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Default 30 Something chat: Weds. Nov 14th


Well, I didn't get on yesterday, very, very busy making cookies all day. Finally done, just had to let the royal icicng dry overnight, will package them today for delivery. SOOOOO glad to be done, as it takes over my whole kitchen (and life!).

Thought I'd jump on and read yesterday's thread.

Roo- glad to hear you're digging the contacts. I wore contacts for 15 years and had to use drops a lot at nighttime...my eyes would just get really dry! Soryy to hear things aren't going so well on other fronts. Hope things start to turn arund for you, buddy!!

GG - good luck with the possible promotion!!! You work so hard, and your commitment to animals is so obvious, you really deserve to be recognized (and paid!) for that!!

Joan - Hi there! Glad you enjoyed the movie!!! I can't remember the last movie I went to....a couple of my friends & I are going to take our kids to see "Mr. Magorium" next week...looking forward to it!!

Sheila - I can't wait to see how well you do on this plan...good luck to you!!!

Lauren - Thirteen plus lbs?!? Fan-freaking-tastic, girl!!! What a great feeling, huh?? Keep it up!!

RR - What a feeling to get hit on!!! Hasn't happened for me in a long time, although my friend did tell me I am a "MILF" a few weeks ago. That was kind of cool, I guess....

MO - What up girl??? You are one silly chica. How sore are you form raking?? Man, that is one activity that kicks my butt.

Alicia - get to work girl!!! Haha, I hate packing. When we moved, I didn't start until like a week before, cause I couldn't figure out [B]where[B] to start! Good luck! BTW...how's your pup? any better with the meds??? Just saw a thing on the news about how dogs are now getting MRSA. GG, have you ever seen anything like that??

Hanna, John, Karen, Kerri, Lisa, and everyone I'm forgetting (sorry, it's early!), hope you all have a super day!!!

Well, I gotta go get changed & workout...blah. I DO feel awesome when I'm done , though!!!


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morning all..well i'm working an extra day today at another clinic to help them catch up with sugeries. I don't mind, since it means extra $$ and i love doing surgery. So i'm a glutton for punishment...but at least i do have tomorrow off...and i'm definately going to sleep in.

pam - sounds like you were very busy with cookies. as for the MRSA...i've seen it in animals..had a dog this past summer that we sent out a skin biopsy due to a skin infection that would never heel, and it was MRSA, and was only susceptable to one drug. Told owner to becareful when handling the animal..however, the dog had this skin issue for a while. So i think it takes special circumstances etc.

hope everyone has a great day. Check back later
Patricia (:
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Mornin' All!

I am feeling soo good and motivated and full of willpower!! I'm down .3 this AM for a total of 14 lbs.!! I hope I can keep this up.

Alicia, RR & I didn't even know our DH's at the time we joined here!! I think Karen joined either right after or right before she got married! And all 3 of our first borns are born within months of each other. (RR's in Dec. '02, Mine in Jan. '03 and Karen's in April '03!)

AWOL Roo, Good to see you and glad you're enjoying your contacts!! Hope all is going smoothly with the contractor. Just because you're not trying, doesn't mean you can't pop in occasionally!

GG, Very exciting about the Chief of Staff position!! Hope it works out.

RR, Cute on being hit on!
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Wow, it sure is slow today, especially for a Hump day, come on people.

Pam, my Abby seems to be doing better. I have to slather her meds up with peanut butter to get her to take them. She runs from me when she sees me coming with her spray Antibiotic. I also have the problem with not knowing where to begin with my packing.

Well DS kept asking me to take off work for his schools awards assembly. Last year I could never make it for work and he always got bunches of awards. I made it today and he was so happy to see me. Well as it happens, he didn't get one award this time. I could tell he was down, he asked if I had taken off work especially to come. The mother in me wanted to shout "hey wait a minute, you forgot someone!!!!" LOL

Talk later,
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wow..its really slow in here. Today was a good day. Just spent the day doing a bunch of surgeries. It was a pretty good day overall. Tomorrow i have off..however, I will have to do some work at home. Im having to do a write up for one of the employees i'm having issues with. We're going to do a counseling session with her on friday. Ugghhh, the things it takes to get people either motivated to do their job or get fired LOL.

Lois - sorry to hear your son didn't win any awards. But i think he was probably very happy to see you there.

lauren - woohooo..keep up the great work

hey where's everyone hiding????? come out and play
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Wow! It really is quiet in here today. Usually we are to page 2 by the time I get online after work/supper/homework and still on page one today (I'm gonna laugh if this posts goes to page two! lol)

Congrats on the loss Lauren!

Alicia, I'm sure you being there made up for any awards not won! I remember when my children "wanted" me to come to school, begged me to eat lunch and then poof - they want an invisible mother

Work has been keeping me extremely busy lately. Two conference calls today and another one this evening plus regular work to keep up with. Luckily I am learning to delegate! I have started training our newest office assistant (she kinda floats around) to do some of the little things that I have been doing.

I've been staying on plan with the exception of two pieces of dark chocolate the other day. That is one of my only true passions and I don't need it everday. Been working on an exercise routine and walking every other day right now. It's getting pretty chilly although tonight was really nice. I jogged two blocks which is a pretty big deal for me and walked the rest.

I hope the lack of posts means busy and productive days for everyone!
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Hello all,

I finally got home from work. Today was an okay day, not too busy and not too crabby of customers. Just right!

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