angels, myself. My grief consumed me for a long, LONG time. I was not very nice to a lot of folks who just wanted to care about me. It's true that we all grieve in our own way, in our own time. God is good, He never leaves us and He's carrying you right now, you just likely can't see it yet. But you will, one day. Keep putting one foot in front of another, everyday....I tell my children about having siblings in heaven waiting on us. Everytime someone close to us dies, I must admit (as morbid as it may sound) that I'm a bit jealous that they get to see my babies before I do. Now, don't misunderstand, I've got a whole lot to do here before I go, but I sure would like to hold 'em, ya know? And tell 'em how much I love 'em. I hope you have brighter days soon....I'm here if ya need me!

Well, had weigh in last night....up .8 lb. I know, not that big of a deal. Guess that's what I get for "being bad!" This week will be a better week....I sure hope!

Dawn, glad to hear about your son. Nothing more nerve-wracking than thinking something may be wrong with your child, esp. if it could be serious. Glad things are okay!

Rooster, I feel your pain! Not quite 4 lbs, but I gained 5 over the holidays, sooooooo.....just don't quit. You sure won't lose if you do that. Do some research and try to find a brilliant way to "jumpstart" yourself again....there are about a million ways to do that....just try 'em til something works. I'm up just 'cause I didn't do well eating this past week. Not in a plateau or anything....thank goodness!! We'll have a better week this week, okay??

Well everyone, I have ten million tons of things that I'll never get all accomplished today, but it's after 10 am and I've been on here for probably over an hour (it's sooo easy to do!!) I have to go, 2 yr old is telling me her diaper is wet (will she EVER be potty trained????). Have a wonderful, on target day everyone!

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Trish, the muffins look good, I can't wait to try them out. I am not sure about the sugar. These aren't what seduced you the other night, are they?

Kerry, do you ever weigh yourself at home, or only at the tops meeting?

Rooster, don't give up. You've been doing so good on the "dreadmill". Sometimes it takes a few weeks to see your results.

Megan, you're great with motivation and its nice to hear from someone who's been there.

Hello Dawn, I have to check out the fittv. I'm not sure if we have it or not.

Hey to everyone else.

I've been doing good today. I got my workout in and I ate really well today.

Weather wise, I think the sun has only came out once in the past week and today there is a very dense fog. I really can't stand it. On a stranger note, my dog bit DH this am. She's been a binge eater ever since the pups came along. He tried taking the bowl..... Then we had an argument about health care...

I'm heading out in a bit, everone have a good one!

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Ahh Crap! I just added a super supportive (and witty, I might add) post and now its GONE!!
That's what I get for being a big wordy know-it-all.
So (quickly) Good morning everyone!!
Happy Wednesday, I'm going to try improvising with the plan, or forego it all together tonight. Robbie Burns celebration so lots of poetry, kilts, haggis and scotch. How many calories in haggis? LOL
Everyone have a great Day
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Hi Ladies and Gents,
Diane glad that you were only up .8 last night. Sounds like you have a great attitude and will have a great week. Enjoy your day with ten million things to do.
Alicia hope that you enjoy your outing today. Glad you got your workout in. I do have a scale at home. But at the moment it is currently broke. I think all it needs is two new batteries. I do go by my weigh-ins at TOPS as my offical weight though.
GG have a safe trip home today. So tomorrow you are back to the old grindstone, huh? How was the dancing last night?
Hi to everyone else. Check in with you all later.
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Hello everyone, hope all have had a good morning so far. I'm doing pretty good so far this week, my eating has been spot on, I did 90 min of aerobics this morning cause I didn't want to pound my knee on the treadmill again today since its been acting up, but I wound up giving it just as much grief. Gonna have to be really sweet to DH if I want that recumbent bike, I think I've got just the butter for his bread, we'll see. TOM is killing me!!!!! One day she's there then MIA for 2 days then hellooooo again, YUCK! Doesn't make the scale look very pretty, so I just avoid it. Hoping things will level outin another day or two so I can have an accurate weigh in on Tues.

