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  • Morning all. Things here are good. Sort of tired...but that's the way i've been a lot lately even with 8 hrs of sleep everynight. Going for an annual exam on friday..i think i'll have them check my blood and thyroid just to rule out any issues.

    Otherwise things are good...got another apt with my personal trainer tonight.

    Hope everyone is good. Have a great day!!!!
  • Good morning everyone! This will probably be short as DS wants to do puzzles this a.m. I did pretty well yesterday with eating - we had a welcome lunch at a new church. I ate a lot less than I would have before and felt full! I didn't do as much exercise because my knees are bugging me.

    Hope that everyone has a good Monday! Talk to you later. Delta Dawn
  • I've had a weekend from ****. Haven't had time to get on and vent to ya'll, don't have time now. On my out the door to take the oldest to see Brescia Univ. and the roads are like ice this morning so I gotta get a head start or I'll be late.

    Lauren I had 12 miles for the week sorry I didn't post it yesterday.

    Hope everyone had a good weekend, I'll try to read the posts and catch up later. Peace!

  • Good Morning All
    Hi GG- maybe it's just because its the evil Monday morning we all dread

    I was telling my DH that I need 8 hours sleep last night or I just don't feel right and he's like, "you are such a sleepy head". Nope, just a girl who knows what she wants. Speaking of sleepyheads where is everyone, wake up my 30 something girls, its Monday.

    I was MIA all weekend because DD had a basketball tournament(came in 3rd-better then last). I was really angry yesterday and still sorta bothered today about something the coaches did yesterday. The team recieved 5 t-shirts from the host team(there are usually 11-12 girls on a team) from the tournament to hand out to the team. First off, why would the tournament only give 5 tshirt, why bother. Ok, that wasn't my beef, my problem was we have 9 girls on our team and my DD is first string and plays defence well as she is tall- thats not me talking thats the other parents. Anyway, there is a new girl on our team who had to leave for 2 of the 5 games( she choose something else over her team). My daughter and another girl on the team played great all weekend(all 5 games) but yet the coaches decided to give the last shirt to this girl. I do not care about the shirt its the point and the principle. My DD says it doesn't bother her but I know it must somewhat. I am pi**ed off . Its also not this littles fault but as a coach and am annoyed that these other two girls who put they're effort in all weekend were just bascically dismissed. I am thinking I just need to leave it alone but the I also feel like I need to say something to the coaches. I understand that the decision was difficult in all ways but I think this was unfair to my DD and her other 1st string teammate. Thanks for listening.
    Anyway, I was annoyed and had some junk food because I am a crazy emotional eater related the whole thing and this makes me mad to. I need a workout to workout my stressand maybe a little
    Ok, I feel sorta better know but I will plan for my stress.
    Have a great day all!!
  • GG - Now that i'm feeling better I can tell you something I've been wanting to say for a few days - do what your trainer has suggested and up your calories for two weeks just to see what happens. I did this and went from 1200-1400 to 1500-1800 during a plateau and dropped steadily until my mom's stroke. I thought he was crazy and was really reluctant to try it, but I promise, that extra 300 helped! He said the extra 300 let my body know that I wasn't starving, so my body 'released' the weight because it knew it was getting the nutrients and calories it needed. I just know it worked! I hope you get that worked out soon. I definitely say give it a shot. It might help with your energy level as well.

    Delta Dawn - Glad to hear you're eating less and feeling good about it. I know I always feel so proud when I eat less than I used to. I have fun comparing the 'when I weighed 300 pounds' moments to my healthy moments now. Go you! Hope your knees go easy on you today!

    Trish - I will pray for you today! I hope things get better!

    scrappinRN - I hope today turns out to be a good day for you! Sounds like you need it, hon! I'm an emotional eater too and completely understand that struggle.

    Lauren - I had 8 miles last week and forgot to tell you. Sorry.

    To all - have a great day and I'll try to check in periodically!
  • Hello to all! I'm new here and I'm a 30-something so I thought I'd try to join in here. I just started on here last week and I love this site! I weighed this morning and I'm down 5 lbs! That was a wonderful way to start a Monday! I hope everyone has a good day and I hope to get to know all of you better :-)

  • new 30 sometthhinger here!! Yey it's Monday . Can't wait till Friday!! just thought I'd tell ya'll I LOVE THIS SITE and so does everybody elseAnyway i'd like to join ya here on a daily basis if that's alright?

