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Lisa, Congrats!! Are you happy?

Dangergrl, What a great story! Thanks for sharing! (I PM'd you)

Dwnszme, Go into your User CP, the link is up at the top of the page on the left in the purple bar. Click on Edit Signature. You'll see something there to make a ticker. Lemme know if you have trouble!

Gotta go tame the beasts... Have a great night!
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Hey ladies! Well I must say I am very queasy... somebody just forwarded me a video saying "this is the reason for the war on terror" and it turned out to be a video of Nick Berg's "final moments". I am stunned, to say the least. It's like you know this stuff is happening, but to see it, is a whole other thing. to think people are out there that do that, in that way, is just inconceivable to me. And I am not a politics person either. And I so didn't mean to make this a politics post either... I just had to vent that out, cause I'm home alone. Wow. Speechless.

OKAY on to better things... day was good, extremely sleepy, James and Corey went to Fry's so I'm here to chill. My anxiety disorder is acting up today, I've been short of breath all day, but anytime I'm tired it acts up so I'll get some sleep tonight and I should be okay. Boss was gone most of the day so yep, we horsed around LOL. So good he wasn't there, I guess, cause when he is, he works us to the bone and when you're tired, that is so not good. As you know I had a loss yeahhhh, looking forward to another one.

Okay here goes since I skipped out last night hahaha...

Kerry: I work at a company called CPU; we sell firewalls and computer parts mainly networking. Its so funny when I talk to men and they're like "um can you help me or do I need a salesperson?" LOL As if a woman can't be tech savvy!
Beach: nice to meet ya
Trish: aww girl so sorry to hear you're having a rough time. Just forgive yourself and start again, you've got it right. As long as we keep trying, we haven't failed - remember that.
Pma: well haven't eaten them yet but I am so looking forward to it. I found some roasted red pepper italian dressing at Kroger's YUM so that is going with my salad together with din din. I actually got James to eat soy protein - I make these protein shakes that taste like Reeses hahaha so I fixed him one and he loved it. Hopefully he will get to be more gung ho about this weight loss thing.
Megan: how'd your session go?
Lauren: that is great news, we are still praying for her
Miller: happy to meet you! And great news on your recommitment - we're rootin for ya!
Danger: Poor girl! Well slurp on Benedryl (what movie am I thinking of???) LOL! hope your lips are behaving more ladylike now
Alicia: my DD loves to do Leslie with me hahaha, but then again she's only 7, so I guess she still thinks sore buns are fun lol...
Joan: thank you, I am most excited to see what the new number will be tomorrow! Of course I am prepared to start showing a gain, cause AF should be right around the corner.... james snores in any position. but he has a lot of fat on his neck, he has no neck ok poor dear, and I think that is what's causing the snoring, it is collapsing his airway right. I really wish he would stop loving on his fat and start to despise it like I despise mine, but he just won't give it a good try.
Hanna: I'm so sorry to hear about your little one. And the therapist should never be evasive with you....that is so odd. I am no therapist, but I can say that when my ex husband's and my marriage started to go down the drain, both hailey and corey started acting out, corey got very violent and so did hailey, biting, hitting, you name it. A friend told me kids are very sensitive to their surroundings and yet they don't know how to express their feelings so they act out. I had a talk with each of them and found out what their issue was, dealt with it, and the acting out stopped. Go figure! Anyhoo, please update us on what happened, and put your foot down with the therapist - nicely, but firmly, to tell all. And by the way if your little one is getting worse, just a ex husband took my daughter to a therapist for some reason or another I don't recall it's been a couple years, and she got worse, and I talked to her about it and she said she thought something was wrong with her and she wasn't normal cause he was taking her to see this "stranger" as she called her; every kid is different, though, but that's just my exp with mine.
Lisa: good job! well they say you always appreciate things when you have to work for them, so just think of this position as a way to wow them, and who knows, maybe you will get it sooner than you think
Danger: wow girl, thank you for sharing that! I too am one that cannot lie, I try so hard to not make enemies, but the worse that happened is I am often misunderstood. I think my biggest fault is when someone downs something I say in some way, I take offense to that, and think they are out to start an argument. I hate to admit that but it's true. I think I will return the favor sometime...
K off to see what other peoples I can help on here Nighty night!!!!
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Default much happening today. can't keep up. Work was slow. I'm not about to pack..heading out tomorrow to go to orlando for my conference.

dangergirl - you are very funnny..i'm glad to hear you have found happiness now. Good for you.

hey to everyone to get packing!!!!! talk to you later
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Hello everyone
wow I am so happy the day is almost over, it was another day from **** w/Sean, he is doing very poorly. We did go to therapy and I didn't have the energy to talk to the therapist about why are we going to see her every week, I am going to email her, I told her I wanted to mention a couple of things today but clearly I was just wipped, she totally understood. Sean kicked, punched and kept throwing everything and I mean everything that was in front of him to the teachers, I have no idea how they can deal w/it, Jasmine and Kerry my hat goes off to you!

GG sorry about the day being so slow, better than all the crazy people you deal with! LOL.

Danger girl I love your story, you are a brave woman, and very adventurous, I am not adventurous at all, when I say I am going camping I call the Hilton and tell them I am camping in, silk sheet are just fine! NO I don't even care for silk sheets! I like cotton. But I am very honest and I do find most people get offended by people like us, you know what I say to that? too darn bad!!! I know salmon when it is wild it is sooo good! DH was a commercial fisherman many years ago, I am clueless when it comes to fishing and hunting, he loves it! MEN!

Alicia sounds like you had a good time w/your daughter, how fun! sorry you had to kick her out of the room to exercise.

Holli sorry it is so cold, I am glad you were able to relax at work w/out your boss there
Lauren how is your mom?

Lisa should we say congratulations on the job???? I hope you have a great relaxing time w/mom!

I am looking forward to tomorrow I am going knitting, I am about to finish another sweater, this one is light grey and very light pink mohair, it is a warm one! I am going to try my best to post tomorrow, I am leaving early as I have to run an errand before I go knitting.

See you all!

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Dangergirl ~ what a story... You took a chance and now you're living life to the fullest. Good for you Girl! I'd love to visit Alaska someday but can't imagine living there. Does the cold ever get to you or do you simply get used to it? We have approximately 4 months of winter here in the midwest and come January I'm already sick of the winter. What is the average temperature during the summer months? Hope that you don't mind all of the questions, I'm just curious.

DH grilled steak tonight and it was soooo good. I'm not a huge beef eater but every now and then I crave MEAT! We both needed a nice relaxing dinner here at home. He's been super busy at work and I haven't been seeing as much of him this past week. It was really nice to sit and talk to each other. Time to go read for a bit before hitting the pillow. Ta-Ta ~ Joan
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Hanna ~ sorry to hear about another bad day with Sean. Can you leave Sean alone at all in his room or watching television? Your poor nerves have to be about shot. Enjoy your knitting tomorrow. The sweater sounds lovely. I love pink and gray together.
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