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Default 30 Somethings New Year's Eve Chat: 12/31/07

Good Mornin' All!!

I've been up for a couple hours now, mostly with DS2, who isn't feeling well. Now I'm sitting here at my dining room table, listing to "it" trying to claw it's way into my kitchen from the walls, or something. Sounds like he's in the corner behind my toaster oven, but inside the wall. Hmm, maybe he'll chew on some electrical and kill himself??

I have soo much to do today. I have to get the Christmas stuff down and put away, clean, grocery shop, then p/u my Gramps by noon, so his aide can have the day off. Have to meet my aunt on the parkway to make the switch, but not until 3:30-ish, because she has to work until 3. So I guess I'll have to entertain Gramps for a couple hours.

My best friend and her DH and 3 kids are coming over tonight. They're bring some food and drinks, but I've got to get some stuff too. I don't expect them until sometime after 6, as they're meeting some friends for an early dinner. Now that I think about it, I really hope they don't show until at least 7, so I can make sure I"m back and have everything ready!

Have a great New Year's Eve all!!
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Good morning!!

Lauren, hope you get to take a little nap today!!! If not, you'll probably be drooling into your drink by midnight (I know I would be!!). Sounds like you've got a full day ahead...did you set the traps yet?? I would be freaking out.

Welcome to the newbies...

So, I'm getting ready to get in the basement to do a Firm workout, first one since spraining my ankle two weeks ago. I have it wrapped in an ACE bandage, so hopefully it will be okay. It's still a little swollen, and hurts when I move it a certain might be a torn ligament. Oh well, I don't think there's anything that can be done for that, anyway.

Tamia, I hope everything is okay for you financially. I forget what your circumstances are as to why there's no money coming in...but best wishes to you, I'm putting your family in my prayers for that as well as your son's health.

Jasmine, glad you had fun at the party!!

Karen, my buffalo dip goes like this: (BTW totally fattening) boil 2 chick. breasts,then chop up very fine & add to a pan with 5 oz. hot sauce ( i use Frank's). cook for about mins. Meanwhile, spread 8 OZ softened cream cheese in a pie plate or similarly-sized casserole. spread chicken over it. spread about a cup of bleu cheese dressing or dip (whichever) over the chicken, then top with mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for 20 mins. And yes Alicia, you use tortilla chips, although once when there was some left over, I just heated it the next day and ate it with a fork (which is part of my weight problem...I do stuff like that a lot). There was some left last night after our family thing, so I gave it to my sis to take home *Pam flashes a proud grin*

Well, better get moving. Promised the kids if they behaved this AM I would take them to TOYS R US to spend a little xmas money ( as if they don't have enough stuff, lol).

Talk later!

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Good morning!

Lauren: Sorry to hear about DS not feelling well. I cannot believe that my DS is still sleeping - no Mickey Mouse today! Speaking of mice, we once had something crawling the walls of a past apartment. I can't remember if it died before management took care of it? I know it isn't much fun to listen to it crawl around...hope it is gone soon for you.

Pam: How did it go with your ankle this morning? Your buffalo dip sounds really good - I love anything buffalo style. Kudos on giving the rest of the dip away. I don't think I could have been that strong.

We have some company coming late today - DH is bringing his sister and her boyfriend to the airport in the morning. Her son, his girlfriend and their baby are coming for dinner too. So, just need to finish tidying up and run to the store.

Have a great day and night everyone!
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Gawd. Every time I sit down and intend to post 'daily' and respond to everyone, I just don't get around to it. Part of it was that this is the WRONG time of the year to try and get back into a 'new routine'. And another part of it was that I just FORGET. Work Work Work - our already understaffed team now has half of people out on vacation. Good thing that it's not that busy this time of the year.

My apologies for not responding to people who have asked me questions and even more apologies for not participating/motivating in the group. I will TRY to be better in '08 - especially since I'm going to need the motivation and the encouragement to get back into things.

So, what do you guys feel is the best measure? My scale kicked the bucket and I want to know if it's worth investing in a new one or if there's a better measure of one's success.

Well, I should get back to "work". As I said, it's quiet these days and I am working from home because of the snow we're getting today. (We've had a snowstorm every second day for the last week - so shoveling/snow blowing is becoming a route way to start the day.)

Take care everyone!
Frosty the Frozen Rooster
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Good morning!!

My DS also woke me up. He was coughing. It sounds like his asthma so we will be doing a nebulizer treatment in a minute. I don't like doing them right away to see if moving around will help but he is still coughing.

