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Christina ~ so sorry sweetheart... hope that all goes well.

Hanna ~ I was hoping that Sean was doing better. It's no wonder that you're exhausted. How I wish that I could do something to help you.

Hi Delta!

Hang in there GG. Saturday is right around the corner. Having a beer tonight sounds like a good idea. You needed it. I just finished having a small glass of port while reading in front of the fire.

Alicia ~ LOL at your remembering my daughter(s) room. I have two little girls and they're sharing a room right now. We have a spare bedroom that the little one will eventually move into. For now though, I'd like for them to share and they are *very* different. My 7 year old wears pink from head to toe, draws flowers and hearts and lives and breathes horses. My little one (she'll be 5 on Friday) loves to dress up. She changes clothes 3 - 5 times a day and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that she comes up with. Ballerina outfit complete with a hardhat. She went thru a phase of wearing her bicycle helmet everywhere. Her favorite color is orange and she collects moose. Honest to God, she is one of a kind. She wheels around Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in her baby doll stroller:-). So, I decided to decorate the room the way that *I* wanted (Behr's pink tutu) and then they each have their own room they can decorate it any way that they want. I say that but based on my little one's taste, I may have to intervene;-).
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Joan, I remember now, it was a moose not a horse. LOL. TMNT in a doll stroller? My sweet nephew's birthday is on Friday also. He's quite a character himself. Last we visited he was eating his fruit loop's w/ his toes. How gross, noh? LOL

Hanna, I am a complete mess w/the paint also. I get attention deficit when I start painting. Had 4 can's going at once. Oh, and for some reason I think I can freehand.

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Evening Ladies and Gent,
Sounds like everyone had a very good but busy day. My day was once again busy. Worked 10 hours, but did get to walk for a half hour outside with the afterschool kids, rushed home, ate dinner, changed clothes and it was off to the bowling alley to hang out with our friends. So now I am playing catch up with today's posts.
GG, sorry you had another bad day. I think you did the right thing in coming home and relaxing tonight. One beer is not going kill you. Hope you enjoyed it and got to bed early. Enjoy your session tomorrow evening!
Dawn, hope you are feeling better tonight. Maybe if you don't start to feel better by tomorrow afternoon, you need to call the doctor back. I can relate to how you feel about your mil. My stepdaughter is 11 and already weighs 199 pounds. Her mom's side of the family is all large, so the poor thing is destined to be big. But she told me on Saturday that she would like to lose the weight,so she can play sports in school. My dh and I get yelled at when we go to family dinners and suggest to her what to eat. But my dh's side of the family are all skinny minny's and don't have to worry about being fat.
Hanna so glad to be back too! I really have missed chatting with everyone. Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling well. I sure have been thinking about you and Sean alot. Sorry to hear that he didn't have a good afternoon today. Out of my 9 students, only one had a hard time getting back into a routine coming back from vacation. I think after a week of being back he has gotten use to being there again. Take it easy! Don't over do it. Did you ever finish your shawl you were making?
Alicia, glad that you were able to meet with your ds's teacher. Hope the things you have to try will work.
Joan glad that your skin is cleared up. You sure are peppy yourself today.
Trish sorry to hear that you had a funeral to go today. I bet you were so busying talking to family and friends, that you really didn't eat as much as you thought you did.
Pam so how is your cake baking going? Don't you have 4 cakes to do tomorrow?
Lauren sounds like you had a good first day on the job. Bosses even took you to lunch. You go girl!
Hi to everyone else. I have just ran out of steam for the day. I think I should go fold a load of laundry and then go to bed.
Wish me luck tomorrow evening. There is group of us going out to dinner after work for the one ladies birthday. I am hoping that I can have will power and not order something totally bad for me. Maybe I will see if Applebee's has a menu online and check it out before going in and make my decision.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
Good night,
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doing a fly by but im gonna stop by later to give an up date
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Well, technically it's maybe I should start a new thread?? Nah....never done that I'll just post here

Hannah, did you say you have an adopted child? I ask because I D(ear)D--the 2 yr old. We brought her home from the fact, I was in the delivery room! I'm sure adopting a newborn is quite different from adopting an older child....although for the first few months of my DD's life, she was nearly labeled "failure to thrive" (she had a LOT of trouble gaining weight). I think it was because of the adoption....they say a baby knows its mother's voice. She never heard birth mother's voice after birth....birth mother never wanted to see her after birth. I think she went thru seperation issues. It nearly broke my heart (even if it was purely my speculation as being the reason for her not gaining weight)...although now, she only wants me! I'm her only Mommy! We plan to always tell her about the opposed to hiding it from her until later.

Well, today was not a great day, foodwise. I know just because I'm sick. And yes, I am planning to see if Dr can fit me in today (Thursday) or tomorrow. Although, I think we've just passed a couple different things around our house and I'm just getting the second one. It's horrible though...that's why I'm up now. Too sick to sleep. I'll regret that when it's time to get DS up for school
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