30 Somethings Wed. Jan 16th Daily Thread

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  • hey all...well i skipped the gym tonight because its SNOWINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...y ep that's right white cold stuff abound...very cool. It hasn't snowed here (according to locals) in a while. So i came home and the dog and i played in the snow. I'm suppose to meet my pt tomorrow morning but i gave her a ring to see if she wanted to reschedule for the pm. See people here in ga don't know how to drive in snow...i do...but others don't. For instant...had two idiots pull out infront of me on the drive home...ummm hello people...we can't stop quickly in the snow.

    lauren..hope you mom is ok..its so sad that she was trying to do things to make her life healthier but its just made things worse.

    happy bday dangergirl

    welcome dw...

    ok..off to make din
  • Hi ladies!

    sorry this has to be somewhat short LOL, Corey has really been quite the teen today so I have to put my dictator - er - mommy hat on I woke up this morning down from 229.4 to 228 hooray!!!! A steady losing streak 3 days in a row. Very cool. And Lauren you are quite welcome - that's what friends do! :HUGS: Of course I will continue to pray for your mom too. Congrats to all who exercised and stayed on plan today, and for the record yes I have stayed on plan. I slept in til almost noon today so I was like, SO, late for work argh. Which really sucked. Mkay going to take charge - thinking of all of you, have a good rest of the night!
  • dw btw you asked about exercise and how we did...the only thing i can tell you is you make time to do it. I work about 45-50 hrs a week..and i make time. Its not easy...but i love it. I dont have kids so maybe that helps some, however i think some moms don't know how to take time for themselves. Make time for yourself...its for your health...your kids will appreciate you being healthier and around longer (:

    pam- i think it was you that mentioned journaling...i will swear by it now...i've only been doing it a few days...however i think that was my big issue with the wt loss...i wasn't journaling and i think i was eating wayyy too much...i assumed i was eating 1700 cal but in reality i think i was eating more. Because now, i'm eating 1700 cal and being religious about journalling everything and realize how much more i had to be eating. Highly highly recommend.....

    alright all..good night
  • Evening All,
    Glad to see that everyone is doing well! Another good day at work this week. I am amazed at what all I can get done when I am motivated and feeling good about myself. I did another mile and half outside with the afterschool program. Tonight I can feel it in my legs since they are chapped from the wind. When I put lotion on them, boy did they smart.
    Rooster I know that I have fall off the bandwagon so many times. But I still have been able to pick myself up, dust off and go at it again. So can you! Glad you are getting your dreadmill time in. Keep it up!
    Dangergrl, Happy Birthday! Glad your boss let you leave early to get home safely. Enjoy your evening with your dh! Can't wait to hear what your suprise is.
    Pam glad that you have finally decided on a cupcake tower. Sounds like you have a great repeat customer if she likes you. Which I am sure she will.
    Alicia glad you can take a break from painting. Did you get your workout in for the day?
    GG sorry you had to put up with idiots on your drive home in the snow. I know the feeling. I use to live in the snowbelt of Ohio. Now I live in Southern Ohio where they don't get a lot of snow. So when we have snow flurries and just a light dusting on the ground, people creep at like 10 mphs per hour. Hope you enjoy your evening of playing in the snow with your dog.
    Lauren hope your mom is starting to feel better. How was work today without the boss there? My boss wasn't there either. But I hardly every see him and I am just like 200 yards from his office. It is kind of nice since he has no clue of what MH students are like. He treats my kids like babies and not teenagers.
    Holli hope you have a better evening. So how late where you for work? Don't you hate that because then it puts you behind schedule for everything for that day and in a bad mood.
    Lisa hope you have a restful evening and a good night's sleep. Good luck on your interview tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Sending positive thoughts to Toledo. Let us know how it goes tomorrow. I will say a prayer before 10 am.
    Hi to everyone else. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. I am off to read a few pages from my book and then go to bed early.
    Chat with you all tomorrow.
  • Well hello there Kerry! I was - um - 3 1/2 hrs late to work :-O Totally sucked. My 13 yr didn't wake me up, like I do with him when he's late humph. I told him that no, it's not a rule that he should wake me up, it's called being a family and looking out for each other. When I told him to think about what would happen if I didn't wake him up when he overslept and the consequences of his being late to school, it put it in perspective for him. (well I think me taking the computer away also helped LOL)

