30 Somethings Weekend Chat: Jan 5/6 (Sat/Sun)

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  • I tried to post a second ago and the thing freaked out on me,typical.

    Thanks for the support, I went to go workout a while ago for a hour trying to keep my mind off bingeing on whatever nasty stuff I can find in the house. I'll wrestle with those demons for the rest of my life, thankyou adolescence.
    I don't really have any nasty stuff left in the house I cleaned it all out the other day for just this reason, the kids weren't very happy about that.

    GG, woman why are you working on a Sun.? I think my youngest will be a Vet someday, she has a way with animals that just tickles my funny bone?
    My cat hates everyone, he doesn't like to be picked up or petted but she can do whatever she wants to him and he takes it without a fight.

    Alicia, I took two white chili recipes and blended them, added, omitted things to get what I knew my family would eat I got my recipes from south beach diet and cd kitchen (Bob Talberts white chili). I like regular chili too, but I make it different now also. I use lean ground turkey and dark kidney beans instead of chili beans and I add Jalepeno and Cilantro. My parents refuse to eat chili at my house or anything I fix that is made with ground turkey. They really need to be more mindful about what they eat but they just don't care.

    Again, thanks for the support, this thread is what is going to help me keep focused on what I'm trying to do here.
  • ccmom - i'm working on a sunday because of the company i work for. I work for Banfield the pet hospital (the vet clinic found inside of petsmarts) and unfortuantely we're open 7 days a week. Sort of the down fall to this job. I like banfield because of the high quality med i get to practice...but the downfall are the longer hrs..opon mon - sat 9-7pm and sundays 10-5. But oh well..i always get two days off...just varies what day. That's great to hear about your daughter..sounds cute. Tell her keep up the grades...vet school is hard to get into...but good for her.

    I'm waiting for DH to finish needing my help (helping him cut wood) so i can go walk my dog...but still waiting...hopefully he'll be done with me soon LOL
  • Gg, do you go on walks at night? I know that sounds like a silly? But I think I would be afraid to, even w/my dogs.

    I only got 3 miles for this week. Laren, did you think about making a sticky where we could post ourselves and edit? I would think it would make it easier for you.
  • Lauren, I am not sure how much I got in this week. I wasn't really minding. I know I need a kick in the butt. I also was really going to start tracking today too ~ after church dad took us to Big Boy and I got the breakfast bar. ~~~ NOT good at all. I need another kick for that.

    On the plus side I've only had popcorn the rest of the day, and juice. Dole makes a yummy Orange, Pineapple, Bannana juice. mmmm

  • alicia - yep i do walk at night...we do live in a fairly safe area...i guess i've always felt comfortable. I even take a hike occasionally with my dog myself at the local mountain. I do worry sometimes about hiking by myself especially after the hiker that was missing and assumed murdered at another area in ga this past week...she went with her dog. However she befriended an older man on her route. So i guess i should be more nervous...but i feel i can't live my life in fear...even when i lived in Savannah (which has a very high crime rate) only once did i feel unsafe..and my dog did growled at the guy...i think she knew it was no good. But luckily nothing happened. I think i have some street smarts..i've traveled to Australia for 2 wks on my own without anyone else..and to eutrope for 3 wks. But don't get me wrong..i may have street smarts but i know not to be stupid.
    Doesn't look like a walk will be on the agenda tonight..getting late and dh hasn't finished yet...oh well.