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belleamiee 01-11-2008 06:37 PM

Hey hey ladies--

Yeah thats the way things were in my house too Jen...its taken a long time to find a good balance but I think in my old age :P Its coming together.

I have been SUPER busy this week. Working and meetings till 9 30!

But even thought I think my medifast choice was a good one because I have been able to work it into my schedule pretty effortlessly.

But anyway..I the weight is going slow but I do have to work on the caffeine thing too.

What are you guys doing to loose the weight?


BabyNicole 01-11-2008 09:26 PM


Originally Posted by belleamiee (Post 1993896)
Hey hey ladies--

Yeah thats the way things were in my house too Jen...its taken a long time to find a good balance but I think in my old age :P Its coming together.

I have been SUPER busy this week. Working and meetings till 9 30!

But even thought I think my medifast choice was a good one because I have been able to work it into my schedule pretty effortlessly.

But anyway..I the weight is going slow but I do have to work on the caffeine thing too.

What are you guys doing to loose the weight?


I'm on Deliciously Yours. I also calorie count, eat less than 15g of fat per meal and am on Alli. I like everything so far!

jenjen 01-11-2008 09:39 PM

Hey Gang!

I hope you're having a great Friday night! I'm in for the night.

I'm counting calories. It's been the easiest way for me to lose weight. I try to stay between 1200 and 1500 cals a day. Some say it's not enough, but I have a BS in Dietitics, so I always go back to my nutrition books. My goal is to exercise 3 days a week & so far, I've stayed on task. It's been hard this week because I've been in the office until at least 7:00 and I really want to go home, but I just say to myself, "What are you going to do at home??? Sit in front of the computer of tv." So, I've dragged my butt to the gym.

I've been doing just cardio, but I think next week I'll start adding weight training. I'd also like to start swimming again. That was always great exercise & I love to be in the pool.

Nicole, I used Alli when it first came out as Xenical & it really helped me get a jump start. It kept me from eating high fat foods & I never had the horrid side effects. I've thought about buying Alli just to help me for the first couple of months.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll try to check in.

belleamiee 01-11-2008 11:23 PM

How is that Alli stuff. I have thought about taking it too but I know that in the studies the people who took xenical wound up gaining more weight back after the study than the people who didn't take it.

Does it have caffeine are there any side effects?

jenjen 01-12-2008 12:02 AM

Alli & Xenical are "fat blockers" for lack of a better term. They keep you from abosorbing 25% (I think) of your fat intake. The only side effect that I know of is if you eat something high in fat, you will have some negative digestive reactions. It doesn't contain caffeine & seems to be one of the "safest" weight loss drugs out there because it doesn't effect your metabolism.

For me, it was great because it made me eat a lower fat diet because I didn't want the side effects (negative re-inforcement) I took it about 2 or 3 months when I first started dieting to get me into the habit of eating low fat. After I went off of it, I continued to lose weight. If you get the intro packet, it encourages changing your eating habits & including an exercise program.

I had friends who started it at the same time I did, but they didn't change the way they ate. One of them literally crapped her pants. (sorry, but I don't know a better way to say it)

If you're already eating a low-fat diet, it won't really have a major effect on your weight loss. I think there are some threads under "diets" that are for those taking Alli.

Off to bed for me...

belleamiee 01-12-2008 01:08 AM

LOL-- Being descret with my medifast packets is enough for me..I don't think I would be able to hide the crap in my pants!!! LOL I just couldn't help it.

Yeah I am on pretty much low fat with the medifast so I think for now I will pass on that for me.


jenjen 01-13-2008 10:48 AM

Hi gang! Hope you are having a great weekend. I spent time shopping & hung out with friends yesterday. I need to go work out this morning, but I really don't want to.

Oh, yesterday I bought a book called, "Better Single than Sorry" It was written by Jen Schefft (for anyone who watches the Bachelor or Bachelorette). As much as I sometime lament over not having a man, I thought I should give it a read. It's nothing deep but sort of funny & interesting. Yes, I admit that I can't walk into a bookstore without buying SOMETHING!

ViolinJenn 01-13-2008 01:52 PM

Hello Ladies!:wave:

Well so far I've lost a grand total of 85lbs. It took a while because I lost 80 gained about 45 back with meds then had trouble losing it due to tons of stress. I made the switch to being a strict vegetarian and used LA Weight Loss to get me going again in a healthy way. I parted ways with LAWL in September because they didn't agree with my wanting to weight train and build muscle. So since then I've taken the advice of my now former trainer, and I'm focusing on changing my body composition, not the scale. I would rather be heavier and full of muscle then thin and flabby. I struggled last week because I wasn't feeling well. Turned out I had all the warning signs of overtraining, so I took a few days off and I'm reducing my cardio time a bit, from 40min to 30min.:wl::lifter::woops:

Well that guy I was met for lunch Saturday...well I'll tell you this...NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOO! :nono:It was that bad! I'd rather be single and free then miserable with a man! But on the whole, I learned some more about myself. Yes I want to date again and am ready to, BUT I'm going to be picky and stand firm on what is important to me. I believe that when the time is right for both of us we'll find each other.:love:

BTW-I'm with ya Jen! I can't go into the bookstore and walk out empty handed! I think I may have to treat myself to that book you mentioned!:book2:

AND I have exciting news! I received a letter and I got accepted to my #2 choice school!!!!!!! :cloud9:I got accepted to La Salle University in Philly!!!!!! I'm now just waiting to hear from Temple University my #1 pick!


