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Good Morning!!

Lisa, hope you have a great time at your party, and yes! get some much needed rest on Tuesday!!

Hanna, hope your party goes well. Will be interested to see how many people you wind up having!! Hope it's fun, and that you're feeling up to it!!

Michelle, welcome to you! This is a great group of girls ( and a couple guys too!). You will find lots of support here.

Karen, hey!! we missed you! Hope your Christmas was nice...

Lauren, I watched the game too, I was kind of torn on who to root for. Being an Eagles fan, I am a sworn enemy of the Giants, however, I don't much care for Tom Brady either. And as much as I don't like Eli, I do have to say he really played awesome last night, as did all the Giants. The Eagles almost beat the Pats a few weeks ago, but they always pull through, don't they?? ah, I love football THe Eagles are playing their last game today...they didn't make the playoffs bummer.

Hey to Joan, Alicia, Patricia, Christina (finger crossed for you girl, let us know the news!), John, Roo, all the Michelles, Dawn, Kerri, and everyone else I'm forgetting!

Off to the store again!! gotta get some stuff for a buffalo chicken dip for my parents house today. There will be 16 of us, doing our Christmas today. I also made pumpkin and apple pies with Splenda, we'll see how they taste...
Hope you all have a wonderful day, talk later!!

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OMG critters.... my skin is crawling. When we were living at our other house I remember laying in bed and hearing something running around in the attic. My DH didn't believe me because he never heard it. One day I cam home and I got out of the car and there was a dead rat laying in front of the door. It was dead but I was afraid to walk past it. I called my DH hysterical and of course he didn't see the big deal took him 30-40 minutes to come home when
he was only 5 mintes away. Thank God there were no more.

Lauren and Lisa... congrats on the new jobs!

Delta...congrats on the new home!

Welcome Michelle!

As for me I am kinda bummed. I balanced my checkbooks today and I am seriously I hadn't done it since September which is not like me I usually do it every Sunday but with no money coming in I never got around to it. I think we will be eating bread and butter for the next month and a half. My Aunt was like well you know I can lend you some money to hold you over but that is like making a deal with the devil. I am glad that I balanced them today because if I had of waited any longer I might have started bouncing checks. I have never bounced a check in my life and God willing I won't anytime soon.
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Hello All,

Nice uneventful day here today. I dropped a gift off for my secret santa and other than that, I've been hanging at home. We did take down the Christmas decorations/tree and put all of that stuff away. I'm always a little sad to see the tree go. The lights are pretty!

Pam: Mmmm, buffalo chicken dip. How do you make yours? I took one to a Christmas party and it was a huge hit. I boiled a chicken breast and shredded it then chopped up some chicken nuggets very fine. I poured Frank's Buffalo Sauce over that. I melted 8oz of cream cheese, mixed in a few ounces of blue cheese dressing and poured it over the chicken. I topped it with some shredded cheddar and baked it. It was just supposed to be until the cheese was melted, but I forgot to ask someone to take it out and got in the shower! It was good even tho it was a little done!

Lauren: Good luck getting rid of the little beasties. I'd be up on top of the cabinets! I hate the wee things. Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! I just heard on the news about the escalator that malfunctioned and hurt some fans.

OK, the family is needing me! Have a great evening!
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Hello everybody,

The family party was fun. I was just exhausted from my day. We got together with them again today. My aunt gave DH and I big box of chocolate. Ugh, just what we don't need. Its a good thing its the thought that counts.

I am so excited. I am a huge shoe fan and we made it to DSW and I got three pairs of shoes. They were having a huge sale. Anyway I was looking at the reciept and it said I saved $216. Two pairs were Diesel shoes I got for $10 each.

Better go finish the dishes. Have a nice night!

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The Buffalo Chicken dip does sound yummy, I know this might sound silly but do you dip chips in it? I would just eat it with a fork, lol.

Pam, curious how the pies turn out, I'm not a splenda fan...

Lisa, enjoy your days off.

Tjjsmom, are you on maternity leave? I remember you had a little one and you said you were going back to work next month. Hope you guys can hold out okay till then.

Dawn, we just moved too, at the begining of Dec...

Lauren, my mom and her DH are big Giant fans, I think their licence plates once read gynt fan or something like that. He's from there.

As for the paint...the living room is currently an olive green. Everyone likes it with our furniture. Not a big fan of the color but it does seem to go well. It needs to be redone though, freshened up I guess. Today I got a ton of paint chips to try and get a similar color, but don't know if I can commit to the olive. I like a color called pumpkin butter, but I guess I could save it for the dining room.

NM here. Just making dinner. It's been raining all day. Were we going to start logging in our food? I know we were gonna keep track of our miles to post at the end of the week.

Talk later, Alicia
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Alicia, if you want to log food here that's cool. I have enough trouble logging in the couple places I do, so I can't really commit to logging here also. If you want to start a food log, just start a new thread and title it: 30 Something's Food Log - 12/31...etc.

Is the Pumpkin Butter a Valspar color? (Lowes)

Jasmine, congrats on the shoes! l love shoes, but can never find any because I have really big feet (12)!!

Karen, i was gonna take the tree and decorations today, but ended up with a rotten headache.

Tamia, I don't know what I'd do without online banking! I'd be in trouble! I check my account everyday...especially around the time the mortgage is due!

Pam, I don't even use sugar in apple pie, I just use a couple sweet apples! Sometimes I add a little brown sugar to, but not much.
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If we are logging, I suggest in our daily threads ~ not creating two each day. And for goodness sake lets start tomorrow. I had Applebee's for lunch and Claddah's Irish Pub for dinner.

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Lauren, wow, size 12??? It must be really hard to find shoes that fit. I think the Pumpkin butter is a color I picked up at HD.

Anyone else logging food or miles???
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