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GatorgalstuckinGA 01-05-2008 08:08 AM

30 Somethings Weekend Chat: Jan 5/6 (Sat/Sun)
morning all..well i have to go back to work. hard to get motivated after 5 days off. Oh well...back to the grind (:

pmasci 01-05-2008 08:09 AM

30 Somethings weekend chat jan 5-6
Good Morning all!!

christina~I'll pray for you...please let us know how things are going if you feel comfortable, and remember, we're all here for you girl!!:hug:

FL~ Welcome!!! You will find lots of support and friends here.

Roo~ Hope you got some rest last night. I know when DH has acold, one of us usually sleeps on the couch.

GG~ I can't imagine why someone would get upset that the diagnostics came back neg...I guess maybe cause it would give them an answer to what was wrong?? I truly do appreciate all of your advice. It's nice to get your professional opinion!!

Alicia~ good for you on the cleaning, doesn't it make you feel better?? All of my decorations came down & were packed up New Year's DAy, but all of the boxes have been sitting in my family room waiting to be put in the attic. We have an attic above our garage, and it's just been TOO DARN COLD to go in there!! So we'll put them up today, as well as take down my outside stuff. It's aupposed to be in the 40's today. Went out to get the mail last night and I notice it already had warmed up a bit:carrot:

So, instead of watching a movie last night, I watched lifetime TV. Did anyone catch the Carson Kressley show?? I thought it was SOOOO GOOD!!
It was all about positive body image & trying to accentuate what you have. It looks like in future episodes they will even have "thin" girls who are not happy with the way they look. Pretty cool IMO.

Off to finish my coffee, then start decorating my pawprint cookies. I'll try to check in later!!

Have a supa dupa day!


RXZephyr 01-05-2008 08:09 AM

30 Something's Daily Chat - Weekend, January 5/6th, 2008
Morning Everyone. AAAAAAAAH! My first full night's sleep in half a week. I didn't want to get out of my bed at all today. Got lots planned today, if I can get myself going. (As I say on Facebook - let's see how much of the PLAN becomes DO.)

I think I'm going to order myself a "Pilates for Men" DVD i have been looking at. I think I'd like a fitness program to watch/do, but I don't want one of those with girls prancing around in spandex. (Well, I do normally like that sort of video....just not in this case. :lol:)

I also think I'm going to have to break down and get another bathroom scale. BLAH. This will be my 3rd bathroom scale in as many years! It's frustrating!

I also want to make a trip to one of the local home improvement stores to get some stuff for crack/joint filling in the basement. This is something I have never done, but am willing to give it a shot. I mean, what the heck....I'm going to be working in my 'workshop' which means it don't have to look perfect. Great place to try things out.

Of course, like I said, these are PLANS. Let's see how long I can keep up the motivation. I'm having a hard time waking up today....this time because I got too much sleep. (Does that make any sense? :?:)

Anyhoo..... :wave: to everyone. Have a great day!

Rooster with a plan.

ekstatikia 01-05-2008 08:17 AM

Tired because you got more sleep than you're used to? Absolutely. I haven't slept regularly in over three years and when I do actually get a full night's sleep I always have a very hard time getting myself up and moving! :eek:

I'm so excited to see your comments about trying something you've never tried before. I've done a lot of that in the past year, when I finally decided to take some control and make some changes. I have had so much fun doing things I HATED before! This past summer, I worked in our yard so much my husband thought something was wrong with me! Ha! In 2006, you'd have never seen me outside. I hated being outside.

I had another rough night last night. I'm gonna have to have a serious heart-to-heart with my husband. He sits in front of me and eats all of these things I can't have. It makes me want to binge. So... hope he doesn't get offended when he starts snacking and I head for the other room with a book or some knitting or whatever may keep me busy!

My plans for the weekend are laundry and church. The former sucks, but the latter makes me very happy... so at least I'll know I have something to look forward to for tomorrow! :D

Hope I can stay on plan this weekend!!!!!

Everybody have a great couple of days!

Delta Dawn 01-05-2008 09:01 AM

Good morning!

Congratulations on the sleep Rooster! I have tried some Pilates moves with some shows on tv and they seem to be pretty effective (you can feel the burn!).

GG - I hope that you have a good day at work...are Saturdays usually pretty busy?

Pam - Have fun with the cookies...I am usually pretty terrible at eating a good deal of the batch if I make cookies for anything!

Eksta - I understand the husband & food thing - DH bought the Buffalo wings/bleu cheese Doritos again this week. I caved last night and had some. They had been in the cupboard since Monday evening...