Chelavon 01-13-2008 06:11 PM

That is GREAT, violinjenn!!!

jenjen 01-13-2008 06:30 PM

Hi again. I'm exhausted! I walked almost 4 miles, went to the store, came home put groceries away, got laundry started, fixed lunch and everything else & I am down right tired!

Jenn--sorry to hear about your date. One thing the book focuses on is not settling. Congrats on getting into your #2 choice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for the #1 school. What will you be studying?

I'm really surprised that they didn't want you to add weight training & firm up. That's insane! I know what you mean about not worrying about the scale. Once I get down close the where I think I want to be, I'll focus more on my size than weight. BTW, you are quite an inspiration for me!

I plan on adding in some weight training this week.

Well, back to watching the Cowboys game. Have a great evening everyone!

ViolinJenn 01-13-2008 08:40 PM


I'll be studing Accounting. I'm transfering my Associates Degree in Accounting to attain my Bachelors Degree in Accounting and then go after my CPA licence.:book2::book2:

Wow I've never been an inspiration for anyone! Thank you!:hug:

I've come to be more concerned about how I look in my clothes too not worrying so much about the size. If I can get to a comfortable size 10 I'll be happy!:cloud9::cloud9::cloud9:

So sorry about your Cowboys...LOL I'm a Giants Fan!!!!! Go G-MEN!!!!:D:D:D

You are right about settling. Thankfully I'm not one to do that. LOL I'm way to stubborn!!:lol::lol::lol: I know what I want and I go after it. I'll know when found "The One"

belleamiee 01-14-2008 01:57 AM

I am pooped ladies but I wanted to add-- that is so awesome about school. I did my graduate work in Philly and LOVED IT!!!

I had an interesting weekend but I will share tomorrow LOL. G'night y'all!

Natalia32 01-14-2008 10:15 AM

Good morning. I have joined 3FC a few days ago and i am really enjoying the support and great advice i have found to date.
I am a 30 something single (no kids, not engaged nor married) girl living in Montreal, Canada. However I am seeing a guy but he lives 6 hours away. Sometimes i find it hard to stick to my plan when he comes to town to see me. He always wants to go out to eat and i get really anxious around food that are not in my "plan" and get these urges to binge once i get off track. I am currently working on that. I feel that my relationship adds on to my stresses with food. Maybe its just me.
I hope we can support eacother!

belleamiee 01-15-2008 01:04 AM

hey hey
Great to see you Natalia!!

I hope everyone is doing well.

I think I am hitting that moment..you know when you just want to kinda give in LOL its that almost 7 day itch. I know if I stick with something for 7 days it has a tendancy to stick. So I am trying to get past the itch and stay motivated.

I want to thank you ladies...I don't know about you but this is really helping me. I hope that I am giving that same gift to you as well. I would have like to posted more in the past few days but haven't had a lot of time.

I have a date on Saturday !!!!!! ;) :dancer:

I am excited. I haven't gone out with anyone new in a long time. And I am worried to about how this is going to affect my plan and feeling the pressure as well.

Ladies I need to exercise but I just can't seem to start. I keep telling myself tomorrow-- tomorrow. I just can't get myself motivated to do it.

I hope everyone is doing well and just knowing I have some people to share all this with has really helped with my accountability. Thank you!!! :hug:

jenjen 01-15-2008 10:23 PM

Hey gang. I hope everyone is doing well.

Jenn, I think it's great that you are going back to school.

Natalia, Welcome. I know I find it difficult to eat out/go to a party when I'm trying to watch what I eat. If I know which restaurant we are going to, I usually try to find a menu online & try to select from the "healthier" things. For me, that takes some of the pressure off.

Amy, Congrats on the date. Is it the guy you've been talking to? As far as exercising, I know it's tough, but it gets so much easier once you start. Start out slow--even if it's a walk around the block.

I may be seeing an ex-boyfriend this weekend. We've remained great friends & we've been there for each other emotionally especially the last year, even though we haven't seen each other in almost 3 years. I'm excited & nervous at the same time...

I have to agree with Amy about the accountability & support. I feel like if I go off of my plan I have to report back & I don't want to fail so it's just better if I don't! But, I also know this is somewhere I can come when I've fallen off the wagon, & everyone will be supportive & encouraging.

Have a great evening & Wedenesday, everyone.

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