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Hi All!!!

Fighting to lose - good for you - go for the treadmill you will feel great afterward.

Kerry - Have a great girls night out!!! Great job getting in the morning workout.

Trish - so sorry to hear of your loss - prayers are going out to you.

Rooster - Better days are coming!!!! A hug goes out to you!!

And all who aren't feeling well a great big hug!!

I wasn't on for a couple of days and I missed my support team.
Yesterday I sat on one of my kitchen chairs and it broke. How humiliating!!!
It was not in the best shape before I sat on it but the mear fact that it broke because of me was quite embarrassing!!!
So I was off today to try and find a new kitchen set. At least there was a positive in breaking the chair.

Anyway the diet is going well, I think, and I am using my exercise bike every evening. I found I am not one to get up in the morning and want to exercise I would rather do it at night.

Are there any benefits to morning exercise over evening????

I hope everyone has a HAPPY Day!!!!!
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hello everyone!

GG sorry to hear about your day yesterday, I hope you do get to have a better day today and be able to talk to the gal at the front desk. It doesn't sound good if she is addicted to meds

Diana call the doctor if you are not getting better. yes my son is adopted, he came to us when he was 5 weeks old, he is almost 8 yrs. old he has been diagnosed bipolar (3 yrs ago) it has been a nightmare.

Roo sorry to hear you got what ever DW gave you, that sux, specially when it goes around in the house, it takes a while to get back to normal. you will!
what is normal any way? Lol!

Michelle good to see you! how is Nieva and all the clan?

Delta Dawn enjoy the hip hop, that is a great way to burn calories.

Kerry enjoy your day and have a nice dinner w/friends, don't over eat!!! LOL. Yes I did finish the shawl I need to post pictures, I will try to do that this weekend, I have finished 3 more sweaters the are to die for!

Megan it is great you have lost so much 70 Lbs is definitely an achievement

scrappingRN I hope your little one feels better soon, it sure is going around. have a good day today! Make sure you all stay hydrated!

Alicia how was your meeting at school yesterday? did I miss that? sorry to hear about the nightmares, I found out I am having horrible nightmares cause the Cymbalta, it is one of the side effects, but I am going to learn to live w/it, I don't want to get off it, it has been good for me otherwise.

Christina you are in my thoughts I hope your procedure goes well!

Lauren how is the job? are you enjoying it? I hope you are,

Pam you are always so sweet and kind to all of us, thanks!
Everyone I am forgetting

I just woke up a little bit ago here in Southern CA is 10:45 am, I took a sleeping aid last night. I am trying to get over what happened yesterday, I had the person who comes to help w/Sean here yesterday afternoon, Sean had the day from **** all day, he was just not there, he couldn't behaver, he couldn't concentrate in anything and he was very rude to me he started throwing things around the house again, I was brought down to tears, this bozo that comes to help looked at me and said you can do it, trying to make it look like everything was OK, when it clearly was not, so I just got really upset and told him I didn't know how much longer was I going to be able to put up w/all this, it is taking a toll on my health, and I mean it, I have so much pain and so little energy, I am sure it has to do w/all the stress I have from all the things we have to take care off w/Sean, anyway this bozo has the nerve to tell me I am very selfish, I am only thinking about me, I can't give up, Please you guys you know me better than that am I really selfish, I am not making any of this stuff up, I wouldn't be able to even imagine half the stuff that happens w/Sean on daily basis.
I canceled helping my neighbor, I am not doing anything today, I mean anything, I am going to get in the tub Right now and light a couple of candles, enjoy music and when I am done w/the bath I am going to just sit on the couch and do nothing!!!! I am determined today to do nothing!!! can you believe it?
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Hi kelly we were posting at the same time!
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Hanna ~ OMG, you selfish??? I hardly think so. You have to deal with so much on a daily basis and yet always take the time to say a kind word to someone, fix food for your elderly in-laws, babysit, invite neighbors over, etc., etc.... This guy was *way* out of line. You are such a fine person and he had no right to talk to you that way.
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Hanna, I don't know you but I will tell you that I have only met a couple and I'm serious I've only met a couple of truly selfish mothers in my life, and those people have issues upon issues that cause them to be the way they are. I don't for a second think you are being selfish. Mothers most especially take care of all the people in their lives, even their own mothers. When you have that many demands on you and people looking to you for their every comfort and need it is a daunting task. You are allowed to feel overwhelmed now and again and this dude doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground. Chalk it up to ignorance and feel secure in the knowledge that you are doing the best you can in the midst of this challenge. Tomorrow is another day. Stay positive.