    I am making some meatballs right now YUM - I just threw it together, it smells so good. I used extra lean ground turkey, egg beaters, ground flax seed, whole grain brown rice, pico de gallo, and some spices...oh boy oh boy I can't wait til they are done!
  • hi everyone!

    Lauren so sorry about your mom, I hope they figure it all out soon! I will keep you guys in my preyers

    GG that is too bad you couldn't make it to the gym sorry about all the snow, I know what you mean by bad drivers. I can't stand when they are running around!

    Holli your dinner sounds delicious! Congratulations on the loss!!!

    Roo so good to see you, its ok to fall off, just pick yourself back up, we miss ya!

    Kerry I am glad things are going well at work, are any of the suggestions good? have they worked for you?

    Alicia I hope you had a great day.


    Pam I think the tower for you is more like and investment, I would buy the one you really like. sorry I can't remember the place I saw one.

    Dangergirl :birthday: I love the idea of your birthday gift, that sounds like something DH would get for himself.

    Lisa good luck tomorrow w/the interview, I am glad you were not run over LOL.

    HI Dawn!

    Diana I love your post, it is funny! a lot of people eat thinking they are feeling hungry but in fact they are just thirsty and sometime dehydrated and they don't even know it.

    Megan wow you are so young to had a stroke

    fighting to loose how did you roast turn out, Mmmm I love roasts!

    Jasmine I am sure having the kids in all day is tuff, hang in there, you are great!

    well as for me, it was a horrible day, the first part of the day was very nice, a friend of mine just stopped to say hi after dropping kids in school, it was a very nice surprise! I love when people just drop in unannounced. I cooked omelets and coffee, it was great! then I was just doing laundry around 2:25 PM and I was waiting for Sean to come home from school when all of a sudden I thought I had to call school to find out how his day was, it was like I had to call, don't know why. When I called I found out he attacked a teacher punched her in the face, kicked the driver and then threw a pebble at him, so the driver refused to bring him home (he thought he was going to be able to drive him right before he threw the pebble at him, then he said he didn't feel comfortable) I totally understand that, Sean can throw things at me when I am driving, it is horrible. So I can understand 100% so the teacher said Sean was still at school, I was a little mad at first and then I asked her how does she thing he is going to get home if you don't call me, thats when she told me she called DH first, G-d I love her!!! So I had to meet DH at his work to pick Sean up, he had to go back to work, he had 3 appointments this afternoon, I can't complain the car biz has been very slow, so a sale means a lot right now, I came back home w/Sean and it was the afternoon from ****, I was too mad at him. I don't know how to tell if he is being manic or if he is just acting up, the therapist says is probably a combo of both, which truly it just sux!!! I was a little hungry before I found out about all these non sense and then I completely lost my appetite, all I had was coffee, I can't think of food. I am going to take a bath and crawl in bed w/my little dudes, I will see you tomorrow!!!

    worn out Hanna
  • Hanna, sorry about your day! Big hugs to you! You are so sweet.... I do not like people to show up unannounced. Hope you get some good rest and things get better tomorrow. How is your weight and did you tell us how your tests came back the dr ordered?

    Holli, I can't believe you slept in so late. Where do you work? Hope everything went okay w/your boss. The meatballs sound yummy. I've never made meatballs before.

    Hey Kerry, chapped legs, OUCH. Hope it's not to bad!

    Well, I did okay with dinner. I probably over ate...but not like usual. I did get my workout in today. I have a giftcard to target, I think I will use it to purchase a few more workout videos.

    Going to bed and hoping for snow so we can sleep in, night all!