  • Sorry no time to respond, super stress...
  • Mornin' All!

    GG ~ you're tired because you work so hard Girlie. I admire you *so* much. Even though you're tired, you're making every effort to get your work out in. BTW, my 7 year old wants to be a vet but isn't that fond of small animals. She is as comfortable as can be though around horses. Is there a need for large animal vets? The place where she takes her riding lessons tells me there is.

    Delta ~ everytime that I type a note to you, that old Helen Redding song goes thru my head, "Delta Dawn, whats that flower you have on..." My older sisters used to listen to that album all of the time. Happy Monday to you and your little guy.

    Trish ~ your oldest must be a senior? Man, I don't even want to think about college... Hope that today is a better day for you.

    ScrappinRN ~ the t-shirt story doesn't sound the least bit fair. Makes no sense why they wouldn't have enough for the whole team. If your daughter doesn't seem that bothered by it then I doubt that I'd bring it up to the coaches. Your talking to the coaches might bother her more than not getting a t-shirt. Vent away here and before you know it this incident will be a distant memory.

    Megan ~ so glad that your migraine is finally gone. I hope that you got rid of it and were able to enjoy your weekend.

    Mornin' April ~ down 5 lbs! Super Duper!! Welcome to 3FC ~ we love having new people join us.

    ShelbysMom ~ hi there. We're glad to have you:-).

    Lauren ~ darn it. I meant to send you my miles too. I walked 9 miles last week. Probably too late so don't worry about it. Super stressed with the new job? I hope that boss is treating you ok. I just finished reading your post from over the weekend about your windows. Boy, does that bring back memories. I was always freezing at our old house. The windows were old and inefficient, plus we had plaster walls ~ they got so cold in the winter. I hated to put plastic over the windows as it looked so tacky but by the second winter we were putting plastic over all of them LOL.

    I had a good weekend. One of our old neighbors has an annual Open House every January. It was a lot of fun as several of our old neighbors were there and it was neat catching up with everyone. I even met the gal that bought our house. My eating was HORRIBLE over the weekend. We ordered in pizzas for the little one's birthday; plus cake, cookies, etc., etc... Uggghhh. I felt lousy last night with all of that sugar in me. Back on track though today... Have a great week all ~ Joan
  • April and shelbysmom - Welcome. I'm kinda new myself! Nice to 'meet' you!

    Lauren - Hope the stress goes away so you can relax a little today!

    Joan - I am feeling much better, thank you! Sounds like you had a pretty good weekend... glad you're feeling better now that your eating's back on track. Isn't it crazy how one time of eating some serious junk can make us feel terrible? I feel so much better when I'm doing the fresh foods, etc.

    I have been catching up on laundry and dishes all day. I also took some time to prepare some fresh fruits/vegetables for snacks throughout the week. If I could just get all this housework done, I'd be so happy. I'm so used to being on top of it all!
  • I feel better sorta
    I went to the gym and did my UBW with 5 mins of cardio and abs. It feels so good to lift weights and it makes me feel strong even if I'm weak-LOL.

    Welcome to all new people, and enjoy your day.
  • Gotcha Joan! Updated the totals!

    I hope that boss is treating you ok.
    No comment.
  • Hi everyone! Sounds like there may be some rough Mondays already. Hope everyone's Monday gets better...or continues to be good, whichever the case may be!

    Shelbysmom and April! Glad you're here!

    Well, I have tons to do today...hope I actually get some of it done.

    Have a GREAT Monday everyone!
  • Good afternoon everyone, I just thought I would drop in and leave a hello to all, it appears that Monday will be Monday , mine is starting out ok so far, just got in from shoveling 7 inches of snow for 30 mins! woohoo free exercise! **Grrrr to long driveways** I will keep it short and sweet as I need to make lunch for the Kids (snow day) and get in a ride on the stationary bike and update the blog, Hope everyone has a great rest of the day

    As Ever
  • Hello All!!

    Got started on my housework early, just had a chance to get on here now.

    Hope everyone has had a good weekend (CC I guess you didn't...vent when you get a chance!!). we had a pretty relaxing day yesterday.

    woke up to no snow...we were expecting 4-6 inches...man was my son MAD!!! I wsa kind of disappointed too. I didn't make lunches or coffee last night, so I had to get tehm done in a hurry this AM.

    Gotta go get lunch and another load of laundry done. I'll try to check in later!!