Still haven't done my workout today and my kids will be home from school in about 30 min. Decided we're eating leftovers tonight for dinner, Kate has a game this evening so I'm gonna hop on the treadmill or do a couple of my videos as soon as they get home and I get everyone their snack. Gotta run. Trish
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Hanna, girl, you are sooo far from selfish, I can't even explain! Enjoy your day of nothing!!
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Hanna - Thanks for the welcome - and it is very nice to meet you.

I know I don't know you very well but here is a little advice. Take this guy with a grain of salt - he isn't worth getting upset over. It is sooooo easy for an outsider to look at us with judgement if they stepped into our lives for a day they would look at things very differently and maybe he should step back and rethink his comments to you as they are really not fair. Not only unfair but just downright rude!!!!! And just from your posts you seem like a very caring mother and not at all selfish.
Good luck with all of this and a hug goes out to you.
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Hi ladies and gent(s)...
Wow, Hanna, bipolar @ 5 yrs of age! I imagine you DO have your hands full. That's the thing about don't know what birthmother does during pregnancy and it's impossible to find out all the family history...and even if you do, there could still be problems. My DD was born witha small hole in her was birthgrandmother. She didn't share that info until after we found out about DD's. I hope your son is having a better day today.

I went to the Dr. today...finally! I have a secondary bacterial infection. I'm on four different meds of which is a steriod (guess I won't be losing any weight this week!!). I'll just be glad to feel better. Dr. felt sorry for me.

Well, almost time to go get DS from school. BTW, I'm still a bit off track...but not being too hard on myself since I've been so sick. I'll be full force when I'm better....if I ever get better!
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Hi again! Just thought I would stop in as DS is still napping. He must be growing as he has been sleeping a lot lately.

Hanna - hope your afternoon is relaxing - you deserve it after yesterday.

Lauren - How was day #2 on the new job?

Glowing - good for you on the bike. I have read/heard conflicting information about exercising day vs. night. I personally think that as long as you get the exercise in, that's all that matters.

Megan - I really like FitTV too. Our last place was really small and I found myself hitting the walls while doing the workouts. I like the variety they have...

Scrappin - I hope that the back is feeling better...ouch!

The snow finally stopeed here. It was pretty fluffy looking, so hopefully we didn't have much accumulation. I am some times a hermit and have not been outside today to see what it really is like. I suppose I better get something else done before DS wakes up. Have a good evening everyone. Delta Dawn
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Hanna, what a bozo for sure! Actually I would have better words to call that jerk. Don't let someone who hasn't walked in your shoes get to you. He doesn't know what youv'e been through. My goodness just since I've known you... You always respond to everyone on here w/such kindness. Good thing you cancelled w/the neighbor. Take care of YOU! Big hugs.

Lisa, you out there? Working hard?

Glowing, I've heard diff perspectives as to whether it is better to exercise in the am vs pm. However, I would say to get it in whenever you can!!!!

Trish, what game does DD play?

I went and had lunch w/ds at school today. Everyone at the school is so nice. The teacher said things went very well this morning. (no crying for me and wanting to go home) We think the morning routine was really stessing him out. I talked to him about it last night. As for the nightmares, I hope they were a one time thing. They were awful and I got no rest what so ever.

I've been really good w/eating today. I have to make lasagna tonight (special request) So wish me luck, I'll try and be good!

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Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I'm surviving. I don't feel exhausted like I normally get with a cold. Just the nose and the throat/voice.

Pam: DW on the couch? You're kidding right? No, she doesn't have a hard time sleeping through any sort of noise I make. She can sleep through almost anything. Really kinda scary.

Trish: Zinc. Never heard that before. I'm taking a multi-vitamin + extra Vitamin C, so that's probably making a difference. I'm also taking Echineacha and Ibuprofen for the throat. I look like a walking pharmacy in the morning.

Megan: Oh yeah - anything with that menthol feeling on an inflamed throat feels awesome. If your tummy is bothering you, the best thing I have found is to make ginger-peppermint tea. What an awesome flavour combination - the heat from the ginger and the cool from the mint. Yum Yum.

Take care! I'm off to croak at the guys in the model train club.


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hi everyone!
Thank you so much for all your super kind words.

Alicia is your son stressed or was he stressed about the move? maybe this is the way it is coming out, by him not being comfortable at school? just a thought! I am sure it was very nice for him to have lunch w/you today, what a treat!

