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danger, you are really roughing it, aren't ya? I will remember you next time I *think* about complaining of my laundry Have you guys thought of finding a bigger place?

Joan, I live on a pretty busy road, not great for walking.

txangelgirl, congrats on breaking your plateau, and on DS's good grades.

Supahstar, Welcome!

Yeah, well I don't want to pay 600 for a treadmill or anything. I don't want a piece of garbage either. I wasn't sure what quality I could get for a couple hundred.

Tonight one of our neighbors brought us over Chicken and Dumplins and Banana Pudding. Very sweet older couple.

Have a great night everyone!
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txangelgirl, wonderful about your plateau!! I could tell from your post that you were giggly with happiness! I'm so glad you stuck it out and didn't give up!

lois lane, I would give anything if someone would bring my supper to me (besides Dominos!!)

Well, speaking of Dominos, the family decided they wanted dominos for again. But I've done really well the last several days and am expecting a pretty good loss tomorrow at weigh in, so I don't think a piece or two will hurt me. I just ate some green beans to kinda make me not so ravenous when the pizza gets here....hope it works! I can't wait til weigh in tomorrow......can't wait to see the loss!

Have a rockin' night, everyone! See ya tomorrow!

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Hello everyone!

supahstar! where abouts are you in Sand Diego? you did come to a great place, you will make great friends here, it is an extraordinary group!

txagel congratulations on breaking the plateau! that is great, it is a fab. feeling when you have a plateau and you are able to break it

GG I hope you got your at the gym, I am thinking on starting to go to the gym and just do a little bit of cardio and if I can handle it very light weights, if anything just to smell the place and see people I used to see everyday, I miss it so bad!

ek how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

Dangergirl wow that is a small place, but if you have a good man it is worth anything, I am very lucky to have a great husband too, I know what you mean. Even thought we do have well lets just call them disagreements I wouldn't trade him for anything, this last couple of days he has been pretty cranky I tell him it is TOM for him. When he is cranky he gets upset over the littlest or dumbest things and after almost 12 yrs. of marriage I learned it will pass. If I want to get a smile out of him when he is in a weird mood I tell him how lucky he is to have me, and he gets a smile on his face. You should've seen his face the first time I told him that, he was thought I was too funny...

Joan I don't know about that book, the author is very good, she makes all the images come to life, they are very good, and the words are just in perfect harmony, but the story plot I didn't care for. We do meet on Sundays from 10 to about 1 PM it works out really good for us, I am very happy I found this group, I have made really meaningful friendships. As a matter of fact I met there Andrea and she is a great gal, we've only known each other for about a year and we have a lot in common, we both feel like we have known each other for ever. Today I couldn't go out anywhere, my car had a big flat on in and DH couldn't find the right tires for it, so I was wheeles today, Andrea called me and asked if we could meet for lunch, she came to pick me up and we had lunch, she took me to the health food store and we shopped together, it felt like I was out w/my sister (I could only wish my sister was that nice, not).

Dawny a good way to break the sippy cup habit is w a regular cup and a straw, that did it for Sean.

Alicia in our book club we meet once a month and it depends what we feel like doing, we either meet at someone's house and do it potluck or we go try different restaurants/coffee houses, the once we've gone too are places that are brand new and we are curious to go there, I like going to other people's houses, we get to bring a dish and share, it is more comfortable specially if you are enjoying the company and you want to extend the time. I love my book club, the gals are great! and we are all quiet different, we are 10 but 7 of us are really consistent. There is a part time nurse, a lawyer, a math teacher, an IT, a couple of stay @ home moms, we are all Jewish, so it is nice to do things together for the holidays.
I didn't hear another word about the little puppy, I am looking on line to see if I can find another yorkie dude for a good price, I don't really care if they don't have papers, we get them fixed anyway and then the papers don't mean anything.

Hi glowing! sorry I missed you earlier today!

Our meeting went well, funny thing is a couple of other people that were suppose to be there didn't come either apparently there was a problem getting the notice out, so I didn't feel so bad that we didn't know anything about it. We have another meeting scheduled for late February. When we got home Sean was not doing well at all, he was fighting w/grandpa, he came over to wait for Sean to come home from school, we didn't know if we were going to be home on time, I am glad we asked him to be here. I don't like when Sean give dad a hard time, it makes me loony. Michael took Sean out to change the tire and out for dinner I didn't want to go, they should be here anytime now, I am not too happy they are not back yet, he needs to go to bed very soon.

Tomorrow I will be home taking it easy again. I am not sleeping too well at night. I want to sit and knit!

Have a great evening everyone!

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Hey guys, another quick check in. My GM is still here so I don't get a lot of computer time. She's here until next Monday. I lover her and am glad to see her, but a month is TOOOOOOO long. I just want my house back. My kids are not doing well with her either. She's a little hard of hearing so she doesn't hear when my DS talks to her. She likes girls better than boys too, something I didn't know about her until this visit. DS tries to snuggle with her and she just sits there like a lump. She wants to snuggle DD and DD doesn't want anything to do with her. She won't even hold her hand to go down the front steps. She cries and grabs for me. Ugh. Sorry to dump on you guys!! DH is sympathetic, but feels like it's time for her to go home too.