I am headed into Denver today to try on bridesmaid dresses. My friend is getting married 8-8-08. Tonight we are just headed to my parents. I want to play the Gutiar Hero for the 80's. My brother has two guitars for it.

Rooster-sorry about the snow. They said it was supposed to snow here yesterday, thankgoodness it didn't snow.

Have a great last day of 2007!!!

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Hi ladies, Well my New Year plans are starting a new job Tonight! I have a friend who told me about a patient that is terminal and he needs round the clock care...they will pay me to sleep. I'll work from 7pm till 7 am . i'll have to do some care but he's mostly sleeping ;so i can too. I 'm a homeschool mom also and only work parttime cleaning state buildings and residential homes,(good money here in the Mountains) anyway with this job I can work nights so i don't need a sitter(I've got three Daughters..13,10,8) and i can still keep up my normal daytime routine due to the fact I can sleep on the Job. They are paying really well too. Sadly it's at the expence of a loved one dying. So tonight I'll spend the new year with someone who may not see very much of it...It will definitly give me perspective about All the things I have and can do in this New Year.
I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight and Best Wishes for this New Year!
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Just want to wish everyone a Happy New Years. Might go rent a movie. I just called today for the satalitte people to come out and set up our sat. Been waiting on dh (he was suppoesed to call about it) and waiting and waiting and waiting...... Then I called to make the car payment, I said "I would like to make a payment for my vehicle" she then repeated "vehicle" 3 times as though she never heard of the word then she started laughing. I was like WTF.

Anyways gonna go see what DS is doing. I hear a hammer and a drill. Uh oh. He said he's putting up his poster....with skrews.

Talk later,
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hey all...just a quick hi...its been a busy day or two. Last night we drove to FIL picked up some old cabinets he was giving us (we're putting them in the garage) then this am we drove to sis house to pick up my horse. So then we had the 4.5 hrs drive back with a trailer. God is it scary driving thr atlanta with a horse trailer LOL. Anyways, things are good. Pony seems to like his new place. I'm happy to have him back...we;ll see how much time i get to spend with him...but overall he seems like a happy pony.
hey to everyone...sorry don't have time to reply to all today...i promised the dog some quality time (aka a walk) and then dh and i are going to celebrate new years with SUSHI....yeah..nice treat...we don't eat sushi anymore since its soo darn pricey...but we have a little extra money in our food budget this week (since parents spoiled us while they were up for Christmas).

Alright all..happy new years eve.
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Quick hi on this end. All has settled down with traveling and entertaining. We have no plans for tonight (yeah!). I'm about partied out and it feels so good to kick back with a good book in front of the fire. I wish everyone the very best for 2008!! Joan
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Happy happy new year to all!

About to go out & shoot fireworks with the kiddos, nothing much just some small stuff. Had chinese & pizza for dinner, YUMMMY. Gonna have a few drinks & watch the ball drop.

Dawn, the ankle is okay, a little sore this evening, but I think I have to press on. Hope you enjoy your company tonight.

Roo, hey!! Hope things ease up at work. As far as measurements for men, I dunno. I guess the waist for sure, I know on women they measure the hips, thighs, arms, etc, but I would imagine it would be different for you. Good luck.

Jasmine, hope you had fun with the dresses. 08/08/08, huh? We had frinds that got married on 9/9/99, my daughter missed being born on 03/03/03 by 4 hours (it's03/04/03), but another friend of mine had her daughter on 04/04/04...have fun tonight as well!

Michelle, hope you have a good night too. Sounds like the perfect job. BTW, you have my admiration for homeschooling your kids. I know how much dedication that takes, good for you!

Alicia, I came to PA from the Chicago area, and although I knew the work vehicle, I never really heard it used in conversation a lot, just "car" or "truck". Funny how lots of people around here say it, including my husband. ANyway, hope you enjoy your movie. Sounds like you have a night like mine planned.

Patricia, enjoy the Sushi. Not a big fan of it myself, but I have tried a couple things I liked...don't ask me what they're called, I can't remember. Just know that I ate them with Wasabi which I love!

Joan, welcome home!! Hope you enjoyed your visit. I'm with you, gonna go out, do the fireworks, then DH will build a fire & have some drinks, probably watch the ball drop. Way too many parties the last few weeks, need some nice downtime

Okay, being summoned to get outside...HOPE EVERYONE HAS A HAPPY, HEALTHY 2008!!! SO GLAD I MET YOU ALL THIS YEAR!!

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