Roo yes zinc is very good to fight colds, take a lot of vitamin C but not all at once, your body can't process a lot of it all at once, it will not hurt you, if you take too much at once you will pee it out, that's how your body flush is it out.

Diana give yourself a break, you are sick and on so much medicine, I hope you get to feel better real soon. Chicken soup! MMMM.... w/Matzo balls, even better!

DH is great, he called the social worker that is above this jerk and told her they are no to put another foot in our home, he told her they have not right to insult me, they came to help not to be judgmental. He was so cute, he told her no one will talk down to HIS wife, "my wife is a princess and her home is her castle and you are not allowed to disrespect her" I thought that was so sweet, I love him so much. He was mad at me last night cause I cried so much and he also said I need to take it with a grain of salt.
You guys are all great! thank you so much!
I did do nothing today I can't believe how much I need it and how much I enjoyed it! I am a feeling much better right now. Dh is going to pick some salads for dinner from Sammy's pizza, we are planning on having a very relaxing night!

hugs to all of you!

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Hey all...Hanna, glad you're feeling better...Dh did the right thing. Hopefully you'll get through this with Sean, you are such a good mom, and hopefully you all can get a handle on what's going on with him. Keep your chin up, girl!

Alicia, glad DS had a better day. Hope you get some good sleep!!

Kelly, I like to work out in the AM cause then I won't make excuses/get tired later in the day. If I hadn't worked out early this AM, it wouldn't have happened,I was so busy. On the ohter hand, DH usually does it around 8pm, he likes that better. I have no idea how he goes to sleep after!! Dunno if there's a more effective time, guess it's whatever works for you!!

Well, got two cakes finished, one baked & ready to decorate tomorrow, and one I haven't even started yet. Took Dd to dentist had her top two teeth filled. She did great (she had two bottom ones filled last month, so she knew what to expect). Her dentist is fabulous. I couldn't believe she had cavities, but the dentist said it's very common. My son hasn't had any (yet!) Still, no more fruit snacks or raisins (which she ate every day!!) and now we floss every day..the dentist said her teeth look great now, I'm so glad...

I gotta go get some sleep. Gonna finish watching the debate in bed. Have a wonderful night, all.

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evening all...well one more day til i have off. Today was just as bad as yesterday...but i managed. I was looking forward to my workout to get some stress relieved. I did get measured...and lost in a few areas..not as much...but i know it will just take time. I'm not sure if i need to tweek my nutrition up or down. my pt thinks i need to go up and may not be eating enough..i'll have to evaluate it>..but overall..i'm still happy. i know that i'm improving my healthy and my weight will eventually catch up (:

esk congrats on the compliments...makes you feel good huh???

trish - sorry the kids are having a hard time with the funeral. hope things settle down. hang in there.

glowing - it really depends..i sometimes like my evening workouts better...but if you do them in the morning..than you don't find excuses at night

hannah- hugs to you are not fact you are the opposite....but this guy does not understand what you've been through with sean. I've told you many times, the things that Sean is doing is hard to handle in a group home/hospital situation...let alone you doing most of the work. I think you fibromilagia is definately a big part by sean. I can't imagine what you are going though. In all honesty, i would sit down and talk with the guy and see if he can see/understand your history and why/what you've done so far. I think you are a great mom who has a child with extreme special needs...and hosetly i know you had issues with it the first time..but you may honestly have to reconsider a group/hospital situation again soon if things don't work out. I'm concerned at some point something bad might happen. Hang in there love...;no you are not selfish. i'm glad you did enjoy a quiet day for needed it. And glad your hubby is so great. Good for him...

hey to all else...hope you all are well.
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Evening everyone! Well as of tonight I am celebrating 8 miles of walking with Leslie this week so far! Yeah!!! 2 miles every night when I get home from work. James even did the tapes with me tonight, likely because of his guilt from eating that slop pie last night (see my blog), but I was happy nonetheless! Stayed on plan, another success! This week I have been angelically good so I'm happy; the scale will tell all tomorrow morning :hearing twilight zone music: Work was good too, got started in my new marketing position there so I am really in prayer I will handle my new responsibilities well. Boss told me we might have a trade show in May, which means...yes...I will be meeting some vendors we work with that I usually wouldn't see. So yeah, I am really wondering what all I can do to boost this weight loss, cause I want to look as healthy as possible. We'll see....
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