Alicia, I've been thinking of trying Splenda as a substitute for the Turbinado sugar in those muffins, but its still a better sugar than the refined stuff.

Rooster, glad you're feeling better, don't let the number thing get to you, you've been ill and working out as well so that number could be misleading, just get on track and start from today.

Holli, praying for you.

Hi to the new people!!!

Gotta a lot to do need to get doing it, catch ya later, Trish
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Hello Everyone! Im Back!!!!!!!!
And In Pretty Good Spirits....i Havent Weighed Since For Over A Thinking (and Hoping) I Lost The 2 Pounds I Gained...i Had A Wonderful Time In Arizona Seeing My About Shop Till You Drop...that Is All We Did For 3 Days...i Bought The Best Jeans...ive Never Paid More Than Like 70 And These Were Custom Fit (they Are Getting Tailored And Will Be Mailed To Me)..james Jeans...i Spent Way Too Much But I Was So Glad To Be Able To Wear A Size That Im Not Uncomfortable With The Lady Measuring Me...i Got A Clear Check From The Dr So Back To The Gym I Go Today...cant Wait

Hello To All The Newbies!...ive Been Away For A Few Weeks (months)

Rx: Keep Your Chin Up....keep Moving Forward...youre Doing Great!

Crbowles: Have A Fun Time In Your Sons Old Is He?

Delta: Isnt It Great When The Little Ones Sleep In...i Love It...both My Boys Are Makes My Weekends Wonderful

Kerry: The Pink Team Went Home Last Kind Of Sucked The Way It All Went Down...not Kind Did..i Liked Them!

Diana: Hope You Get All Those Ten Million Things Done!...may I Make A Suggestion For Potty Training...tell Me If Im Am Butting In!...just Put Her In Panties..forget The Diaper/pull Up...if You Are Able To Stay Home With Her For 3 Days Straight I Guarantee She Will Be Potty Trained...just Keep Asking Like Every 2 Minutes..the Minute You See Her Start To Go In Her Panties...pick Her Up And Run To The Toilet So A Little Will Get In The Toilet..then Verbally Reward Works...i Boys Were Both Trained Before They Were 2 This Way

Alicia: Try To Have A Great Day!..i Know What You Mean About Is Snowing Here...i Cant Believe Doesnt Snow Here...i Live In California Up North From San The Wine Country Doesnt Get This Cold Here...and Once In A Decade Does It Snow...its Really Pretty Though...i Dont Own A Heavy Enough Jacket...layering...have A Great Day

Hi ~ Megan, Millerdah, Jasmine, Tam, Ccmomof5, Joan, Gg, Everyone Else I Missed!...have A Great Day
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Hi All,

Man, I have been exercising and sweating away the pounds today! EW (evil witch) has had be running, literally, all morning! ant: She just left, and I just collapsed at my computer.

I'm taking my Real Estate exam tonight guys! Please say a little prayer for me, because I haven't had much time to study lately (since I didn't take advantage of all the time I had before), so I'm not sure how well I'll do. If I don't pass it today, I have next Wednesday, but that's it. If I fail then too, I have to go through the whole course over again, and I won't be doing that, don't have the money.

Today is my baby's 5th birthday!! :*sniff sniff* I can't believe my first born is 5 y/o!! He is soo over the top excited today, he didn't even complain about going to daycare. He RAN in the door and was bouncing all around. I made a chocolate cake with strawberry icing, just like he asked for. I felt silly sending him with a pink iced cake, but hey, i guess he doesn't care, he just knows he wanted strawberry! I tried to make it red, but in the end, after much food coloring, it's more of a raspberry color. Hey, no one ever accused me of being Betty Crocker!

Gonna go catch up on my reading!
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lilgirl, A Filly...that's what they call fat runners?!

Holli, You are in my prayers. I cannot tell you how many times since that song came out that it has been right there for me just when I needed it.
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