We went up to PA to a resort where we have a timeshare this weekend. We were going to ski...Saturday we tried to take DS for a lesson (he's 4.5) and they were all booked up. So it got postponed to Sunday. DS went for his lesson and LOVES skiing! Yay!!!! I got about five feet and had incapacitating cramps in my calves. New ski boots that I bought 6 years ago and only skied once, and cried all the way down the mountain because they hurt so bad. So, I was a bust. My legs still hurt today. DH talked to DS's ski instructor and found a master boot fitter in the area, so I went today for help. Turns out my boots were too BIG in the foot and too small in the calf. He got me in some great boots that I am actually going to be able to ski in!! New boots mean that the bindings on the skis have to be reset. Mine were 10 years old and couldn't be reset, so I got NEW SKIS!! Whoohoo. I'm so anxious to go skiing again. Me, wanting to exercise!!

OK, gotta go, but I miss posting and can't wait to be back!! I'm starting off the new year on a new eating/exercise plan, so I've gotta be here!!
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evening all (again) well my pt kicked my butt royally. I'm wiped out. Going to bed soon, since i'm about to pass out. It was a GREAT workout. I have decided not to limit my calories too much. Also, my pt warned me that since we've started a new/harder routine..that i should expect to be tired for the next week or two..and then my body will get use to that's good to hear. anyways...too tired to to the shower and then off to bed..i'm exhausted....big time.
i also downloaded a software program for my palm so i can keep better track of my calories throughout the day

congrats txangel on breaking the plateau..good for you.

night all.
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Evening All,
Sounds like everyone was off to a good start for the week! I just got done reading all of today's post to catch up on the news. So hope I don't miss anyone but if I do, I am sorry in advance.
Karen congrats on the new skis and boots! Glad that your son loves to ski! That is something I always love to watch on the Winter Olympics. I have never tried it. I guess it is a fear thing about going down the side of a mountain really fast. Hope you can survive the rest of your visit with GM! By the way, does that mean grandma?
Hanna glad that you had a nice relaxing weekend. You deverse it! Glad your meeting went okay. Wonder why there was a problem with getting out the notices for the meeting. Oh boy there comes the Sp. Ed. teacher out in me. Hope you can get some sleep tonight.
Alica glad your painting is almost done. Could you look on Craiglist for treadmill that is used but still in good shape for a reasonable price?
Dangergirl that is an awful tiny house. I thought I treaded doing laundry, but I can see were your task is more tedious. Hope you didn't give into the homemade cake and went for a walk.
Lauren hope your day at work went okay. Sorry to hear that you are already stressed with a new boss. Hope things smooth out soon for you.
Me hope you enjoyed your shoveling for the day. Did you only have to do it once? It snowed here all day long. But it was one of those snows that only stuck on the ground as a layer. It sure did look pretty looking out my classroom window at times. Hope you got your bike and blogging time in.
GG how was your butt kicking at the gym? I hope a good one. I got a butt kicking this morning when I tried a new dvd I got over the weekend. It was Leslie Sansone's 3 mile Walk Away The Waistline with a walking belt. I did all three miles. But boy did I have the energy the rest of the day. Hope you can find out some news about your health on Friday at your doctor's appointment. Glad to hear that you had an easy day at work!
Joan sorry to hear that your eating didn't go as planned this weekend. But today was the start of a new week. I hope you feel better about your eating today. I love doing things with our old neighbors too. Fun I didn't really know them that well until after we moved and started to be friends with them. Hope you are well rested from your weekend of partying!
Pam sorry that you didn't get your snow day and had to rush around this morning. Hope your day went well anyway!
Diane good job on staying on plan yesterday with your eating. Sounds like you worked it off by painting. Hope your weigh in goes well tomorrow at WW's! I have mine weigh-in at TOPS tomorrow evening. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great weigh-in.
Holli congrats on busting through your plateu. I know what you are feeling right now. I got done to 195 pounds two summers ago and let it go by stress eating. But for the longest time I yo-yoed bwt. 198-202 pounds. So that is a great feeling. Keep up the good work.
Lisa glad your day at work was any easy one. Hope you hear something about your promotion soon. I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
Hi to all the newbies!
My day was great! I got a phone call this morning that we were on a two-hour delay due to the snow and icy roads. So I got to sleep in an extra two hours. I got up and did my 3 mile walking dvd and then got ready for work. Went to work and my kids were perfect. We got our work done and I got all my papers that needed graded graded. This afternoon I got a 1 mile walk in with the kids from the afterschool program. We walked around the school track. It was a little chilly but it made for great brisk walking weather. LOL Then I came home and had a nice dinner with my dh and we chatted about different things. I didn't bring up anything about school. So I guess we are back on the mend. His best friends called him and asked if he wanted to play cards. So he went over to their house to play cards for awhile. Gave me a chance to make a few phone calls for my Avon business and for TOPS. Plus I got to play on the computer without any interruptions. Now I am getting ready to read a few pages from The Gift by Richard Paul Evans and head off to bed.
Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!
Chat with you all tomorrow.
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