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Woah ~ Sheila that thing looks dangerous... No wonder you're hooked;-).
Can't wait to hear about your results.

Alicia ~ My friend and I went to see "Dan in Real Life" and it was such a sweet film. I like Steve Carell a lot so I knew that it'd be ok but it turned out to be better than I thought it would be. It was one of those feel good movies that are few and far between.

Lauren ~ DH does the beer can chicken (I agree ~ it's delicious!) so know you've got me curious about turkey... I also love his smoked turkey YUM.

MO ~ I agree with you ~ forget the flower Sheila! We love your old mug shot so thanks for bringing it back!
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Working on Weight loss!!!
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Hello all...Ya'll are too funny to read!!!
Ok..funny thing---I was propositioned at work yesterday--yummyyyyyy
It was hard not to consider it..If I was single and 20 yrs younger--Hmm..oh well..He still doesnt believe me when I said how old I was(no longer thirty something)..that was even nicer!!!

That beer chicken recipe sounds great!!!

Ok..off to finish supper before the troops and DH come home...
Take care all!!
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Well if it would do the wonderful trick all us women want ya it would be very naughty
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GG, don't worry about the days running together. I know what you mean. I am the only one next week who only has 2 days off. All the other women have 3. At least Tuesday and Thursday both start with a T.

Hanna, the thing with the sheets. . . sounds like one of my moms flare ups. be carefull and rest more.

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So, I hear through the grapevine that people have been asking about me. (Thanks, Lisa!) Thought that I'd better post something.

Things are just not much fun at work. More staff changes, including a 10 year veteran being let go & a good friend of mine moving away. More recently, one of my team members got hit by a truck (he walked away, but is going to be off work for a bit) and another went out on Paternity Leave. And there's MORE work than when we had a full complement of people - and now we're down SO many. I'm assured that "things will be better in 2008" but I was told the same thing late last year and things got WORSE, not better. I try and keep my motivation high or turn a blind eye to all the chaos and then something happens which causes me to just loose it again. Or throw up my arms in disbelief. Every time I think that things can't get worse, well, they do. Anyway, I'm pretty much stuck here for the short term since I want to actually enjoy the bathroom renovations we're having done.

So - renovations. Yeah, contractor's been selected, project is under way (Work Day #5). I'm keeping a running photo journal on the project for anyone who has a Facebook account. (PM me and I'll get you hooked up on FB.) It's kinda got our whole life turned upside-down.

What else? Oh yeah - contacts. I've got them and I love them. I'm still kinda rusty in getting them in/out, but I can usually get them dealt with in under 10 minutes. No, I'm really enjoying them. Way big difference in the way I can see, but I absolutely need eye drops when I'm in the office. Every day it gets better and better.

Diet & exercise are out the window, down the street and waving to me from the bus stop. I'd probably feel better if I was able to get appropriate exercise and eat better, but "life" just has not been conducive to that sort of thing. I know, I know - it IS an excuse to some extent, but unfortunately, it's just the way it is. And, yes, thinking about that makes me depressed.

Anyway - thanks for thinking of me. I just figured that I shouldn't be hanging out here if I wasn't really giving the diet thing the old college try.

AWOL Rooster.
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hey all..evening..
lois- yep when banfield is a one dr practice they will be closed on sunday and another day during the week. But mine's a 2 dr practice so open all the freaking time LOL.
rr - woohoo...must feel great to get propositioned
shiela- good luck ...i have to admit..i'm old fashion and very sceptical about shots and all this cleansing crap...but good luck...however you lose weight

today was a slow day at work...however, i did have a bright side...the Medical director swung by and we talked about an employee i'm having issues with...well after that she asked me about if i'd be interested in eventually becoming the Chief of staff there. I told her i would definately be interested..since right now i'm doing about 80% of the job but none of the nice pay. So i have to look into what all it takes. I guess i also have to decide if this place is really where i want to be?

Anyways, other than that..nothing really exciting. I've been trying to think of a hobby to do to help destress me...and i'm think about taking up jewlery making..not just the stringing beads on a wire..but i've really been thinking about doing work with silver (ie bending, hammering etc). I just need to look at the start up cost...don't think its that bad...but we'll see. If i finally decide to do it and get anything completed, than i'l have to show you guys. I've picked up a how to book and started looking into some stuff. I really need a hobby that keeps me away from the tv. Lately i feel as if i've jsut started to veg in front of the tv..i figure this will give me some mental relaxation without encouraging me to sit and eat LOL. Hope everyone has a good night
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GG, last year I was taking a bunch of art classes. I did the Jewelry, not the beads, the real silver- saldering, sawing, bending metals, blah blah. I thought I would love it because, duh, I love jewelry. What would be better that to make my own. Right? It actually frustrated me SOOOO much, I just couldn't believe it. I didn't click with my teacher either, which I think is important. Oh and if you get into it, expect some expense. There were some taking the class for the second or third time. They actually had tool belts that held all of their jewelry tools and rolling luggage for all their supplies. The other art class I took was mosaics, which I loved. Also very pricey though. It becomes obsessive, you have to go to all these shops and online to buy all this stuff. Both are good though to keep your mind off of food and your hands, lol.

Lauren, I can't believe you gals have been here since 99. I am guessing you didn't even have your children then. I just heard about this site this year. Oh course my computer world changed completely when I got rid of the dial up.

Roo, nice to see you, sorry about work. I am with you on the dieting thing, if I could just stay with it more than a week I think I could make it.

Well as of tonite I have 0 packing done. My walking buddy called me to tell me her and her daughter are moving back to SC. Which we figure isn't so awful because once we move we won't be to far away. She is going back to Myrtle Beach and we are gonna plan to meet there some time after we are settled and she's gonna show me around.

Everyone have a great nite!
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lol at lois...i'll keep that in mind. It may be something i end up not liking..but we'll see. I think i'm going to skip the classes. Saw a few books in Barnes and Noble the other day...and i have some ideas in the head...so who knows..we'll see. This may not happen. But i thought...at least it would help feed my artistic side...and like you..i love jewlery..however, i have trouble finding stuff i like..since i'm pretty much simplistic. We'll see.
off to bed..night all
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