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hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lloooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

hey everyone!...i feel like i am only here a couple times a month now..i am really going to try and get here everyday because i am WAY off track...i still see my personal trainer but that is about all i do..nothing at home..im very disappointed in myself, however, i am determined to get back on track

lauren: that is funny about your previous vet...its also quite gross..ive never heard of that prob with dogs, but i dont have any...im quite thankful right about now!

alicia: sorry you have to clean so much...but, look on the bright side, its done how you want it done!...dont work too hard

rx: im so sorry for the cold...i HATE THE COLD...i also cant stand the rain...ugghhh...good luck staying warm, i dont envy you

gg: great job going to the gym even when its icy outside!...have fun riding your horse

kelly: great job at the grocery store!...dont beat yourself up about wendys....you can pick yourself up and start again!...good luck

exstatica: great job knowing how many extra calories you ate...thats wonderful that you have the insight to acknowledge that...

joan: i wish my house was christmas free!...my tree is still up...i really need to take it down but completely unmotivated...i wish it would just do it itself...i do need to hurry though..dont want a fire in my house!

pam: i hope your doggy feels better soon!

ok, i know im missing a ton of people, but i really need to get back to work...i am vowing to come frequently again and check in

have a great day all!...stay warm....stay dry!
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Hey everyone!! I haven't been around a lot lately, and I think it's showing in my (lack of) diet success. Maybe I should try getting on here in the mornings.

Anyway, I've been losing steam on my diet and my portion sizes are slowly increasing. I'm still saying "no" to a lot of foods and keeping the calories low, but I guess I'm probably just maintaining instead of losing. This is the point where I have given up in the past, so I HAVE to pick up the momentum NOW!! I'm thinking a morning walk and lots of water and some interesting dish should do the trick.

flutist - where in florida do you live..it looked like almost all of FL was almost freezing also. I grrw up most of my life in FL (hence the nickname)...i went to UF for 8 yrs
I live in the Tampa area, Gatorgal. We had some pretty cool temperatures there for a couple of days. It was great!! :-) I love the cold. What part of GA are you in? I have some family up there in the Macon area.

flutist4Christ, Don't GIVE UP! Try new things...maybe this particular thing just isn't working for you. There are about a million different dieting methods to try out there. Just give it your all! And don't quit, because you surely won't lose if you do that.
Thank you so much for your encouragement!! I think I will try new things, just to keep it fresh. I don't want to fail this time.


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Welcomd back, Christina...so are you pg? I think last time you posted you thought you might be...

Patricia, thanks so much for your advice. I'm definitely gonna get her checked out. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

DH & i are gonna watch a movie as well, after we get the kiddos settled upstaris witha movie for them. Have a wonderful night all!!

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Thanks Pam...

Yes I Am....however,....ive Been Having Pain And Bleeding...so I Dont Think Its Going To Go To Term...ill Keep You Updated, But Im Praying...we'll See

Thanks For Asking!
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Night All!!! Remember tomorrow is a new day!!! Hugs to all, I am not going to Wendys tomorrow - that will be in my daily prayer (to ask for strength)
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Default Can I Join You Guys???

Hi there, My name is Stephanie and I live in Jacksonville, FL. I work in HR and have been married for 12 years and we have 2 kids 9 & 5. I have been on and off again with my weight and after this past holiday I am OVER IT!!! I started yesterday watching my calories and portions and was able to get in a good cardio workout tonight.

You all seem like a good motivating and supporting group and I would love to be able to chat with you all....

Hope you don't mind!!
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Welcome Stephanie. Of course you can join - no need to ask, just jump right in! We start a new discussion thread every day (as you've probably guessed) so make sure you follow us along.

Better get to bed before the DW starts making her gawd awful noises thanks to that cold again. I'll see you all again in the morning!!

Sleepy Rooster.

P.S. Anyone hear from Mo in, like, forever?
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hey all..about to head off to bed but thought i'd check back one more time

pam- i always tell owner that if i run bloodwork and xrays and nothing is seen...well that's at least somewhat good. alot of owners seem to get upset with test results that don't show anything..i try to tell them that it's at least ruling out some serious issues. Hopefully its nothing serious.

roo- hope you get some sleep tonight

flutist - i live in NW atlanta area..about 2 hrs from macon. I just recently moved there. Was living in Savannah Ga previously.

christina- ill keep my fingers crossed for you

welcome flmon...always glad to see a new face.
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Stephanie, just jump right in. We are not shy and will welcome anyone.

Roo, have not heard from Mo in forever.

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Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have been MIA for awhile. Starting at a new school this fall was rough trying to get use to new coworkers and my new bosses. But I think that I am finally adjusted and ready to get back on track. I have gained about 20 pounds since I was last on here. So I really could use some support and encouragement.
Hope this finds all you oldies but goodies doing well. Hi to the newbies. Looking forward to getting to know everyone again. I will check back in with you all sometime tomorrow to catch up with everyone.
Have a great evening!
Take care,
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Kerry, I wondered where you went to. How was Christmas?

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Mo is still around, she's over "there" if you know what I mean. I think last time someone had to start a crazy rumor for her to come and visit us here.

I guess the thread's must always get busy this time of year, welcome to all the newbies. There were so many posts I don't think I can remember half today!

While cleaning today...I found a movie I borrowed from my friend. I thought I had thrown it away and even told my friend I would replace it. Now I don't have to. I really got a workout today from the cleaning too.

Joan, my living room def looks bare w/out the christmas decorations. Not as homey anymore. I will def miss the tree...

Someone asked about decorations...I use colored lights, candy canes and some balls. I make it REAL simple for myself, lol.

Tomorrow the satalite peeps are coming. So I also had to try and get things together for that. They said on the phone it might take 6 hrs...I hope not....

Talk tomorrow everyone.

Kerry...welcome back, I was wondering about you also. Last I remembered one of your students had run off or something like that. Hope you join us again!

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