We are off to my parents' home for the last Christmas celebration. I was able to get my workout in before DS woke up, however, I feel like I should do more because of those Doritos!!!

Hello to everyone else...take care and have a great weekend!

Delta Dawn 01-05-2008 09:03 AM

Forgot to ask...sorry...

Fightingtoloose - how was your day yesterday?

CCmomof5 01-05-2008 09:43 AM

Morning Pam!

I'm taking it slow and easy this morning, slept in til 8am and fixed breakfast for the wrecking crew. Kayti has a basketball game today at 1 so I gotta get my workout in before that or it'll never happen. My preschooler is 4 & 1/2 she goes to school MWF for a few hours in the morning, I decided I'm not sending her to Kindergarten next year. I think all day every day will be a little more than she can take, plus she's the baby,sooooooooooo.

So are you a cake baker? I've thought for a few years about getting into that line of work. Theres a much older woman nearby that makes cakes and they are to die for! Makes me want one just thinking about it. She's about to quit and there really isn't too many around here that do that sort of thing except for walmart and the grocery store, but theirs aren't nearly as good.

Well, gonna go break up a fight, too many kids, somebodys always at it.

LBH 01-05-2008 09:58 AM

Mornin' All!

Geez, 3 threads to merge!! GMTA, huh? :lol: We're all together now!

Yesterday was HORRIBLE food wise and I vow to get back on track today!

OH, BTW, don't forget to post your exercise/miles for the week by tomorrow night, and I'll put the results up Monday AM. Just a reminder, we are tracking actual miles and exercise. 20 minutes of exercise = 1 mile. You can just post your total miles, regardless of how they were earned.

Christina, Good to see you, you'll be in my prayers. :hug:

FL Mom, :welcome:

pmasci 01-05-2008 11:34 AM

Thanks for the link Lauren!!

Trish, yes I do cakes & cookies. Just got another order for next weekend. That makes 4 cakes & 175 cookies...arghhh!!! It's good, though. My dd is going to be 5 in March. We don't have full day Kindergarten here, so she's going in the fall. She's so looking forward to going to the school her big brother goes to, and riding the bus. Right now she goes T,W,Th am to preschool. She was so mad she only got to go 2 days this past week...

Back to work for me. I'll be sure to post mileage tomorrow (though it's not much so far...had a hard time getting up this week to work out:( )


CCmomof5 01-05-2008 12:34 PM

Where might I post those minutes/miles of my exercise? Trish

RXZephyr 01-05-2008 03:33 PM

One of the moderators want to fix the dates on the merged thread?

lois lane 01-05-2008 03:56 PM

Pam, I have all my decorations sitting in a box in my living room. The one problem I have with most places I've lived is that there is not enough storage space. I could clutter up the garage. There is a room in the basement I can use if I get it cleaned out. Lifetime in my "guilty pleasure" I will be on the lookout for that show. Good luck with the baking.

Roo, I love visiting the home improvement stores. I plan on trying to do the backsplash in the kitchen myself with tiles. I found some that I wont have to cut if I postion correctly, I am looking forward to it. They already know me there...hahaha I've definately have gotten to much sleep, like when I wake up but go back to sleep then wake up and feel like crap.

Ekstatika, I find the laundry as most of my chores is never ending. I looked in the hamper today and it's full again. I love the smell of fresh laundry though. Enjoy Church tomorrow!

Dawn, I can't buy the doritos, they will only last a few hours here, so only once in a while. The buffalo ones are good too. Have a good time celebrating today w/your family.

Well the satalite guy is still here, I am starting to think that at the rate he's going, it may be 6 hrs. I started tearing down wallpaper and it's not going to well. Had a lean cuisine for breakfast/lunch, it was pretty good but I'm hungry again.

Hope everyone's having a good weekend!

pmasci 01-05-2008 04:04 PM

Hey Alicia,
when I moved in here two years ago, I had a ton of paper to tear down. Get yourself some DIF & an thing called a "tiger claw" or something like that...will save TONS of time & aggravation...good luck!

lois lane 01-05-2008 06:51 PM

I could swear I posted something earlier and now I don't see it.

Pam I do have the DIF but I don't have the claw. I will have to go out and get that, Thanks.

I'm making Chicken Curry for dinner. I cook lots of veggies to go on top of it. Should be pretty healthy if I don't over do it.

pmasci 01-05-2008 07:32 PM

Yeah, Alicia, get the claw thing. It tells you how to use it, and it's no more than 5.00 I think.

We went to Longhorn for steak tonight. I was good & got the sirloin instead of the ribeye :)

Have a good night, gonna go get back to the debates.

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